Written by AnnieO

23 Jun 2010

I was always brought up as a good girl, no sex before marriage, sex only when special and it was sacred etc etc. My own mind when growing up though told me differently. My head would explode with ideas of forced sex, group orgies and gang bangs. However, being stifled into a sexless and loveless marriage for 13 years i never thought i would actually get to experience it.

My marriage came to an end and i finally found a voice for my fantasies, and finally a willing man, who shared my excitement at the idea of me being multiple mens fucktoy.

Now i am a very large lady, about a size 22, and i truly didn't think it would be that easy to find other people who wanted to fuck someone that large especially people to share my sex drive. Thankfully i was wrong!

One day about 4 years ago my partner said he was taking me out for the night, and that i was to prepare for an overnight stay. He told me what to pack, and that generally i wouldn't need much.

I had no idea where he was taking me, but i trusted him completely and let Him lead on.

We rolled up to an industrial site at about 9.30pm and the carpark had a smattering of cars in it, I wasn't even aware of dogging at that time, so it didn't cross my mind.

We got out of the car and walked over to a little door at the side, knocked and eventually the door was opened and in we went, i soon discovered it was a swingers club. Now i had been to similar clubs before, but not for swinging, mainly for other adult or fetish parties, and not to participate in that sort of thing, but i knew what happened there.

I was handed a towel which wasn't nearly big enough to cover me up, and we went to the changing room to change into them. I was pretty nervous, as i knew people were going to see bits of me that not many had seen before, and i was a bit embarassed and shy.

John gave me a really deep sensual kiss and i could feel my clit start to throb with desire for him and i relaxed a bit, when he kissed me like that all i really wanted was his cock to be forced deep inside me. We left the changing room and headed off to explore the club, there were lots of small rooms, jacuzzi, a lounge setting and a bar, and my particular favourite was the dungeon area, after a good look round and excitement at the possibilities we went to find a private room for us to be alone in. There were lots of people milling around and they were watching us quite closely.

We found a small room and got down to it with John fingering me almost to my first orgasm of the night, then stopping, before going down on me and bringing me close again. I was gagging for it by this point, desperate to cum but John wouldn't let me. He said he fancied the jacuzzi instead where i could sit on his lap and he could move me up and down with the water helping him with my weight, to achieve positions we wouldn't normally do.

I was almost running to get to the jacuzzi, but when we got there there were several other men in there, with one lady who was far bigger than me taking it in turns to suck lots of cocks on the edge of the water. I was really horny now, and ready to explode. I sat on Johns lap and we started to fuck, and i zoned out from all the people around us, until i started to feel hands on my arse, with fingers teasing at my arsehole, i could feel Johns hands on my back under my arms with which he was lifting me up and down to ram me onto his cock so i knew it wasn't him that was fingering my hole. This really excited me and i was moaning, John smiled and asked me if i was ok with this... and i nodded enthusiastically. At this, a couple of other blokes sidled a bit closer and started touching my nipples and the chap who had been fiddling with my arse started to ease a finger into my arsehole. With John ramming my cunt with his solid prick and the others with their hands on my tits i was in absolute heaven. I couldn't believe i was being such a slut! it wasn't like how i had always been in the past, not the quiet and prim and proper little sunday school teacher that i was once.

One of the men turned to John and commented on what a fantastic slut i was, and how far would i go for them all, was he willing to share. John glanced at me before telling me he was going to make all my dreams and fantasies come true. I was so horny but still hadn't cum and was so desperate that i would have done absolutely anything he asked at that point.

The chap who was fingering me grabbed my arsecheeks and lifted me up off of Johns cock and placed me down on the pool floor, making sure i could feel his enormous hard cock poking in between my arse crack. John was then stood in front with his cock shoved up against my slit, me, the meat in their sandwich. It was suggested that we went to the big room with the round bed which was surrounded by bars and that they enjoy me together. John commented that he was sure that i wanted to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. I nodded desperately!

We got out of the jacuzzi and dried ourselves off as we walked through, John was feeling really horny, and grabbed me by my hair, pulling me through the corridor forcefully, the other chap slapping my arse cheeks hard as we went. We seemed to pick up quite an entourage as we walked by because as i was thrown onto the bed, there were definitely more than the three of us in the room.

John moved to the far back of the bed and ordered me to spread eagle myself, he took my left hand and put it on his solid knob and told me to not let go of it at any point. The other chap moved alongside me and started kissing me deeply and passionately and his fingers started exploring my slit, running his fingers along my sodden crack and rubbing and circling my throbbing clit, i was grinding myself onto his hand, trying to force his fingers down so they invaded my gasping cunt. I could then at last feel two fingers sliding in and was bucking against them, before realising that he was also grabbing both of my nipples whilst shoving his tongue in my mouth, it was then that i realised a third man had joined us on the bed. John took an overseeing role and i was vaguely aware of him saying to put a condom on to someone, and i could hear the pinging of latex vaguely in the distance, i was more interested in the fact that the first chap had straddled my head with his knees around my kneck and that he was ramming his cock into my mouth. I was still hanging onto Johns cock and was rubbing it and pulling on it furiously as i sucked on this strangers enormous knob whilst another person was still fingering my cunt. There was lots of movement going on around me, and i was sucking a huge knob, while wanking John, having my tits yanked and twisted and still having my clit rubbed, i can recall thinking to myself that this was an awesome dream come true.

Next i was aware of a tongue exploring my clit and occasionally dipping into my cunt, and i was grinding my hips trying to get him to really penetrate me with his tongue. More fingers down there, and another one entered my arse. I thought i was going to explode with the pleasure, and my head was throbbing and my pulse rate was through the roof. Before i knew it, i had a pleasure overload... my body convulsed and i came in a huge screaming gush of squirting orgasm, a pool on the large leather bed really seemed to excite the guys at my cunt end. Next thing i knew i had a cock being rammed hard inside me, and the man whose knob i was sucking started to twitch and thrust harder, his breathing got really raspy and he squirted his hot spunk down the back of my throat.

John asked me if i was satisfied and if i had had enough, but i shook my head, as the spunk dribbled down the side of my mouth, and said... not until i have fucked everyone in here who needs to be fucked. The chorus of men saying what a slut i was was music to my ears and only served to make my cunt even wetter and throb even more.

All in all i fucked 9 different men that night, all taking it in turns to use my cunt and mouth and explore their hands and tongues all over my body.

The club started to wind down and close its doors at 2, but i was still raring to go and could have fucked far more people if it hadn't. I was itching to get back to the jacuzzi and see if i could achieve my fantasy of a triple penetration whilst wanking two others and having further men feeling me up as i did so, to see how many me i could be interacting with in one go. What a complete slut i was that night, and the reality completely outdid the fantasy. Sadly John and i split up a few months later without getting to repeat the experience which i will always regret as there was so much that this fucktoy wanted to try out.

I still fantasise about it every day when i wank, and i long to repeat the experience again one day.