Written by Arlington_49

6 Nov 2014

Last week’s social group’s Halloween Party was a hit and bang…in more ways than one! Judi and I went as a couple…appropriately enough…however wife as my peasant wench and I as a landowner. Among our invites, I also included a recently divorced friend…Lorraine…who’s now as well employed by my firm as an admin person. Amusingly, Lorraine appeared at the party in proper strumpet attire. Judi and suspected she wanted to immediately meld into our group… She did very well…;)

As for Judi, no question as to her interests…dressed in billowy skirt with split, open pleats…barely a black thong ‘concealing’ an occasional glimpse of her asset gash… Her top was more cover-all…a loosely fitted canvas top flowing over her breasts. Her breasts were supported by a reverse halter uplifting her titties..leaving nipples and all fully exposed whenever a breeze…OR…manual motion shifted her top…;) As for my attire, I had on a period suit…with open-chest shirt…and enough ‘tightness’ of slacks to clearly demonstrate where my interests were headed for the evening.

Our table companions were Mel and Leanne…a neighbor couple about my age…having quite the raunchy reputation in our social group. Mel enjoys his extra sexual freedoms…and Leanne is quite the cock AND pussy chaser! Mel is self-employed as architectural engineer, and due to his real estate connections, has ‘familiarity’ with my wife… I had hoped they would be at our table. I knew Judi was looking forward to some fun…and I clearly wanted to engage Lorraine sometime that evening. It didn’t take all that long to get the swing into play!

About an hour into libation, some dance and conversation, Mel and Leanne were getting cozy with my wife. Mel had glanced over to me…looking for approval…he had it. His wife simply went ahead…she had not a fucking care…she just wanted to engage Judi. By now, my wife was well into her partial inebriation…always a good sign for her trysting. Mel and Leanne sat astride Judi. With Mel’s right hand and Leanne’s left hand in play…they coordinated reaching into Judi’s billowing skirt…moving aside my wife’s thong…as both of them finger-played her pussy…stretching open her vagina and allowing some deep 2 & 3 finger penetration. Both hands mind you were in play!

As they massaged Judi’s ‘privacy’ they each took turns sucking on her nipples…Judi was enthralled and oblivious to my witness along with several other party-goers. I left the table for a few minutes to find Lorraine and plan our meet-up shortly… She had her own following, but was committed to me for that evening. She owed me…simple as that…and I would collect later that evening perhaps along with a few other lads…

I returned to my table…Mel and Leanne well into exciting Judi’s ecstasy and preparing for next steps. Leanne was the one to exercise that next step…telling Judi that she and Mel would take into a more private location. My wife…whether knowing or not…acceded to their request (demand.) Mel and Leanne guided her to one of the private rooms adjacent the party area…I followed…along with another couple and solo lad…didn’t know any of them.

Once in the room Mel laid Judi on her back across a small writer’s desk…Leanne quickly tossed a throw on the desk as cushion. Within moments, Leanne pushed Judi’s skirt up over her waist…not removing…just pushing enough so to allow her next move. Within moments Leanne buried her face between Judi’s legs…appeared she clamped her mouth over Judi’s pussy…a move any gal OR guy enjoys during cunnilingus. Leanne knew what she was doing…;)

Mel continued to play with Judi’s titties…not removing her loose blouse…just playing under it…;)

I realized Mel and Leanne did not wish to disturb the remaining evening. When they finished satisfying themselves…AND my wife…they wanted everyone to return to the party room…as ”normal”…;);) Additionally, the solo lad who came into the room was Mel’s colleague…a good-looking, fit gent in his mid-30’s. I know he’s married…ring finger clearly carrying a band. As Leanne began to work Judi’s pussy, the young gentleman was preparing his tool…appeared to be about 6” with a bulbous girth. He positioned himself at the far end of the desk adjacent my wife’s head. In unequivocal manner…so typical when my wife under whatever influence…as he approached my wife’s face, Judi instinctively opened her mouth and orally accepted his cock. Mel smiled as he continued to suck on Judi’s titties. I couldn’t help…I also smiled…but I also availed myself a little side pleasure. While the threesome engaged my wife, I softly fingered Leanne from behind…reaching up into her cunny. I could tell…my ministration only motivated Leanne into further pleasure with my wife’s vagina…Judi moaned and gasped…even as she sucked on the young man’s swollen toy.

Mel then stood up…began to wank his cock though it didn’t appear to require all that much stimulation…ready for his next move. Perhaps less than 10 minutes into wife face-fucked, the young man exploded…making sure his cock stuffed Judi’s mouth with his cream. Judi didn’t have much option…she had to swallow. As the lad withdrew his member, Judi gasped for breadth as she was having her orgasm. Between the young man and Leanne, Judi became sexual wreck…totally enraptured by both. It was time for Mel.

Leanne separated from between Judi’s legs…and as she smiled, turned to kiss me. A long tongue to tongue capture, I tasted Judi’s pussy on Leanne’s lips. As Leanne and I embraced, Mel quickly positioned between Judi’s legs…missionary as ideal it is…and within moments began to push his slim, long cock into Judi. My wife seemed to react…perhaps object a little bit. The young man stood his position at Judi’s shoulders assuring she wouldn’t slip off the desk. Mel began his staccato pump…as Judi writhed in apparent pleasure.

Leanne suggested I go off to see my new friend, Lorraine. She assured me Judi would be well taken care of, and everyone would return to the party shortly. I did so briefly looking over at Mel’s form positioned above my wife…slowly conducting ‘push-ups’ over her passionate position. Judi was in good hands.

I went off to find Lorraine. It didn’t take long, however circumstances of our meet were NOT altogether ideal. It seems Lorraine found ‘companionship’ during my absence. Two hubbies whose wives were pre-occupied found their solace in spit-roasting Lorraine. I waited for a few minutes then interrupted the gentlemen…it would be my turn. To this day, I don’t think Lorraine knew I missionary fucked her. In fact…I suspect Lorraine had little if any awareness that ultimately that evening, 4 of us would share her luscious, full-figure form. I took Lorraine for drinks evening before last…realized she wasn’t aware she experienced a modest gang bang while at the Halloween party. She asked me what I had done last Friday. I kept her in the dark…simply suggesting we come together this Sunday night…to have our own ‘private party’ as we didn’t have a chance to play last week. She asked me about Judi. I told her my wife would be on business travel Sunday through Monday evening. Lorraine smiled her acceptance… More to follow after this coming weekend…!!

I subsequently learned from Mel Monday that Judi had her own “mini” gang bang…another lad invited before everyone returned to the party. I clearly knew Judi was out of it…stumbling and stammering for another 2 hours before we returned home. I went down on my wife late that night…No objection on her part. It was abundantly clear…Judi was nicely played…eaten out…and fucked at the party. As I see it…all of us had a good time!