Written by steve

24 Apr 2007

Reading the stories posted here I felt that I should contribute with a true story that happened about two years ago. It was summer and my wife and I had invited a number of friends round for a barbeque to enjoy the warm evening. As ever at such events, the beer and wine flowed and by the time it was too cool to stay outside everyone was relatively drunk. There were six of us – me and my wife, another couple and two of my male friends. The other couple decided to call it a night and got a cab home leaving the rest of us to continue drinking. Jen, my wife, produced a bottle of tequila and suggested playing some drinking games, perhaps inappropriately seeing as we were already pretty drunk.

As ever the games began with a kind of spin the bottle truth or dare. It all began quite tamely. Each time the bottle pointed to you, you were required to take a drink and answer a personal question. If you wouldn’t answer the question, you had to take two drinks. After a while though, I was aware that, although we were taking it in turns to spin the bottle, the other guys, Mike and Paul, were secretly making the bottle stop on Jen. As a result she was getting much more drunk, and being quite open in her answers to increasingly personal questions. Initially I felt that I should protect her from them as she is normally very quiet and reserved, but then I realised that she was really enjoying the attention. I began to follow the guys’ lead and made the bottle stop on Jen too.

She finally announced that she couldn’t drink any more, so Mike suggested that instead of the drink and question, she should do a dare. She agreed, and so when the bottle next stopped on her, Mike said ‘do a dance for us’. To my complete surprise, Jen got up and began sexily dancing to the music that was on the stereo – completely out of character. She continued until the end of the song, with clapping from the three of us to encourage her. She spun the bottle next and it pointed to Paul. To my shock, her question to him was ‘do you fancy me?’ Equally shocking was his direct answer of ‘yes, of course I do – you really are very sexy and I’ve fancied you for ages’.

Paul now spun the bottle and obviously stopped it on Jen who didn’t seem to mind. His dare for her was to take off her knickers. Things were really getting out of hand now, but oddly I was enjoying it. Jen looked at me with a grin, stood up and pulled her knickers down from under her skirt, took them over her heels and passed them to Paul before sitting down again. She then picked up the bottle, pointed it to Paul and said ‘I dare you to take off your boxers’.

Paul was not ready for this and paused uncertain what to do as he had jeans on over his boxers. In that moment, Jen leaned over and began undoing his belt and fly. Paul stood up to make access easier for her. Jen focused on pulling his jeans down, and I noticed that Mike had awkwardly begun trying to undo Jen’s little blouse. It all became very surreal. Paul was now stood up stepping out of his jeans, but still with boxers on, Jen was kneeling in front of him with her blouse open. Mike was easing her blouse from her shoulders, leaving her in just her red bra.

Jen turned to Mike and began undoing his jeans and inching them down. Paul pulled off his t-shirt, standing in just his boxers. Mike followed suit and pulled his t-shirt off too. Both of them were getting stiff in their boxers. Jen turned to me and winked encouragement. I undid my shirt as she watched me. She was still kneeling and had a hand around both Paul’s and Mike’s thighs, whilst Mike bent down to kiss her neck (something she loves) whilst he undid her bra.

I was soon in just my boxers. Jen was running her hands over both of the guys’ cocks through their boxers. I was really stiff too, and then did something which surprised me. I pulled down my boxers exposing my rock hard erection and placed it on Jen’s lips. She looked me in the eye and with a smile took my shaft into her moist mouth whilst she continued to caress the other two. As she sucked me, the other two eased themselves out of their boxers and she took their shafts in each hand. For the next few minutes we were in silence as she moved between us, taking each of us in her mouth in turn. Whilst she sucked one of us, she would gently masturbate the other two, whilst we would play with her breasts.

Suddenly she stood up and said ‘I’m feeling a little overdressed’ and with that pulled her skirt down revealing her shaven pussy, standing there in just her heels. The three of us were soon all over her, touching, kissing and licking her all over in a frenzy of passion and excitement.

Jen suddenly pulled away and with the three of us watching, pulled the belts out of two of the pairs of jeans that were heaped on the floor. She wrapped one around her left wrist and passed the other one to me to do the same to her right wrist, and she led us upstairs to our bedroom. Between us we soon had both of her hands tied to the headboard so that she was on her back unable to move. Mike inventively made a blindfold. He knelt by her head and fed her his cock which she sucked whilst Paul got between her legs. In one sharp movement he was inside her and pumping away whilst pulling her hips onto him. He came quickly and was replaced by me. I came as Mike shot his load into her mouth. I cannot remember how many times she orgasmed but she was certainly enjoying herself, letting herself go in a way which I could never have imagined was possible. We all continued to use her until we all fell asleep.

When I woke up I noticed that one of her hands was still tied to the bedpost. Paul was asleep on the floor by the bed, completely naked. Mike, who doesn’t ever seem to have hangovers, was kissing her nipples and touching her body. By her gentle moans she wasn’t complaining as she was eased out of sleep.

The odd thing was the lack of embarrassment in the morning. We took turns showering with Jen and playing with her body. Surprisingly, this never happened again, and none of us have really spoken about it, except for me and Jen when we are alone together.