Written by Harry_22

28 Jun 2012

I knew that Em looked good in a bikini, but this was the first time I had seen her in one outside of some role-play. She walked away from me now towards the sea and I watched her nice round arse move provocatively from side to side as she went. She has never really been into younger guys (well present company excepted, I am 37 and she is 48), but good to our word, she rose to my challenge of trying to catch the eye of the lads splashing around in the surf. I put them at their late teens early twenties and figured that they would react in some way to her.

I was not wrong and within a minute or so their ball had 'strayed' to her and she lamely threw it back to them. When it fell much short of reaching them they took the chance to move nearer. Em moved in and out of view then as they played together and amidst laughter and calling outs, I heard my name. And then a cat-call of Spanish voices calling me over too.

I left the beach mats behind and strode into the water and deeper to where they had moved to, laughing inwardly at how white I was compared to the lads, and Em! By the time I joined them, Em was laid atop the water, softer now as the waves broke nearer the shore and was gently being spun around flat on the surface, her arms and legs out like a star fish.

I immediately considered what a hot situation this was and wondered if Em felt the same! I leant forward at her side and kissed her, the lads falling silent. He tongue shot into my mouth and I could not resist putting my hand on her crotch and rubbing her. She moaned and some of the lads moved away, heading back to the shore. Fair enough I thought. One of the last two guys let go of her and the other moved his hands up her legs and rubbed her thighs.

Righting herself in the water, I was reminded how short Em was as she dunked briefly in the water. Instinctively I reached to help her, but the young beat me to it and he took her, cradled in his arms. They kissed and his friend move in, putting his had straight to her fanny. Even in the lolling water I could hear her moans. The mumbled to each other quietly, but even if I could heard it sounded like Spanish. Em floated up again and put a hand on each of their shoulders. I moved forwards and put my arms around her, unclasping her top. Pulling back the guys made approving noises and I also admired her cute little tits, a slightly lesser tanned shape where her bikini had been with her nipples hard from the cool water framed by her sensitive areolae.

The boys reached under as I pulled on her tits and in the clear water I saw them release their hard cocks from their swimming shorts. Em was watching too now and she let go of one guy to take him in hand.

“Mmm” she giggled as she half floated and held on in the rising and falling waves. The near silence was broken by the complaining tone of his mate though and it was clear that he felt left out. Em tried to manoeuvre to grab his cock too, but it was not working at all out of her depth.

She looked at the left out guy and flicked her eyes at me, “Harry?” she offered him. There was an immediate and easy to understand 'No' and after what seemed like a heated exchange, the chap holding Em leant forward and delivered her to the other guy. Bemused, but smiling, Em smiled broadly and slid her had under to get to this new cock and she did, the first guy looked to me.

“Harry!” he said in a strong accent and he smiled. I waded to him and put my hand straight to his hard cock. It was slim and about average in length and he moaned out as I wanked it.

“We fuck?” said the guy playing with Em and they both laughed as she replied in her rehearsed but very anlgo Spanish,

“Solo con condon!,” only with a condom

“Same Harry?” asked mine and I replied with a “Si, same!”

“Okay,” they said in almost unison and I was relived that it did not put them off as a hand was plunged into my shorts and my hard cock squeezed.

Em and I looked at each other and both moved so we could kiss as we each wanked these young dicks. We parted and I focused on my charge, facing him in an awkward wanking position, but one that allowed me to tweak his nipples. He liked this, moaning his approval and as I tugged on his cock and nipples I knew that he was going to come. I stood back and looked down, hoping to see but the water was just not clear enough. He gasped and groaned and seconds later I recognised the guilty over-the-shoulder-checks as he pulled his trunks back into place.

A deep groan behind me got my attention and I looked around to see Em clearly just finishing of her guy, his head back and eyes closed. In the water I could see his hand in her bikini and he withdrew it once I had Em safely in hand.

He kissed her and mine went to kiss me, but I moved out of his reach, “No,” I said and he answered no problem. Em got a kiss though and they both headed to shore where their mates were back sat down.

“Manana?” one asked over his shoulder and Em and I grinned at each other,

“Si,” we both answered, “Manana”

I instantly stuck two fingers in her pussy and felt the wetness inside her.

“We fuck?” I asked grinning and she answered without hesitation.

“Fuck yes!”

With her top on hand she reach down and pulled her bottoms aside as I pulled her to me. With a clumsy alignment, she slid with ease onto my shaft and I relished the cool water swirling between us as she bounced on and off me. I lifted her high and got my hand under her.

“Mmmm, Harry, oh yeas” she whispered and I extended the reach of my finger to press on her tight arsehole.

The second I applied pressure she yelped and her body tensed as she ground onto me, she plunged on and off and in the motions, I worked hard at keeping the pressure on her hole hoping to to push it in.

She came loudly and I laughed as over her shoulder I could see the two lads clapping and laughing in our direction.

“Hmm, naughty boy,” Em said, “I came so hard!”

“Good,” I answered with a kiss.

“Mmmm,” she moaned again, “and you have earned a treat,” she said and I smiled at her as we edged back to shore, “but I think that we will have that back at the villa.”

I agreed quietly and we went to gather our things waving to our new friends a little further down the sandy beach.