Written by Mike

10 Jul 2019

This is a true story. I wrote it down the day after it happened so I could remember as much of it as possible. My wife, Lou is in her mid-forties, a gorgeous brunette, slim and fit who’s been exploring her sexuality with me (and on her own) since we met seven years ago. But last night, she woke up to a new level of her sexuality…..

Last night I witnessed something I’ve been longing to see for ages. My wife, Lou and I have played a bit with singles off SH and gone to a club a few times. We’ve played with one or two couples each time and it’s been a mixed bag of good to average experiences. We’ve always been on a couple’s night. This time we decided to try something different and go on a night when they let single guys in too. What a great call that was!

We arrived quite late and there didn’t seem to be that many people around. Lou and I got chatting to one guy, he was around 30, fit, slim, nice looking, we’ll call him J. After a while I went for a wander to see what else was going on and came back to find Lou chatting to another fit guy, called L, his well-developed chest straining his tight-fitting shirt. I joined them and Lou was clearly interested in him, commenting on his muscular chest and playing with the button on his shirt. After a while of toying and playing like this Lou suddenly asked if he wanted to head upstairs to the playroom. He eagerly agreed and we went up.

There were a couple of other couples sitting around but no one else playing on the large mattresses they have there. Lou invited L onto the mattress and we climbed on, sitting up on our knees. L and my hands were soon exploring Lou’s body as she explored L’s chest, gradually opening his shift buttons. It was very hot seeing her explore such a fit young guy’s chest like this and I was instantly hard.

Lou’s sexy laced black sandals needed to come off so L and I took one leg each, stroking and caressing it as we removed her shoes. We all sat back up as Lou let her hands wander over L’s chest and then his trousers. As she undid his trousers, his already alert cock was straining against his white briefs. But not for long, Lou soon had it out stroking his beautiful uncut 6” cock.

Soon Lou removed her dress from her top half, exposing her lovely breasts. L and I took one each in hand and played with them. Then Lou removed her dress completely as well as L’s pants and I took off my clothes. The three of us were now naked. Lou turned around to feel L’s cock rubbing against her ass and with a word to L I guided his eager cock towards her now very wet pussy, having had him put on a condom first.

I let his cock slip up and down her almost dripping hole before guiding him into her as I pushed her down on all fours. She eagerly yielded and was soon pushing back as his cock entered his wet, willing pussy.

She bucked against him keen to feel his full length inside her and after a while I moved to lay underneath her, her filled pussy in my mouth as I licked her clit, every so often getting a taste of her juices on L’s cock as it slipped in and out of her. As a bi guy, I loved this as well as getting an amazing view of her taking another cock.

They fucked for about 10 minutes before L started to reach his climax. He shuddered as he unloaded into her, though sadly only into the condom, not directly into her pussy, which I would have loved.

As L pulled out, L sat up and I asked her to sit on my face so I could eat her nicely fucked pussy. I had no idea things were only just starting!

I was totally enjoying Lou’s pussy as she straddled my face. For a while I was lost in the sensations of her hot recently fucked cunt, the taste of her juices and her obvious enjoyment of the whole experience. But at some point, I became aware that a new guy had moved close to her. I looked up to see a very fit, black guy, called A, maybe 30 years old max. His gym buff chest firm and smooth, his firm tight ass already naked as he moved closer to Lou who had obviously been encouraging him to join us. From between her thighs as I continued to lick her, I saw her reach out and grab his cock, making it stiffen to her touch. This was her first black guy and I had a beautiful view of her stroking him and clearly enjoying him, first with her hand, then as she took him in her mouth.

I loved seeing her suck this black stud, watching his cock get hard with her attention. And she was clearly loving it too. This continued for 5 or 10 minutes until I became aware that A’s girlfriend, T, was on Lou’s other side. She was watching A receiving attention from Lou but then maybe she felt left out because she suddenly asked me “please can I ride your cock?” Of course, I needed no time to think about that one. With Lou’s pussy in my mouth still, I felt T climb on top of me, sliding onto me easily as her pussy was also truly ready and wet. I was in heaven, one pussy in my mouth, another clamping itself around my cock and watching Lou suck a beautiful black cock, a few inches from where I lay.

This continued for a while until Lou decided she needed that black cock inside her. Lou and A moved position so that A climbed on top of Lou’s recumbent body as T and I continued to fuck, my thrusts rocking her back and forth as she moaned enthusiastically.

T and I fucked like this for a while as A plunged his thick hard black cock into Lou’s hungry pussy again and again. It was amazing seeing her white slim body being topped by such a fit young black hunk, his firm butt cheeks rippling as he thrust into her. Lou’s moans increased each time he plunged into her as he touched her cervix and I could feel the pleasure that was moving through her body.

After a while, A began to increase the pace and then with a cry he shot his load inside her (again in a condom sadly). It was so hot though, seeing his cock withdraw from her, by now, well fucked pussy, with a very full load in the tip of the condom. I just wish it had been squirted inside her for me to lick up.

I slowed down fucking T and slowly lay besides her, alternating between playing gently with her clit and vigorously fingering her deeply, to her seemingly great pleasure, given the moans and whimpers she was giving.

Lou was taking a brief rest when J, the first guy that she’d spoken with that night came up to her. Needless to say, if she was keen at the start of the night to connect with him, by now she was unstoppable. Grabbing him and pulling him into her I continued to watch as he ploughed her already very well fucked pussy. They had a tender moment together, J whispering to her “just pretend no one else is here, let’s just enjoy each other”. Lou was already there and again I heard her moaning with pleasure as I watched.

T got up to leave at some point as A was already dressing and Lou switched positions to ride J’s cock as he lay on his back. I lay besides her watching the show as she grabbed my cock sometimes and at other times just gave herself to the ride she was having sitting on J’s cock.

I think J also came in her, though I don’t remember. After that she needed a bit of a rest. Not bad for someone who wasn’t even sure she wanted to play tonight! Lou put on her clothes and got up to get a drink downstairs. J pointed out to me a trans woman and told me that he’d told her I was interested in her. She was sitting at another mattress, her backless dress revealing her fit slim very feminine body as well as some fantastic full breasts. We chatted for a while and I stroked her back and thighs but she was playing hard to get and we didn’t go much further.

However, I was also seeing another couple, this time a bit older. He was about 40, she maybe mid to late thirties. Both were a little less fit than our previous playmates that night (who were all incredibly hot) but still in good shape. As I was pondering what to do next and thinking the night might be over, Lou came back up, still dressed and started chatting with me and the trans woman. Again, still nothing happening there but then the woman in the couple next to us, called Z, looked up and said “what a pity we’re playing alone, I wish someone would join us”.

“That sounds like an invitation”, I said as we moved towards them both. I’d seen them fucking for maybe 15 minutes solid and Z’s sex was very open. The guy in the couple began to touch Lou and it wasn’t long before Lou’s dress came off and I was going down on Z. Her nicely fucked pussy again tasting sweet and very juicy.

The guy climbed on top of Lou as I did the same to Z. We both fucked for another good while and the guy came in Lou (again in a condom) and I pulled out of Z and fingered her pussy until she came and almost squirted by the feel of her.

Again I watched the guy’s fully loaded condom withdraw from Lou’s pussy wishing he’d deposited it inside her.

We chatted with the couple for a while before deciding we’d had enough. Lou had fucked 6 guys, including me (I had fucked her in between most of her sessions with the other guys) and I had licked and fucked three women, including Lou. It was one of the hottest nights we’ve had together.

When we got home Lou and I shared how hot it had been and I fucked and licked her again, reclaiming her used pussy, this time shooting my hot load across her belly and chest before licking it up.

I told her how much it turned me on seeing her getting fucked by so many guys and said “my only wish would be for them to have all fucked you bare and cum inside you”. Her response was wonderful: “Slowly, slowly, sweetheart” she said with a naughty smile that told me that was definitely on the cards at some point.

The next night I had to go away to fly to the US. When I landed, I got a voice message from her saying she’d invited over an old lover and fucked him. Again, I felt so turned on knowing my wife is so sexually charged up, she just can’t help wanting to get fucked it seems. And I love it.

I know this has awakened something in her that has long been dormant. I can’t wait to see where it takes us! It feels like our love and desire for each other is stronger for it and I am totally excited by her. I’ll share more as our journey continues….watch out of Parts II and more, I hope!

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