Written by big_alf_1

6 Apr 2011

I posted a story on here a few days ago, 4th April titled "undies in a public toilet".

I got some response from people wanting to hear more, so heres another experience that i've had.

My job takes me out on the road, sometimes local other times long distance. On the day in question i was local, i'd finished the deliveries that i had and was feeling very horny. I decided to check out a place i know on Detling hill near Maidstone. Sometimes there is some action there and as it was a nice day i thought i'd try my luck.

When i parked up there was another 2 cars there, 1 that i recognised. I got out my van and went into the woods, following the path ways through the trees. I bumped into a guy that i'd met before and we got chatting. He said he hadn't seen me for ages and did i still wear sexy undies? I replied that yes i did and under my trousers i was wearing black stockings, suspenders and lacy panties, also i had my red high heels in my bag.

He asked if i was up for some fun with him and i said yes. He told me to strip down to my sexy undies and he would be back in a minute or two. So i stripped down and put my high heels on, he then appeared through the trees carrying a bag. He said he had a surprise for me if i was willing to give it ago. I said i was up for anything as i was feeling so horny. He reached into the bag a brought out a big 12 inch pink vibrator and asked if i fancied being fucked with it? It was very long and very thick but i really fancied giving it ago.

He stripped off naked and stood in front of me, so i bent at the waist and took his cock in my mouth. He's only got a small cock, about 5 inches but its fairly thick. I could feel it getting harder in my mouth as he held my head and slid his hardening cock in and out of my mouth. I sucked him till he was nice and hard, then he got behind me, pulled my panties down to my stocking tops and poured some lube down my arse crack. He got his fingers all lubed up and pushed 1 up my tight hole, then another. He worked them in and out of my arse for a minute or 2 then added another finger. As he finger fucked my hole with 3 fingers he reached between my legs and wanked my hard cock. I was so horny i had to get him to leave my cock alone or i would have shot my load there and then.

He pulled his fingers out of my arsehole and told me to get ready for a good fucking with the vib. I felt the tip of it at my entrance, he pushed gently, rubbing it all round my wet hole, then pushed a bit harder. My arse opened up and the vib started to slide into me. It was so big, my arse was being stretched like never before. He kept pushing it into me, it just kept going, deeper and deeper till it was all inside me, the whole 12 inches. I'd never been filled so deep in my life. He left it sticking out of my arse to let me get used to it before sliding it out so only a couple of inches was inside me, then slid it back in.

He moved round to the side of me so he could still keep hold of the vib but so i could suck his cock as he watched the vib going in and out of my stretched arsehole. As i took his hard cock back in my mouth he turned the switch that started it vibrating. He gripped the vib and started to fuck me harder with it, at the same time thrusting his hard cock in and out of my mouth.

I noticed out the corner of my eye that we had an audiance, i stopped sucking his cock so i could look to see how many were watching. There were 4 blokes stood watching, all with their cocks out wanking. I carried on sucking his cock, he was really pounding my arsehole with the vib now and his hips were jerking so i knew he was getting close. I took all his cock into my mouth and licked all around it, really sucking hard and fast. He held my head and rammed his cock in hard and shot his load down my throat. I had no option but to swallow as he held me tight with his cock down my throat and the vib deep in my arse.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and as he was putting his clothes back on i was still bent over with the vib up my arse. 1 of the blokes that had been watching came over and was stood right behind me wanking his cock, he took hold of the vib and worked it in and out of my arse before pulling it out, giving it back to the other guy and then he moved forward and thrust his cock straight up my arsehole down to his nuts. He took hold of my hips and started pounding my poor arsehole for all he was worth.

This seemed to give the other guys the corrage to come forward and i soon had a nice big cock in front of my face. I love being spit roasted so opened my mouth and let him face fuck me as the other guy continued to fuck my arse. The other 2 guys also moved closer, both wanking impressive cocks. The guy fucking my arsehole said he was about to cum and where did i want it? I stopped sucking the other cock just long enough to say, "Shoot it up my arse, fill me with your hot spunk".

He gave a few more hard thrusts then grunted as he filled my hole with his lovely hot spunk. As he withdrew i could feel his cum running out of my arsehole and down my thighs, soaking my panties and stocking tops. My hole was gapping open when 1 of the others got behind me and thrust his big cock deep inside me. I was still sucking the other guys cock, he was ramming it in and out of my mouth, then he thrust it deep down my throat and shot his load. Again i swallowed but there was so much cum that some dripped down my chin. He pulled out of my mouth, wanked his cock and shot another 3 spurts over my face. I didnt know 1 person could cum so much in 1 go.

My arsehole was still being fucked when the last guy offered me his cock to suck. He rubbed it round my face getting all the spunk on it and pushed it in my mouth. The guy fucking my arse asked the guy in my mouth if he wanted a go in my arse as it felt great, so they swapped places. I was now sucking the cock that had been up my arsehole, i could taste the spunk and my arse on his cock. They kept me bent over being spit roasted by them for the next half an hour, changing places every few minutes till finaly 1 shot his load up my arsehole and the other filled my mouth and covered my face with their hot sticky spunk.

While they were getting their trousers back on i stood there, spunk dripping from my arse and face, wanking my big hard throbbing cock. It only took a few strokes and i was shooting my cum all over the ground. They thanked me and left. I got cleaned up and changed back into my normal clothes and left too.

It was a great afternoon and just 1 of many. I dont always get lucky and have more wasted trips than lucky trips, but over the years i've had some fantastic meetings. If you enjoy hearing about them then i'll tell you more. My moto is, "You only live once so make the most of it!".

Bye for now Big Alf.