Written by andysig

29 Sep 2008

Wendy was led into the room by her boyfriend and told to sit on the chair in front of the television.Gary and I watched as the she sat down crossing her legs exposing a little bit of stocking top under her short skirt.Brian had called to say they were on their way straight from Wendy s work at a local solicitors office.We could see why she was such a popular girl round the office as not only was she naturally pretty but she had that sexy look you just know shes going to be a dirty bitch.Brian had read our add for couples with sub wife and emailed to say that his partner had a fantasy to be used by a small group and treated like a cheap slut.Gary got up off his bed walked over to Wendy cupping her chin in his hand tilted her head back and kissed her forcefully.she responded by running her hands up to his arse and pulling him towards her.Gary slipped his hand round behind her head grabbing a hand full of hair pulling her on to her knees in front of his now bulging jeans.Wendy unzipped his jeans exposing his cock without warning he stuck his cock straight down her throat she gagged and looked over at her boy friend who was wanking furiously in the corner.I walked over beside Gary pulled Wendy s head back and forced my cock into her greedy mouth telling her to get her knickers off and bend over the table.She ignored my instruction s and continued sucking me off.

I pulled her back to her feet spun her round and pushed her head down over the table top lifting her skirt with my free hand exposing her socking wet pants.

I pulled her knickers to one side sticking two fingers into her wet pussy wanking her whilst pulling her head back to alough Gary to fuck her mouth.

Her boy Friend said she would do anything she was told if he could take some photos well we are not the shy type so agreed willingly to some snaps being taken of this middle aged slut being taken again and again as long as we got a copy.We swapped positions several times over the next twenty minutes or so until Gary holding her hands behind her back bent her forward and pressed his cock against her arse hole Wendy tried to pull away only to be met with a slap from her boyfriend.Wendy swore and was told to shut up and not to be such a stuck up bitch reluctantly Wendy relaxed pushing back against Garys increasing rhythm I slid my hands down her mound and recommenced fingering her cunt her juices running over my fingers Gary fired his cum up her arse pulled out and told her to lick him clean she responded immediately leaving her now well lubed arse free for me and her boyfriend to take turns fucking.Wendy ended up wanking both her boyfrind and I into her mouth before putting on a big show of

fist ting her own Pusey.By the time they left Wendy was covered in cum her arse was red her stockings ripped and a smile on her face like the cat that got the cream.Best night I have ever had in a travel lodge after that lot.We are all off to Edinburgh for another go at the end of the month and Wendy is coming to a swingers club with us for some quality shagging.