Written by Steve

26 Apr 2007

It had been a very boozy evening. My friend Ben had come over to stay for the weekend but had arrived late on the Friday, and so the Saturday was the time for a proper drinking session. We’d been out to the local pub – me, Ben and my wife Sarah. It had been quite a silly night, beginning with beer and ending with a variety of shooters, the effects of which were still kicking in as we stumbled back into our flat. I got us all some more drinks, though we really didn’t need them. I got back in and Ben had taken off his shoes and socks and made himself at home looking through our video collection to put something on as background whilst we chatted.

‘Private?’ he said, reading out the label on the back of the video. I could tell there was intrigue in his voice.

‘Oh, that’s nothing’ replied Sarah.

‘Well, let’s have a look’ said Ben as he pushed the tape into the player.

I wanted to stop him, as I knew what was on the tape, but then something stopped me. Sarah was giggling, saying that it really wasn’t a good idea to put that tape on. But it was too late. The TV sprang to life showing a slightly crackly and poorly filmed picture – extremely amateur. You could hear my voice in the background, and Sarah’s too. Then, into frame walked Sarah. She was wearing a stereotypical secretary’s get up – short black skirt and white blouse. A bit too much make up too. I remembered this role play – surely Sarah was going to make Ben stop the video.

‘Enough’s enough, Ben.’ I heard Sarah’s voice and she moved towards the video player to stop it and retrieve the tape. But Ben stopped her by holding her back. She struggled and they playfully fought on the floor. I was stood in the doorway watching what would happen next. Ben had managed to pin Sarah on her back, sitting astride her and holding her hands to the floor, in the way you see kids do in the playground. Both of them were now silent looking up at the screen.

On screen, Sarah was beginning to dance. You could hear my disembodied voice of encouragement as I was operating the camera, making sure that it was framed correctly. Then my voice again telling her to undo her blouse. She began unbuttoning her top, revealing just a peek of her red underwear. ‘Take it off’ I heard myself saying. She looked straight into the camera and slipped the blouse off her shoulders and onto the floor. At that moment I appeared on screen by her side, kissed her and told her to take off the skirt too which she unzipped and let fall to the floor, revealing matching knickers and suspenders.

Sarah, under Ben suddenly said, ‘OK, enough’s enough. Turn it off now!’

‘Oh, but it is just getting good, and Steve’s alright with it, aren’t you Steve?’, gesturing to me, whilst still pinning Sarah to the carpet.

I wasn’t sure what to say, so feebly said, ‘well, it’s up to Sarah’.

By this time the video had progressed. I was kissing Sarah on screen and touching her body over her underwear. She was unbuttoning my shirt which she slipped off my body, and began undoing my belt whilst rubbing my cock through my jeans. She soon had my jeans off me and I stood in just boxers which were straining to contain my erection.

‘Blimey Steve, you look rather excited, mate’ Ben said. I could see Sarah struggling to get out now from under him.

‘By the feel of things Ben, Steve isn’t the only one’ said Sarah, gesturing towards Ben’s crotch which was pressed against her stomach.

Back on screen, Sarah was rubbing my cock through my boxers, and gently easing them down, revealing my proud nakedness.

‘I think this has gone far enough now’ said Sarah, again struggling against Ben.

‘But I want to see more’ answered Ben. He was not hiding the fact he was turned on, and Sarah was certainly aware of it, feeling his cock against her stomach.

‘Right, let’s see how you measure up then, Ben’ I heard her say, and, after a pause, Ben released her hands, though still sat astride her. Immediately, Sarah’s hands were at his belt undoing it.

‘Hold on’, I said, attempting to stop what was happening.

‘No, it’s alright Steve. If Ben wants to get off by watching us, then I want to see what he is made of’

On screen I had now taken off Sarah’s bra exposing her fantastic breasts. Ben’s attention was clearly split between looking at her breasts on screen and worrying about what Sarah was doing with his belt. Sarah pulled open Ben’s button fly and wrapped her hand around his cock through his boxers.

‘Not bad’ she said, as she eased his boxers over it, exposing the end of his large and very aroused cock.

I wasn’t sure what to do. On screen Sarah had begun giving me a blow job. I was extremely aroused by what was on screen and by what was happening before me. As I paused thinking about what to do, Ben began undoing Sarah’s buttons on her top and quickly had it fully open exposing the black bra she was wearing. Meanwhile, Sarah was struggling with getting Ben’s jeans and boxers down, which was difficult whilst he was still astride him.

‘Let me help’, he said and stood up over her. In one swift move he let his jeans and boxers fall to the floor and then proceeded to pull off his t-shirt.

Things were getting out of hand, but I was so turned on and curious to see what would happen that I couldn’t stop them. Sarah just lay on the floor, also in a state of shock at seeing Ben completely naked. She made no attempt to put her blouse back on. And then, to my shock, she reached up and grabbed Ben’s cock once again and began to masturbate it gently.

‘Come on then Steve, get the camera out’ I heard her say. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing or seeing. ‘And while your at it, get your clothes off too!’ she said, this time looking straight at me.

I needed very little extra encouragement. I pulled the camera out of the cupboard and quickly had it set up on its tripod and turned on, pointing at the two of them with the telly in the background. I began undressing. By this time on screen both me and Sarah were naked and I was fucking her doggy style whilst she looked into the camera lens. In the room, Sarah had got onto her knees and had begun licking around Ben’s cock and balls. I walked over next to Ben and she took my cock in her right hand, looked me in the eye and took his length deep into her mouth. Ben’s hands held her head and he began to thrust slightly, enjoying this turn of evens.

Sarah pulled away, took my cock in her mouth for an instant, and then stood up in front of us both.

‘Well,’ she said, ‘let’s make a video of our own’.

Behind her, on screen, me and Sarah were on the bed fucking. In front of me and Ben, Sarah told me and Ben to sit on the sofa which we did, and then proceeded to slip off her blouse and undo her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. There was my wife in just her black underwear stood in front of me and my best mate. I could see Ben’s erection which he was stroking as he watched Sarah. Sarah began to sway her hips as she sexily removed her bra and then her knickers, finally standing naked before us. She then moved to the camera and repositioned it so it was focusing on the sofa where me and Ben were sitting. She then came and sat between us – all naked in a row, and being filmed.

She took each of our cocks in her hands and slowly began wanking them. Ben took no time in kissing her lips and then her breasts, placing his hands on her body, squeezing her breasts and nipples and running his fingers between her legs, which she opened to allow access. Ben went down on his knees between her legs and started to lick her, darting his tongue into her, and she started to kiss me as she approached her first orgasm. Just as she was about to cum, Ben rose up onto his knees, pulled Sarah’s hips towards him and eased his cock into her. Stood up astride her and fed my cock into her mouth as Ben began pumping away. Her hands were wanking me as she sucked me, and it wasn’t long before I shot my load into her mouth, shortly followed by Ben cumming inside her.

The video had now finished on telly, as we sat down to recover. Just then, Sarah got up and took the new tape from the camera and put it into the video for us to watch. It opened with her on the floor in front of a naked Ben, as she began to suck him off. Just seeing this on the screen was getting Ben aroused again. Sarah noticed and knelt in front of him and began sucking his cock to bring it back to life.

We continued for the rest of the evening before finally we all went to our marital bed together. In the morning I woke to find Ben fucking her again, right next to me.