Written by Carl

30 Dec 2015

I don’t think a wife has to turn into a mad fuck machine to satisfy our fetishes or secret ideas.

I have only ever shared my wife with one other man. My wife and I met him at an antique auction that is held not far from where we live. He and I actually bid on the same piece and both missed on the winning bid. So we talked and that lead to having lunch with him. That led to dinner and drinks. We both liked him as a friend. She was so relaxed with him and just let herself go.

The place had music and she danced with both of us.

He was honest and told us he was married with family and that he had never been with another woman since he married. He also said how lucky I was to have such a stunningly beautiful wife. He went on to say that he had never felt the need for other women but my wife made him feel so good that he would dearly like to make love to her. She took it in and said that if he kept talking like that then he may just get the chance.

Up to that point I don’t think either of us had felt we needed anyone else in our lives. We have long had a very intense and potent sex life and satisfied each other.

We ended up back at his hotel room and he did make love to her. I watched from the other bed as he explored her body with his fingers, lips and tongue. He then mounted her rode her for a long while. I was amazed with his staying power(he confessed later that he had masturbated that morning and that helped him last so long). As he fucked her she had moved across the bed and her head was near the edge. So I moved to the edge of the bed and pushed my cock to her lips. She eagerly took it in and sucked me for a while but she was cumming over and over again and it got too much for her. I went back to the bed and watched some more.

After he came and rolled off her I took his place and fucked her. She kept cumming. She also massaged his slimy cock as he lay beside us. He also sucked her nipples as I rammed into her. I came and rolled off and the 3 of us rested and played.

He was semi hard and got rigid again and climbed on top of her and fucked her once more. That got me hard again and then he turned her onto her knees and entered her from behind. She straight away took me back in her mouth. As I was lying on my back I could reach under her and play with her clit. She gurgled, half chocked, screamed and sprayed my hand and the bed with juice. He then came in her. She stopped sucking me and crawled onto of me and sat on my cock. She rocked back and forth and I shot into her.

We stayed the night and slept and in the morning we showered, had breakfast and we took him to our place. We missed the morning auction but after another fucking from both of us we got there in the afternoon. We were quite successful and we all made bought some good items.

My wife sat between us and it was like the three of us were one. There was lots of touching, joking and sexual banter. We had dinner then home for another night. We all slept in the same bed and took her one after the other.

I woke in the early hours when she left the bed to go to the bathroom. He was asleep lying on his back and when she climbed into bed between us she started to rub his cock again. When he stirred she leaned over and sucked him until he was hard. He then slowly pushed her on to her back and ever so gently climbed on top of her and entered her slowly and quietly. They both thought I was asleep. Truth is I was awake lying on my side and had the most beautiful view. It was quite moonlight and the light streamed over me to them. They had a long slow fuck, every now and then she would whimper and gasp as he eventually brought her to climax.

When he came he slid down beside her and as he did it he wiped the sticky juice and cum off his dick on the loose bed sheet. That simple act was very erotic to me.

I made it known then that I was awake. I said to my wife - what about me- She immediately pulled me over and I went straight into her.

The next day we took it easy and spent the afternoon on our bed with him and I trying our best to give her as many orgasms as humanly possible. We took him to the airport that evening for his flight home.

We never saw him for 5 months until when we all travelled to another auction, this time it was a plane trip for all of us.

That’s the way it’s been. It’s been 6 years now and we meet him twice a year. We swap the odd email but no one would ever know from reading them that there was anything going on.

My wife and I are able to lead very normal fulfilled and sexual lives but look forward to those 2 fun filled meetings each year.

We have tried most things I think that 3 healthy people can do to one another although we have never double penetrated her(pussy and ass). She doesn’t want that, she prefers to be fucked one at a time although she is keen to suck while the other fucks her until its gets too intense for her concentrate on the cock in her mouth.

We feel so safe with him as with us and we have never worried about protection. I know he is still happy with his marriage. We all feel it’s just 3 people destined to get together for some secret mind blowing sex.

My wife has no desire to have sex with any other men and we actually feel if he went out of our lives then we would just be ourselves again and live with the wonderful experiences we have been lucky to have.