Written by Di and Tammy

23 Feb 2007

I get a real kick out of seeing men look at my wife. After a few years of this being a closet pleasure I admitted it to Tammy, my wife and to my surprise she also loved it. We had a great sex session as I told her the times I'd seen strangers and my friends looking at her as her cloths gaped or when she had gone bra less and she told me that she always went bra less in front of some of my mate as they always seemed to get a hard on. As I gently fucked her she told me about the time Sean had come round while we were decorating. She had been wearing an old t shirt of mine, and she told me how it gaped, exposing her naked tits when she bent over. Sean had helped her tidy up and she says he had made her bend forward at every opportunity. "He must have been enjoying looking at my tits" she said "judging by the hard on he had". I was a little shocked but very turned on and I wondered if she'd exposed her breasts at any other men.

There was a change in Tammy after that night. It was like I'd given her a green light. When Dave a friend of mine was round one night she made a point of coming in the room in just her dressing gown and a very skimpy pair of panties, when it came open as she knew it would Dave knew exactly were to look and although she pretended embarrassment. The way she screwed me that night I knew she'd got a kick out of flashing her body at Dave. The next time was in front of almost all my friends when she went to a house party with a very thin white t shirt on. You could blatantly see the dark shade of her nipples underneath and it seemed every man there wanted to talk to her and look at her.

My friends Sean and Dave were the ones who were most impressed by her new behaviour and always seemed to be popping round in the hopes of getting an eyeful (which they usually did. This time was a week before we were going on holiday and Dave and Sean sat on our sofa and had Tammy do a fashion show for them. She wore a variety of thin summer dresses all obviously with nothing under them and then Sean said "what will you be wearing on the beach" "I'll show you" she said. A few moments later she returned wearing a skimpy bikini. "You won't wear it like that!" said Dave and he stood up , moved behind her and with a wink to me, pulled at the side string that held her top together. She made no effort to stop him and as her top dropped to the floor and her breasts were exposed he reached round and started to feel her tits. Sean and I watched spell bound for a moment as she allowed him to touch her, her nipples hardening to his touch. She than bent over and released my aching cock. As she started to suck me off Dave pulled down her bottoms and started running his hands over my wifes peach of an arse. As I glanced to my side Sean already had his dick out and Tammy was slowly wanking his stiff dick. Dave rubbed his dick up and down her crack a couple of times befor she gasped and I knew he'd entered her. "Suck my dick Tammy" said Sean. She let my cock drop from her mouth and took Sean in her mouth "Yeah good girl" he said and I sat and wanked as I watched her with his cock in her mouth. Dave was making sure he groped every inch of her as he fucked her. He sped up after a while and then rammed his dick as deep into my wife as he could before emptying his spunk into her cunt. He was quickly replaced by Sean, who fucked her hard and fast as she returned my dick to her mouth. It wasn't long before he to added his sperm to Tammy's slit and seconds later she was swallowing my cum. She stould up and said she was going for a shower and as she walked out naked I could see Sean and Daves mixed spunk running from her pussy.

I fucked the guys off and joined her in the shower fingering her hot cunt and remembering what it had looked like filled with my mates cocks. We spent the rest of the night fucking as she told me in great detail, what it had felt like to have three cocks like that and that on holiday she wanted more!!