Written by lucky man

23 Apr 2007

You may have read my recent account of how I caught my wife being taken from behind by a workmate of hers, and the outcome that she wanted to 'use' him again with some of his mates.

Last Saturday she had arranged to go out with him and a couple of his friends. She told me that she was just going for a drink with them to see what they were like and worthy of her 'attentions'.

Unfortunately I was not able to go, but here is the story of what happened.

They came to pick her up at about 7.30 that night. I had watched her getting ready, and she was certainly not giving off the 'vibe' clothing wise, going out in a pair of jeans and blouse, with what I would term 'conservative' underwear on.

After they had picked her up, they went to a pub a bit further out into the country and had a couple of drinks.

She liked the look of them, especially her workmate that she knew from experience was fairly big in the cock department.

As she said, they certainly talked the talk, and there was lots of exchanging of dirty stories and innuendo.

When it started to get dark, they all left and she got into the back seat with one of the mates; her workmate was driving and the other guy in the front passenger seat.

As they drove, the guy in the back started to feel her tits and telling her what he wanted to do.

(She told me she was starting to get wet, but had decided not to make it too easy.)

He moved his hand down to the waist of her jeans and tried to undo them.

She made a feeble attempt to stop him and then heard the front passenger saying to his mate "come on,what are you doing mate? get them down"

She felt him undo the button and pull the zip down, and then her jeans being eased down her thighs.

The guy in the back with her said " I can't get my fingers down there"

Her reply was "You want it, you work for it". (She told me that she was really enjoying this bit as it took her back to the days when she was first going with boys.)

With that he took hold of her jeans and pushed them down to her feet, closely followed be her knickers.

He then put his hands on her knees and spread them.

"well boys what do you reckon? he asked his mates

The passenger lent round from the front seat and said "You go first"

"And how exactly are you going to do that" asked my wife

She then described being shuffled round so she was on all fours, one of her shoes being taken off and the jeans and knickers being pulled off her ankle.

She told me it was not the most comfortable position to be in with her head hard against the side door, her arse up in the air, and then having a cock pushed up her soaking cunt.

He was bent right over her and every thrust was pushing her head onto the door handle. What bothered her most was that she couldn't open her legs properly, and the movement of the car wasn't helping.

She could hear the others saying "Go on, get in there", and this seemed to make the bloke fucking her thrust faster, and she felt him cum inside and then pull out.

(She told me she was a bit pissed off as she hadn't come and told the others they weren't having a go unless they stopped and did a proper job.)

She then said that the car pulled over into a gateway and stopped.

"Who's next then?" She asked, and the front seat passenger got out and opened the rear door on her side.

She got out, with some difficulty (as you would expect with clothing round one foot and a shoe off), turned round and lent back into the car.

She told me this was better, as she could now open her legs and work on the guy in the back seat at the same time.

She felt a cock sliding into her from behind; she told me it must of been quite big, as it made her gasp, and then with slow hard strokes begin to fuck her. She bent down and took the other guy's now flaccid cock into her mouth and started to suck him back to life.

She told me that she was so turned on, by what was going on that the she came virtually straight away, and nearly took a bite out of the cock she was sucking.

The guy behind her was still thrusting away, and she could feel him getting close, and started to push back against him, but to her disapointment, he pulled out and came over her bare arse.

"Come on, thats not fair!", she told them, but was then taken away from the door and led round to the front of the car and lifted up onto the bonnet.

She then described how her work mate finally took her jeans and knickers off her leg, took hold of her ankles, spread her legs wide and went down on her. She could feel her blouse being undone and her bra pushed up. She said it felt incredible, to have the engine heat from the bonnet on her back and the cool breeze on her naked body, making her nipples stand up, as well as having an eager tongue lapping at her swollen cummy fanny.

She then had hands put behind her knees, pushing them back towards her chest, lifting her arse up, and a hot knob pushing at her now stretched arsehole.

She told me that she started to tell the guy to fuck her hard, and he then pushed his cock up her arse and did as she wanted.

She told me he lasted for about five minutes, she was crying out with the pleasure and nearly screamed when he came up her.

Her workmate said "You see, I told you she liked having her arse fucked"

He pulled out, she said it was quite painful and went to close her legs, but found they were still being held. She looked down and could see the guy who had taken her on the back seat, holding her ankles. He then turned her over, put her feet on the ground, took hold of her arse cheeks and spread them.

Comments were being made like "that is fucking sexy", "look at the spunk coming out of that", and "I want a bit more of that"

She told me she felt really dirty, but horny as fuck, and wanted more.

She felt another cock being pushed into her arse and begin to bang her, she tried to grip it with her muscles, and this seemed to have the effect of making the guy fucking her work harder.

She told me she loved the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of her arse and hearing his thighs slap against the cheeks of her arse,but he then came. He squeezed her cheeks and then pulled out.

She went to get up, and felt a third prick nudging its way in.

A comment was made,"fuck me, she is so full, this won't take much effort."

The third prick was pushed in, and hands gripped her hips.

The guy said "close your legs, it might get a bit tighter"

She did so and she said it did make her arse seem a bit tighter as he fucked her, and quite enjoyable.

He lasted a bit longer before shooting his load, but he stayed in her, helping her to stand up, reaching round and feeling her tits at the same time.

He asked her if she had had enough and if she had liked it.

She told them yes, but next time get a bigger car, as she liked the idea of being taken on the backseat, but didn't want neck ache.

They got her dressed and brought her home. She walked in with a very dreamy look on her face and told me all that had gone on.

She stripped off and knelt on the bed as she told me as I licked and fingered her soaking cum filled cunt and arse.

She was rather stretched and said she would have to give it a month before she tried it again. So, here's to a quick recovery!