Written by Reading cpl

15 May 2011

So there I was watching my wife and her best friend taking on all comers and waiting my turn.

The guy in front a tall well built black fella turned round and said these two sluts are amazing aren't they? I nodded my head and he continued saying things had only just got going and it would only get better. I looked puzzled and he said well Ella has always been good but Michelle is fucking wild. I was shocked as this was news to me!

He was stroking his cock as we talked and I glanced down to see the biggest cock I have ever seen. This guy could have been in porn! It was a good 12 inch long and really thick.

He then advised me to make sure I drank plenty, which surprised me as there were only soft drinks available as far as I could see.

We moved forward a couple of places as each girl had another load dumped in them and positions were changed. Both girls were now on all fours and groaning as they got ploughed at both ends. My wife now had a black cock in her mouth and was clearly struggling to go deep on it. This was the first time I had seen her with a black guy and it was all I could do to stop my cock exploding.

Another two guys stepped forward and started playing with their bumholes and running a thumb in and out. Both girls moaning with pleasure. The lube was passed around and both holes were well lubed and stretched. The guys pulled out to reveal cum leaking from two counts down the girls legs and the guys in front so that they were under the girls, who proceeded to straddle them. Immediately the girls were bent forward. The guy who two minutes ago had been fucking my wife's pussy was now circling his thick cock around here arse before slowly sliding slowly in. Michelle let out a groan of Fu kill yeeeeaaahhh and the guys started slowly thrusting in and out of her. It must have been quite intense as both guys came inside a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile Ella was taking a real pounding that looked like she was struggling with.

An Asian guy, in his twenties stepped forward and slid under Michelle and within a flash she was riding him. The guy in front of me stepped forward. Fucking he'll, my wife is going to get split in two with that thing I though and made to step forward to intervene but was stopped in my tracks as my wife turned round and breathlessly I was hoping for you Roy.

Roy? My mind turned over how long has this slut been at it?

Before I could say anything Roy was balls deep in her arse, holding his position as sche screamed a yelp followed by whispered oh god, oh god, oh god before a shout of OH YES!

With that Roy was away, pulling six or seven inches out and then sliding into her again. Within seconds she cried out as she came and the lad under her unloaded in her. All the while Roy just continues his Ruth

Of fucking her arse.

Ella by now had more spunk in her and had collapsed on the bed.

It was my turn but as I hesitated, one of the guys shouted who's next or is that it? By now I was carried away with the scene and stepped forward to a cry of wahey, last man standing.

Ella remained on the bed and as I came up behind her she half turned and whispered in my pussy please. I nudged her legs a little further apart and ran my hand over her pussy to find the spot. My fingers were sucked in cum as I slid my cock in. The feeling was bizarre. My cock hardly touched the Walls of her pussy as it was oozing with spunk.

Slowly I started fucking hef and she reaponded by thrusting back on to me.

After a while, which was probably only a couple of minutes I came as hard as I ever have and must have flooded her pussy with 8 or 9 squirts. I stepped off the bed and realised my wife was still getting arse fucked by ray but by now they were talking dirty to each other oblivious to all the people watching his massive black tool slide in and out of her arse.He was picking up the pace now and really pounding into her and she wasn't shy of telling him how much she loved his big cock.

Ella was now rising from the bed and ray grabbed her pushing her towards Michelle with a grunt of feed this filthy slut. Ella smiled and spread her legs In front of Michelle, her pussy still red and gaping and dribbling spunk. My wife grinned and gently licked twice up and down her best friends pussy before swallowing. This continued as she clearly tried to clean her friends pussy.

Then ray growled he was ready to cum and pulled his cock out of my wife's gaping arsehole. Ella immediately Sprang forward grabbing her cheeks and holding her hole wide open as ray wanked before groaning and cumming. His cum flew in her hole and he must have spurted ten or eleven times before slapping his cock against my wifes arse..

Both girls turned to sit on the bed and slowly kissed as a round of applause broke out.

Not knowing whether I was coming or going, I joined in thinking at least it's over and I can find out what the hell is going on.

Clearly I was wrong as ray took each girl by the hand, kissed them both and led them out the bedroom followed by most the guys in the room. There were four of us left and as I looked puzzled one of the guys said these two are fucking great. I nodded agreement as he started collecting his clothes. I nervously asked where the rest had gone and he grinned and said first time is it? I nodded, thinking this isn't the first time? He just shrugged and said, bathroom mate if that's your thing.

Fucking he'll I thought thinking we had dabbled a bit but not thar way!

Walking to the landing I could see eight or nine people in the bathroom and the rest stood on the landing. Ray was talking in the bathroom saying are you sure you want this Michelle? Through the crack in the doorway I could see Ellas legs meaning she was sat on the toilet. By framing my neck I could just make out what must be Michelle on her knees in the bath. Ray was stood facing the bath with his hand on his semi flaccid cock pointing it at her.

My heart was pounding and I didn't know what to do as I heard my wife say yes, we talked about this and you know I want it.

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