Written by Anonymous

13 Oct 2018

This happened this summer during the recent heatwave in August and although she had always told me that she wasn’t interested in going dogging, I just had to take her out for a drive one evening.

She had come over to mine again for a naughty sex session and where as we usually just stayed in and drank until I felt like unleashing her huge/massive breasts.

This evening I hadn’t had anything to drink and after plying her with copious amounts of alcohol- I said how about going for a drive and finding a different pub to have a drink in.

We drove out towards Milton Keynes and eventually found a pub. She was starting to get a bit fruity in the pub and she obviously knew that I had something in mind.

‘What do you have planned for me this evening’ she asked?

‘Nothing’ was my reply.

We were sat in a corner and to be honest the place was kinda empty. I went to the bar and got a couple more drinks in and on my return I motioned for her to come and sit next to me- side by side. As soon as she was next to me I started to caress her legs while not making eye contact and after a short while, I turned to her and we kissed passionately. Then I knew she was again feeling naughty and in the mood.

This night she was wearing a short denim skirt, black knee length boots and although I’d told her not to wear a bra, she was very conscious of her huge tits, so she had a black bra on. She had followed my orders and had not worn any knickers. Her top was black but sheer and you could almost see right through it, the outline of her bra was visible and I continued to rub her legs and sneak my hand between her legs until I felt just how wet she was.

Before I continue- let me tell you a bit about J - she is 50 , brunette, 2 kids, size 18, never squirted prior to meeting me and from what I’ve known about her- she is always horny and as previously mentioned, a completely submissive slut when treated right.

We left the pub and returned to the car.

On the drive back , which would usually take 40 minutes, I continued to feel her up and knew of a lay-by that had a reputation for being a dogging place.

After around 20 minutes we pulled in and we started to get fruity with each other. Before long she was sucking me off and I had

taken her top off . We reclined her seat and I pulled up her short skirt and managed to get between her legs. She was absolutely soaking wet and I slipped into her easily. I’d been fucking her for about 5 minutes when I noticed a guy at the window. I carried on and started kissing All around her neck and ears. ‘ someone is watching us ‘ I whispered in her ear... ‘Really, where ‘? She replied. ‘Just outside the window’ and she took a look over my shoulder and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock.

I told her that I was going to open the window and got off her and back into the drivers seat. She laid there with her legs wide open, tits on show and I opened the window and said to the guy whether he wanted to have a feel. ‘ are you sure ‘ - don’t fuck about mate, I said- just get a handful of them and she’ll let you know when to stop or when to carry on. He grabbed her up and I rubbed between her legs.

‘Do you want your cock sucked I asked him ‘

‘Is that ok?’

I gave her a kiss and told her to get in the back seat.

He got in next to her and she undid his trousers and pulled his now hardening cock out. I remained in the front and watched as she did exactly as told and gave him a nice sloppy blow job.

‘You like having a strangers cock in your mouth’ she mumbled and continued to slurp on him.

It was then that I noticed another 2 guys at the window and told her that she now had an audience and that I was going to take her over to the picnic table. She stopped sucking him and I moved to the back door and helped her out. She stood up and we kissed deeply.

I took her over to the table and told the guys that she was my slut and I would control the situation . She got on her knees and I used her mouth until I came down her throat. She cleaned me up and then I asked them who wants to go next.

A man in his 50’s had his cock in her mouth in no time and she greedily sucked him dry, he was replaced quickly by another and then another until she had taken 4 loads down her throat. Get up I said and get back in the car. We drove off and I felt between her legs and she was absolutely soaking.

‘You liked that didn’t you ‘

That has just made me feel much more like a slut than the time you let that taxi driver use me- she said.

When we got back to my place. I put the blindfold on her, tied her hands behind her back and used her mouth for a while , all the time telling her what a good woman she was . I then tied the ball gag around her face and did it tightly in her mouth and fucked her until I came All over her back and arse.

While we had a few drinks, I showed her the pictures I had taken and she asked me to take her again.