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The House

"A recruit"

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I had paid off the debt and saved some more from my movies, but I know porn is not something that I can do for long.

I found a country house surrounded by a little land. I got a loan for the house and used my income from my flims to service (pun intended lol) the loan and convert the house.

Luca said he would arrange clients for 30% of the business. I talked him down to 15%, he even arranged for the house to have voice activated lights put in.

At first I employed women from porn movies, later Nico, one of the doormen supplied by Luca helped.

“This is Mira, she would like a job.” Luca introduced us.

“Sit down, Mira. Let me tell you about the house. For a fixed fee men come here for the evening. They can eat as much as the like, we have a very  good chef. There is a dance and bar room, and guests can drink as much as they like. There are themed restrooms upstairs. As a hostess you may like to rest with them. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do.” Mira looked at Nico.

“Some guests like a party, are you OK with a party?” I asked.

“I think so.”

“Would you like to find out?”

Mira looked at Nico, who nodded.

“Yes please.”

“Nico, arrange it in the Cleo room.”

I gave Mira a tour of the ground floor then we went upstairs. 

“We have themed rooms, sixties, Victorian, 18th century, we have a cave man room and this one, Egyptian, we call it Cleo. Just do what you want to.” I opened the door.

Cleo was sat on a throne. She had three attendant women in a very small cotton cloth belts. Two men in Roman customs knelt at her feet.

“Mira, come. This is my new maid Cesar. I am tired, please amuse yourselves. Help her.” Cleo waved at her three maids.

The maids undressed Mira. The Romans removed their armor and took the naked Mira to the bed.

She took a cock in each hand and sucked on them.

I sat on the throne next to Cleo.

“She has done that before.” Cleo commented. 

Cesar moved, and started to finger Mira who opened her legs obediently. The other Roman started to pull her head onto his cock. I could see his smile.

I signaled flat. He lowered her down and Cesar went down on her pussy, privilege of rank. Mira was starting to moan.

I pushed my finger into my hooped thumb and finger.

The Roman tapped Cesar. Cesar looked across at me. I nodded. He started to fuck her. He did not care if she came, he just fucked her and came. 

“All yours.” Cesar gave up his place.

The other Roman had his way with her.

“Get Nico. I want her ass done.” I told Cleo.

I sat on the bed and ran my hand between her legs.

“That's nice. Open your legs.” I instructed feeling two loads leaking from her smooth pussy.

I went down on her pussy, licking at her leaking deliveries. She came.

I curled my finger at Cleo and her maids. 

As I sat on the throne Mira disappeared under 3 women. 

The other maid returned with Nico.

“Have you had her butt Nico?” I asked.


“Sweet fuck it for me.”

Nicole crossed to the bed, gathered Mira from the mass of women and fucked her ass. 

Cleo and I were sitting together again.

“Shall we hire her?”

“I think we should.”

“Bring her to me when they have finished.”

“Well, tell me Mira.”

“Tell you what?”

“Do you think you will enjoy working here?”

“Yes, yes does that mean?”

“You start on  starters contract. STD tests every week, if you fail one you go on suspension with full pay. Any tips you keep. Is that OK.”

“There are condoms.”

“There are but some prefer the full experience.”

“When do I start?”

“This afternoon if you like.”



Written by Karen

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