Written by Bren

2 Apr 2012

My wife is a decent looking 51yr old, she is a size 14 and has large natural 44E tits. She has always been very reticent when it comes to sex and at first it would always be sex in bed with the lights off. as the years have gone by she has "de-frosted" somewhat but would never do anything outdoors, no matter how much i tried to get her too.

All this changed a couple of weeks ago, when we were out walking in a forest during the recent good weather, we had been messing about and i grabbed her and started to kiss her passionately, i didn't stop there and before long had the top of her dress undone and was sucking on her tits, she pushed me back against a tree and undid me and then gave me a fabulous blow job. That was the extent of that session but talking to her afterwards she admitted that she was really turned on especially with the thought that someone may catch us. I then asked what if that had happenned, what would she do. she claimed not to know. Later on that evening she said that she would probably have carried on and let them watch, i though in for a penny, what if they had wanted to join in? she looked at me and said the state she was in she probably wouldnt have cared. with that she virtualy leapt on me and raped me she was that turned on.

The following morning i complimented her on how fabulous the sex was last night and how turned on she was. Was it the thought of having sex with someone else i said? she smiled and we went off to work.

Last week i asked if she fancied a drive out, and headed for a place i knew to be a dogging area, we parked up and started kissing, she was grabbing my crotch and i again had her magnificent tits out,when i saw a face at the window, i whispered to her dont look now but we are being watched, there is a man at the window watching you grab my crotch and he has a large cock that he is wanking. She grabbed me even harder and her breathing quickenned, she looked around and saw this impressive cock that was standing to attention, I whispered to her that if she wanted to play with it i wouldn't shout. Her nipples had hardenned and it was clear to see how turned on she was, i got out of the car and walked around openning her door and brought her out, her tits were still standing there and this fella had his cock in his hand, my wife reached out and grabbed it, i have to say it was far bigger than i am and she had to get both hands on it, i thought these cocks only existed in porn films, mhy wife got on her knees and started to try and suck this monster, there were moans coming from both of them, he lifted her up and said he wanted to fuck her, as horny as all this was i came to my senses and said not without a condom, like a good little dogger he was well prepared and pulled a condom out, my wife ripped the cover off it and rolled this condom onto him, he lifted her onto the bonnet of the car and shoved this cock into her, she was writhing and screaming, she was so far gone, he was increasing his pace and it was clear to see he was coming, my wife went right over the edge and came really really hard. he withdrew and she took the condom off and licked him clean. We took his number in case of a repeat performance and off we went. My wife is now transformed and loves to go out, we have been out on 2 other occasions in the past week but only played with someone else once, i am sure there is more to come.