Written by Shellster360

25 Apr 2010

A year or so later at about midnight I was in bed when I heard voices coming from outside.

Me being the nosey cow I am decided to have a look out of the window and saw that it was two girls and a guy walking towards my house. I knew who they were, Deb being one of them and I also knew that the guy was Deb's cousin and the other lady was his girlfreind.

The guy bent the two girls over my garden wall, pulled down their pants and knickers and fucked them both from behind, entering one for a couple of thrusts before pulling out and plunging straight into the other gaping hole. This carried on for about 5 minutes, and I was there, discreetly watching out of my bedroom window as this well endowed cock fucked these dirty sluts hard and fast. The girls were both moaning and I heard Deb say to him "I'm gonna take you on that field over there and suck your fucking cock dry" and with that, they all got themselves decent and went onto the field where all I heard was voices fading as they got further and further away as they walked...

I was tempted to investigate, so I quickly ran down the stairs, unlocked the door and ran across the path to the field.....There I saw the guy stood against a tree with both girls sucking his cock and kissing each other. He saw me and didn't even flinch. I stood there just amazed by the sight when Deb saw me and said "do you want to suck this with us??" I needed no more encouragement as I walked over to them, got down on my knees and took his rock hard cock into my mouth.

I was so horny that I was sucking hard and fast. I couldn't get enough of this cock, and Deb grabbed hold of my head, holding my hair and held my head hard so this cock could face fuck me. Deb and her other lady freind were real doms, and I was just about to be taken as their slave. They kept saying to the guy "cmon fuck that face hard" and "yeah slut suck it" I gagged hard, but I took it all in my mouth making him moan as he fucked my face harder and harder. The other girl was stood at the other side of me, fingers were wandering and I could feel that I was about to be finger fucked.....I was gagging for it and I was happy to be fucked by all who wanted to fuck me. Oh boy did I cum hard as I was being finger fucked by Deb's freind and this guy knelt us all down together as he wanked his cock to cum in our faces, spraying each of us with hot cum as we all kissed each other and shared the taste.

Never saw Deb again after that, but she is always there at the back of my mind when I am horny..... what a girl.....what an experience she was!!!! And what a lovely sight to see and then experience late at night!!!!

This has left me with the urge for more, so I am now embarking on a new lifestyle of swinging with my partner. He just adores the fact that I love pussy and love cock too, and he is sooooo looking forward to our first meet.......