Written by seb

10 Oct 2009

Sandrine, Pierre and I were caught in the act in the Bois. Not that anyone their would be surprised to see people engaged in sexual activity. Its just that we thought that we were alone by the lake.

Sandrine had just suddenly pulled her head away from Pierre and me who were stripped from the waist both cocks in her mouth and almost about to explode. She had squeezed the base of both our cocks when she looked over our shoulders. A young woman of about twenty was standing there, surprised. We oragn ised our clothing and sat down. Sandrine pulled her top and skirt down. It was a lone girl that threw us. A couple or a group would have watched, done their own thing or perhaps, if indicated joined in.

Sandrine went over and spoke to her and then brought her over and sat her down. Thoughts of spitroasting Sandrine, even of coming at all, except alone, in the hotel seemed fruitless.

The girl, so it appeared ahd brought another girl with her for a threesome with her boyfriend. He wanted to watch the two girls. Rapidly it became clea that he and the other girl wanted to suck, fuck and wank with each other, so Anne-Marie was left out and left on her own. This was how she came to be alone in the wood.

Sandrine was brilliant with her. She put her arm around her and kissed her. Soon she had relaxed and both women were kissing passionately. Kissing turned to each own fingering themselves. Then Sandrine had the girl's skirt uo. pants off and head between her legs working away with her tongue. Both were sighing and groaning with delight at being pleasured by each other.

As we watched I felt my loins springing to life agin. I could have bet that Pierre felt the same. Of course he did. What I had wanted to do with Sandrine ten mihutes ago, I now wanted to do with Anne-Marie - aswell. For hours I had seen action ending with spunk shooting into bodies, both ends, and over bodies and I had to unload fairly soon. My cock had been up and down for hours. My pants were damp with pre-cum.

Sandrine was a mind reader. She whispered to Anne-Marie. Sandrine pulled me to stand up and started to kiss me on the lips. Over her shoulder I could see Pierre being dragged to stand in front of Anne-Marie. His trousers slid down, a hand slid around his firm buttocks and her head went down to engulf his engorged prick with her lips. Up and down went her head as she caressed his pre-cum lubricated tool with her lips. Sandrine sensed me watching over her shoulder and we both watched as she pleasured Pierre with her mouth and hands. Her delicate hands moved gently and knowingly around his balls. She teased his rampant cock with her lips. She looked up with dark brown eyes at Sandrine and me and the up into his eyes willing him to dissolve complete in the pleasure she was giving.

Sandrine kissed me again. My tongue penetrated her red lips and explored inside her mouth. I felt her hand slide down my back. It slid round to the front. Fingers unloosed my belt. My mouth was dry with expectation as I felt my Zip being pulled down. My trousers slipped down and my pants were eased over my swollen prick. As they were lowered it sprang up, gravity defying as I'd never known it, standing almost vertical like the young man in the film that afternoon. Sandrine looked at it then up into my eyes and knelt down still looking up at me then looked down to pleasure the thing she was going to have flooding inside her. Both hands cupped and played with my balls weighing their spunk heavy mass in her hands. Lips, tongue and nails explored the and spanned the size of my adoring and expectant prick. We had moved round so I could see Anne-Marie pampering Pierre's rigid prick. As she drew her lips up and off its head I coiuld see it throbbing as the blood surged in to keep its massive head strong and swollen ready to slide into Anne-Marie soon.

My own was dripping pre-cum. I sat SAndrine on the bench and holding my prick with one hand pushed he top up with the other. I drew the moist head over her breasts, stroked her cleavage and both glistened with its moisture in the setting sun. I let go, gravity defying it sprung up to reach to her face. She bent forwards and took it in her mouth. I could see Pierre and Anne-Marie watching intently. He proud of his wife's skill, she in disbelief and wonderment. She pulled her top up and traced her own breasts with his cock.

I lay down on the bench, head in Anne-Marie's lap. Sandrine lowered herself onto my prick. In it slid perfectly accommdated and tightly squeezed as her muscles worked to continue my pleasuring. I looked up. To the left Sandrines beautiful breasts. Above it hands on Pierre's balls. Then up to his cock slipping in and out between her lips. I could see his hips thrusting forwards and her head coming forwards to meet them. Further round I looked up to see Sandrine's neat breasts bouncing as she rode me. I could feel my hips rising to meet her and I could just see my rampant cock sliding in and out, between her lips. I was in ecstasy, with what I was feeling and what I was seeing. I was engaged in something more wonderful than I had seen in the cinema or in the woods.

I must come soon. Into her mouth? Over her body? Deep inside her? I wanted to come inside her. I lifted her off, bent her over the bench and slipped my throbbing cock inside her. Hands grabbing her hips I pushed into her and pulled her towards me. Slowly at first I buried deep into her and pulled myself away almost releasing my cock. Then I pulled he back onto me as I pushed. In and out. In and out. Again Pierre and Anne-Marie stopped and watched the passion and ecstasy build up. Then she took his prick sucked it passionately a few times, took it out of her mouth and start to wank him with long caressing but firm strokes. Then into her mouth again. We settled into a rhythm, both mens hips thrusting forwards at the same time. Girls head matching girls hips as they thrust forwards to envelop the two cocks. Two cocks slid in and two cocks slipped out. Suddenly Pierre pulled his cock out of Anne-Marie's mouth and almost immediately fired several small, but powerful loads into her face. I think it was five loads. She wiped it with her fingers and then licked them.

This was too much for me. I knew I had only a few thrust to go. I drew her right to me burying myself deep inside her. My balls slapped noisily against her. On the sixth push I felt the spunk explode from my cock, shooting up inside her. I almost expected to see it come out of her mouth. I continued to fuck ubntil I was drained and eased my cock slowly out kissing her neck as I did so.

Neither my cock nor Pierre's was limp but both of us were totally satieted. The women to cuddled each other contentedly. Sandrine reached out and sucked the remainder of her husband's juices from his cock. Then kissed Anne-Marie taking her husband's juice off her face. Sandrine reached out a took my cock in her mouth, cleaning it with lips and tongue of Sandrine'and my mixed juices.

Slowly we dressed and the sat of the bencharms round each other. Anne-Marie said she'd had a better evening than she'd expected. Sandrine said that she was surprised that the English were so great at sex. I said that I wasn't surprised about the French and I had had the greatest experience of my life.