Written by NEThing_goes

12 Jan 2010

During the summer I was working in my garden enjoying the heat of the sun on my body. I was covered in a thin film of sweat from my exertions. My garden backs onto a playing field and it was one of those hot days when all is quiet except for the sound of a group of youngsters playing on the grass. I was bending over weeding when a someone said from behind me.....Nice arse lady....My heart quickened and I turned to face the speaker. It was a young lad with a cheeky grin. I laughed and asked what he was doing in the heat. He said he was bored with playing football and was taking a walk. I suggested he help me put away my garden tools in the shed and I would get him a nice cold drink. Ok he said show me where. I opened the shed door and threw the spade and fork into the corner. As I turned to step back outside the young lad stepped between me and the door blocking my path. I laughed and asked him to come and have a cold drink. He chuckled, his top lip jewelled with sweat, I could smell his odour. He spoke gruffly...'a mans voice and a childs body' I thought. We locked eyes, he was tall and muscular and full of hormones. Suddenly he pushed me abruptly catching me off balance. I fell onto a bag of compost. Before I had time to think I felt a firm hand pull roughly at my underwear, wrenching it off me. Gasping in shock I was at a disadvantage and slightly scared by the strength of the young lad. He deftly flipped me over so I was face down and before I had time to react I felt his rigid cock push against my cunt lips. He called out saying that he needed a fuck now and that i shouldn't shout out. To my surprise I was very aroused and as he pushed hard inside me i raised my buttocks to meet his strokes. Suddenly he paused and I heard him whistle shrilly. There were suddenly 3,4 or more voices around me and a piece of sacking was tied across my eyes as someone shouted he didn't want to be recognised.....The boy then entered me hard and after a few strokes I felt him pump hot spunk into me and felt it trickle out as he withdrew. As I went to get up a stronger shove made sure I stayed face down and a voice said that he wanted to try my arse. I tried to struggled and throw him off but swiftly a couple of the others knelt on my arms pinning me down while I felt a shot of pain as someone penetrated my dark hole faster and faster until all i could feel was a burning sensation eventually quenched by pumping liquid which sprayed deep up inside me. 'Our turn now' shouted two voices in unison. My legs were too weak to support me and all i could do without sight was to feel and smell the sights and sounds in that hot wood shed. Sweat was pouring off me running in rivulets between my breasts... I was rolled over onto my side and seconds later a thin long cock slipped in and out of my wet cavern, jabbing away like an excited dog. As I lay there enjoying the sensation another dick pushed in from behind and for the first time in my life I was experiencing a two cock fuck. I groaned as I felt fulfilled for the first time ever and the guilt only added to the excitement. As the pace of thrusting got faster and faster my head was thrown back and I was begging for them not to stop.....when suddenly mid sentence my hair was grabbed and my head yanked back, my cheek was slapped and I was told to open my mouth. A hot sweaty prick was suddenly fucking my mouth hard, banging against my throat, making me want to gag but also to suck it long and deep. A yelp went up and someone shouted..."on the count of 5 lads........" Reaching 5 I felt 3 pricks simultaneously explode with streams of molten juice which I could feel, smell and taste. Hot spunk was also being sprayed across my breasts and I truly felt satisfied for the first time in my 57 years on this planet.....The best memory ever !