Written by Harry_22

16 May 2012

Kevin, Dan and Mike arrived within a few minutes of each other. We chit-chatted in the kitchen and I reminded them of the rules, no penetration without a condom and nothing anal (Emm was into some anal play, but not with anyone else). I asked them to strip off and then to make their ways into the living room. I watched them undress and smiled at their three cocks, Kevin was a bit bigger, about 7 inches and thick and the other two were about the same size, 5 or 6 inches and slim.

In the living room, My kingsize duvet was laid out on the floor and lying in the middle of it, completely naked was Emm. She sat up briefly to survey the 4 of us guys and then she smiled broadly at me and lowered herself back on to her back.

Dan and Mike dropped to the floor immediately and lay on each side of her. They began kissing and their hands roamed her body, stroking her tummy and playing with her tits. She let her hands wander and I saw her take each of their cocks in her hands and wank them. I stood in the doorway with Kevin watching the scene unfold. Mike shifted down her body and got between her legs to eat her out. She gestured Kevin nearer and he moved to sit on the sofa by her head so she could reach up and tug on his semi hard cock.

On his hands and knees as he was to go down on her, I could see between Mike's leg and his cock was rock hard. I saw his hand appear round it and he pulled on it slightly. Reading his mind, I handed him a condom and he got upright for a minute as he rolled it onto his hard prick.

He moved up her slightly and he grunted as he pushed into her. My cock was bulging in my hand as I leant down to see his shaft sliding in and out of her tight snatch. Soon his bum was moving, pumping him in and out and I could hear Emm breathing hard.

Mike was quite a big chap and by mounting Emm as he had was taking up access room to get to her. I suggested he pull out so that Emm could turn over and he did. I put a pillow under her knees to raise her a little and then I sat off to the side to see this little minx take Mike from behind while Dan fed his cock into her mouth. Mike was moaning, talking about her tight wet pussy and he said that he was ready to come. With no more of a request needed, Emm moved off him and turned around. By the time she had finished the manoeuvre, Dan was ready with a condom and fucked his cock straight into her. Kevin I noticed had sat back and was watching, leisurely wanking his semi hard cock still.

Mike lay down and Emm lowered her head to suck on him. She took her weight on one arm so that she could lick it up and down and as she did so, she made eye contact with me, smiled and winked. She lapped at his cock tip and wanked his shaft. Soon he was letting his body jerk beneath her grip and she locked her mouth around his throbbing cock tip and did not let go until his groaning ceased and she had swallowed all of him.

In the corner of my eye, I could see that Kevin was now hard and still he simply watched, wanking.

Mike moved away and Emm turned back to Dan who got her to roll over onto her back.

We had already agreed that this was going to be a quick visit and so as Dan took up position on Emm, I went with Mike back tot he kitchen and saw him away. I came back to the living room, smiled at Kevin in his unchanged position and just in time to see Dan hop up from fucking Emm missionary style, pull of his condom and get his cock to her mouth as he wanked off the last few strokes needed to make him come. Like a pro, she locked her lips around his tip and I watched her cheeks pucker in as she sucked his spunk from. Dan was very quiet as he came and he pulled away straight after his last grunt of orgasm. I was rock hard now and Dan told me he would see himself out as he headed back through the door.

Seeing that Kevin was not making a move at all, I took up position and guided my cock into Emm. I love being in her after she has fucked, she tends to stay wet, but there is a definite change in the way she feels – Sloppy seconds is our fantasy, but we have rules to stay as safe as we can!

I fuck her hard and she is ready for it too, she is groaning loudly and telling me to 'fuck her like a whore'. I duly oblige and feel the heat rise in my face as I bang into her, trying to get my mouth to keep on her nipples.

I bring my head up briefly for a minute and see that Kevin is still only half aroused, but seemingly content.

“Bring it here,” I instruct and I move up so that he can lower his bell end to her mouth. She reaches up with her tongue like a hungry bird until she catches it between her lips. Kevin almost yelps as she sucks it hard into her mouth. I prop her legs up, holding her under each knee and fuck her. I can see his cock starting to fill out some as she lets it slide in and out of her mouth and I follow his line of sight to realise that he is glued to my cock, glistening as it slips in and out of Emm.

“Let's change,” I announce and I help Emm out of the way and I lie where she was. She quickly and smoothly slides down onto my cock, her hands on my chest as she adjusts her body. When she is ready she changes her grip to pull on my nipples and rock herself on my cock.

She opens her mouth for Kevin and as she is further away, my plan works and he has to shift off the sofa to deliver his cock to her. About 8 inches from my face, I witness the underside of his cock slipping into her mouth as his balls swing in behind. Emm seems to know what I had in mind and with her body bending slightly she brings him nearer and nearer.

As soon as I can I let my tongue loosed and lick his balls. He flinches and falls from her mouth and in a comedy moment, his hard cock slaps my lips. I kiss under his helmet and he moans, I let my tongue lap around him and feel Emm's doing the same from the top. Soon his cock is rock hard and Emm and I let it rail between our lips a few times before we all move. In a flash, he has slapped a condom on and is moving down to take Emm.

She groans as his larger shaft pushes into her and she is very quickly being pummelled by him. She is finding it hard to catch her breath as his body weight bounces off her so she shifts, moving form under him to give herself to him doggy style. No sooner is she in position do I see her face turning very red and I know she is going to come. I take her hair in my hands and guide her lips to my hard cock and she takes it in eagerly.

Her breathing comes harder and faster now and so I move to her side, no longer worried about being blown and reach underneath her. I lick my finger and it easily finds her hard clit. The moment I touch it she tenses and her loud sharp gasp tells me that she has gone over the edge. Her whole body shudders as her orgasm surges through her, she drops her head to the duvet and lets out a deep guttural groan. I let my fingers push around her hard button and I feel the wetness seep out from around Kevin's cock.

As he rests, his cock still in her, Emm physically slumps and lets her breathing subside.

We lay down and turn to look at Kevin who is pulling off his condom and not making eye contact. “I have to go now,” he says and we are both a little surprised.

“Are you going to come first?” I ask him and as I do, Emm casually takes my cock in her hand and starts to wank me. It feels so good in her grip. We look at each other and both notice that his eyes are locked on my cock.

“Come on,” adds Emm, “You can do it however you like?” she leans over and takes my nipple in her mouth and bites on it. I flinch slightly as a shock of excitement tingles through me. When she moves back I see that Kevin has knelt down and is wanking his cock about 2 inches from mine.

“MmMmmmmm,” goes Emm and she moves further down. Her hair falls forwards blocking my view. I see Kevin moved his head back, his eyes closed and I feel touching on my cock. I move her head back to see her wanking both of us, making our hard helmets rub together and then I feel pressure there as they vanish from view again and know that Emm is trying to get us both in her mouth.

Suddenly he cries out and I feel my cock be released and Emm tense a little. Her body language tells me she has shifted to take him in her mouth and Kevin grunts as he shoots his load into her mouth, hardly letting any more noise out than that.

We are not surprised that as soon as he is spent Kevin is up and away to the kitchen. I follow him and check he is okay before sending him on his way. He takes a grip on my cock in the other room and looks like he is going to say something. I tell him to join us for a drink later that night (a pub just out of town, near where he lives) and then he is gone.

Back in the living room, I find Emm, legs spread on the edge of the sofa, gently caressing her pussy lips and clit.

“I came so hard,” she tells me. I kneel in front of her and edge my cock in as I lean up and kiss her. The mingling taste of come makes me kiss her deeper and moan into it.

“And now it is my turn,” I say breaking away, “time for me to spunk in my little whore!”

She whoops and reaches down to smack my arse. I want to be able to say I fucked her till she came again, but I was just too sexually charged and with her egging me on, it was about 2 minutes later that I was spunking my load deep inside her. We lay there on my floor for a while and I rubbed clit and fingered her spunky pussy till she came again.

I went on to make her come once more, a surprise attack as we headed upstairs to shower, just to mark the end of her Treat session!