Written by Tony-123

19 Sep 2009

Swinging Sixties Anyone? Well, in actual fact I mean that in two ways. First off, THE swinging 1960s, and then swingers in their sixties - if there are any out there.

Anyway, let me tell you about our own swinging days. Although I know my wife - to whom I've been married for over 40 years - did have a threesome back in the 1960s (which she never talks about) , our own experiences didn't really start until the mid-1970s. One day in the summer of 1973 my wife returned from a visit she'd made to her sister in a town north of London. When there they'd been invited to a party given by a man with whom my sister-in-law was having an affair. But it was no ordinary party. It was held in the secluded garden of a private house with its own swimming pool, and the rule was - no clothes. The way my wife tells it there was dancing (which she joined it) but didn't get involved in what else was going on round the garden. In fact she denies anything untoward happened. Perhaps it did - not that I would have minded as I'm one of those men who gets very excited at the thought of his wife having sex with someone else, so long as no emotional ties are involved. So the idea of the party really turned me on, and I still get hot imagining what might have happened.

Anyway, the party gave us one or two ideas and we started (at my suggestion) to look at some magazines which were appearing at that time in which singles, couples and groups advertised to get in touch with like-minded people. The one I most recall is 'Forum' which some people may remember - in fact it might still be going though I haven't seen it in years. Anyway, after a while we did answer a couple of ads and met someone (an older man) with whom we had a very pleasant evening and learned a thing or two. We then got in touch with some couples mainly for one night stands, but there were two with whom we became good friends (one in Brighton, the other in Hastings) and we had numerous evenings with them 'wife-swapping' as it used to be called. We then found out that other readers of Forum magazine had founded a local group (I can't quite remember but it may have been called the South Downs Forum Group) and gradually more and more people joined the network. This meant that the small parties of two or three couples gradually developed into all-night/all-weekend affairs with the usual dancing etc and then people peeling off as couples, threesomes and more-somes as the evening progressed. We sometimes showed films to get things going but nobody paid much attention to them. Andall this continued through into the 1980s with regular meets at people's houses until it more or less fell apart with the onset of the health scares of the time.

For our one part we enjoyed all of this, and through the parties we met up with a single guy who became a good mate and with whom we had a lot of fun as a threesome. Occasionally he brought in a girlfriend all of us enjoyed a very nice DP. Although I participated fully in the meets with couples etc and the parties, I also found that I was a bit of a voyeur, and one of my fondest memories is of seeing one guy dancing and then fondling my wife, and then lowering the straps of her dress and caressing her breasts, more or less in full view of everyone. Perhaps I'll write more about all this another time.

Happy days, and we still remember them when we make love. We also fantasise about getting back into the scene, and this is where the second meaning of my title comes in. Are there out there any couples who might be interested in a group for let's call them 'grey swingers' ? Remember 60 is the new 40. You never know, we might have learned something we could put to good use!