Written by wesleyomand

28 Apr 2012

Part 1

My wife Helen and I retired a few years ago and and have taken up walking, we are both sixty five. Early Sunday morning last summer we decided to park up at the Broxton roundabout truck stop between Chester and Whitchurch and walk to the village of Malpas. I had read something in the paper a few years ago about the police and it being a dogging site. I said nothing to Helen.

We followed a footpath out of the car park into a wooded area. After taking a seemingly less well used path as a shortcut and walking some way along it we saw people up ahead. It appeared to be a young courting couple in a small clearing illuminated by a bright shaft of sunlight coming through the trees. Helen looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders and we kept walking but what eventually stopped us in our tracks was the men standing around watching, some with their penis's in their hands. It became clear that the young couple was in fact a threesome made up of a couple of about forty and a young man probably less than twenty all half dressed and still losing clothes as they stripped each other.

It was a draw dropping sight for both Helen and I and we just stood and watched transfixed. It was a very small clearing where one largish tree had been taken out leaving a stump that the threesome were sitting on kissing and touching. A couple of people noticed us but just went back to what they were doing. There was a noise behind us we turned and there was a man indicating we were blocking the way and should move along. We moved forward, sticking to the path, past the threesome on our right and a man with his penis in his hand on the left. There was then a space befor a another man standing on the path facing us. I, then Helen and the man following us moved into the space and turned towards the stump becoming part of the audiance.

There were three men and Helen and I watching, the youngest was about twenty, we were probably ten to fifteen years older than the oldest of them. two of them had their penises out. The chap who followed us in was about thirty five and good looking he turned to smile at us as we settled in, we smiled back not forgetting our manners in this strange situation.

"Good show isn't it?" He whispered to me.

I nodded, he caught Helens' eye. "Are you regulars?"

She shook her head. "I've been a few times." He whisperd. "Anyway I'm Phil." Holding his hand out to Helen.

She shook it. "Helen." She whispered back.

"Wesley." I said shaking is hand.

Things had moved on on the stump and we, like everyone else, was watching. She kneeling on the stump, the young bloke, now naked, thrust into her while the older bloke felt her breasts. The young bloke starred straight at Helen and grinned.

Phil whispered to Helen. "He seems to have taken a shine to you." Helen turned breifly to him with a little embarrassed smile and then turned back to the action. I couldn't beleive she had not run away screaming let alone stayed there engrossed and almost chatting to this guy. "I think he fancies you, I know I do." He smiled at me as he said it, Helen looked to me I guess for a reaction.

I whispered back to him. "That makes three of us." I put my arm around her waist. Phil moved half a step closer and did the same. She didn't object and the three of us stood watching for a few moments.

The young man having sex in front of us looked Helen up and down licked his lips and said quite loudly. "You're next Sweetheart."

I felt her shudder. Helen wore a T shirt which was not tucked in, shorts, socks and walking shoes with functional bra and knickers underneath. I ran my hand up her back under her T shirt and bumped into Phils' hand working on the clasp of her bra. I glanced sideways to see that his other hand was under the front of her T shirt. As her bra clasp released his hand went under her loosened bra cup. Helens' eyes closed for a moment then she went back to starring at the action on the stump while Phil squeezed her breast.

Remember we are an ordinary couple in a conventional marriage, what was happening was a complete aberation with no precident. I put my hand under her T shirt and started feeling her other breast. I put my face to hers' and we started kissing, a passionate snog with tongues. A few moments later she moved. I opened my eyes, Phil was kneeling in front of her, had undone her shorts, pulled them and her knickers down. He was holding them and she was stepping out of them. We went back to our snog, undisturbed for another few moments until we had to part to allow Phil, now naked, to complete lifting Helens' T shirt and bra over her head.

Helen and I were about to go back to our snog when Phil said. "Helen." She turned to him, he took her in his arms and they started snogging.

I took my clothes off, put them with Helens' and looked around. We were now the centre of attention. The trio on the stump and the other men were all watching Helen and Phil. I crouched down behined Helen and put my hand between her legs. She moved one foot then the other giving me better access and I started fingering her vagina. A hard penis appeared next to my shoulder attached to a young man about twenty five years old.

He too crouched down and put his hand between Helens' legs I took my hand away and stood up. He stood up, manouvered himself behind her, slipped his erection in and started moving. He winked at me with a big grin on his face. Helen broke the kiss with Phil and leaned forward with him supporting her while this young guy vigerously fucked her.

Helen was fucked by each of the men present and two more who came along during the activities, the young guy who first fucked her did it twice more. I fucked the other woman as did others. We spent a crazy hour and a half in that clearing. The other couple called time, sent the single men away and introduced themselves and Bill and Jill. This was the start of our new life.