Written by Arlington_49

5 Dec 2014

As you’d anticipate, I’m not yet level with what transpired with my wife in Coventry last weekend. At colleague urging I had a member of our firm’s PI investigation unit visit Judi’s hotel in Coventry to uncover as much detail as feasible…to determine whether my wife was subjected to forced activity…OR simply another one of her promiscuous, business episodes. The details…aka ‘truth’…represent a compilation of hotel staff witness commentary as well as security camera footage. The detail tells me more…than perhaps I want to know!

First of all, if Judi had a sexual dalliance with her Coventry client, it was discreet and out of view…likely at his office or residence either Saturday or early Sunday…her condition when she came home was NOT a result of that tryst! No…rather it appears her stay at the hotel was background to the sordid detail I now face. Judi decided to remain at the hotel late afternoon Sunday…too long a drive into the night for return home. The hotel was able to arrange her keeping same room…it was Sunday and little guest registry except for some business folks in travel mode like my wife.

Based on staff remarks, Judi went down to the pub/dining room around 7pm…and over course of hour or so ordered 3 glasses of wine…before her dinner plan. Seems a gentleman at the bar…a business person whom I now know to be an IT exec, walked to Judi’s table…had some standing chat…before my wife invited him to sit. From video, the lad is in his late 30’s…perhaps 40 or…good looking. Why am I NOT surprised Judi allowed him to sit with her!! The two had another glass of wine. About 15 minutes later, according to staff and video, two other lads joined them…apparently from the IT exec’s company. Once again, another round of ‘beverage’ ordered. Seems the first guest at Judi’s table suggested they all have dinner together. Judi nodded her approval, and went to the powder room to freshen.

When she returned to the table, the bartender said Judi smelled ‘fresh’ from perfume or cologne…and he clearly noted she had unbuttoned several of her blouse links. Obviously, he was attracted to my wife and noted the changes…;) Judi sat back down…fresh glasses of wine once again. The video then shows her first male guest reaching over to her…his finger lifting her chin. He was saying something…BUT clear to see his finger moved softly down her throat, upper chest…and down between her cleavage…to the base of where the blouse buttons were still connected. He appeared to tug at the blouse…the lads seem to also laugh…as he continued to move his finger inside her blouse. Judi then stopped him…BUT they all laughed!

A few minutes passed…Judi wanted to visit her room…according to the waiter she said she wanted to text me about staying at the hotel that evening. (That was correct…I did receive her message around 8:30 while Raida Anne accompanied me Sunday evening.…) The gentleman (his name Brody by the way as I learned from my team member) offered to accompany Judi to her room…apparently my wife seemed a bit unsteady on her feet. Again, no surprise…she had consumed at least 4 or 5 glasses of wine. Judi and Brody went to the lift up to the 4th floor.

The 4th floor security camera picked things up from there. Not sure if Brody was steadying Judi…OR whether he was guiding her to her room. His hand was wrapped around my wife’s waist in a secure manner. They got to my wife’s room…she fumbled with the key pass. He took it and opened the door. They went in…BUT the door was left ajar. I soon realized why!

The other two gentlemen came up the 2nd lift about 3 minutes later...the two walked the hall and into Judi’s room. The door this time closed. Perhaps half hour later, Judo’s room called for room service…a bottle of champagne…one glass…and several bottles of ale! BUT…before room service arrived, two more gentlemen arrived at Judi’s room…knocked on the door…and they were admitted! Room service…a gal…came up about 10 minutes later with her mobile tray.

We learned when she entered the room’s parlor (Judi had a suite…parlor and bedroom) one young lad greeted her in slacks and t-shirt…no shoes. As the room service gal was setting up the refreshments, someone called out…to Michael…the lad with room service…told him to come back to the bedroom…”NOT to miss his turn…!” He smiled at room service…signed the check to Judi’s room and apparently paid her a nice gratuity. Obviously, he wanted her to maintain discretion. It seems room service never heard my wife…BUT picked up on other remarks by several men…

For example…one gent said “I don’t believe how good she is…look…she’s still looking for more…!” Another remarked…”Christ…don’t let go of her…not now…she’s looking for you…see…she wants you…”

An older gent came to the BR door…told Michael to come in…”She’s in your favorite position…she asked for you…” and laughed according to room service. The gal then left the room…with the men behind her continuing to comment…”What’s her husband going to say…?” Another…seems it was Brody, said…”Not to worry…I texted her hubby on her PDA…he knows she won’t be coming home for a while…tomorrow...maybe later afternoon.” and laughed. However, before room service left the room, she noted that one of the lads in the other room appeared to be videoing whatever was going on…

For the next 2 or more hours, little to update…until the security camera showed 4 of the men depart Judi’s room…around 1:30am. Brody left Judi’s room around 2:30am. ‘Imagination’ suggests what went on…! Judi wasn’t seen until checkout time…11am. She was dressed in slacks and sweater…with over-sized sunglasses. As I understand, it was raining in Coventry when she checked out…!

From that point, you already have my posting about Judi getting home…and the condition in which I found her to be! At this point, I have a brief dossier on each gentleman…most importantly ‘Brody.’ Brody is a married guy…41 years age…wife and 2 children…has a senior IT position and was in Coventry for a group meeting. The other lads NOT important to me…it was Brody who set my wife up for their sex round…or should I simply call it what it was…a party gang bang…!!

NO…I have NO intention pursuing the matter…too many disparities…too many issues including us! HOWEVER, I will earnestly look forward to the possibility that Brody’s lovely wife…mother to hos two children…will soon meet a similar situation. Her hubby in travel…OR the two at a party…and someone takes a liking to the lady…Suzanne her name…and influences and works his way to fuck her!! Better yet…wouldn’t it be sweet knowledge…2 or 3 lads give Suzanne a nice train ride to sexual thrills….perhaps even video…and sent to Brody at his office.

NO…MO…I would NEVER deign or arrange such a plan for revenge…would I…????