Written by vickyp131

24 Nov 2014


Let me start by explaining a little about me. I am a bi woman who loves to sub and dom from time to time. This story is about the day i wanted 2 cocks. I had explored this site looking for the right kind of guys to play. Lets call them S and T. These guys were both bi and loved playing sub.

We had been talking for a few weeks when the day finally arrived. I was so nervous. I had only had 2 men in clubs. We had agreed to meet at a local cafe to discuss limits. These boys shocked me. They had no limits. From the moment they walked in there was sexual tension in the air. By the time we got back to mine we couldn't keep our hands off eachother. We had forgotten our roles and just wanted to jump in. At this point my thong was gone and S was using his hands and mouth on my pussy while T and i made out. S knew how to keep me on the edge of cumming.

I was gagging for cock so both boys lubed up and slowly dp me. I came right there and then. I couldn't help it. The more i moaned the harder they fucked. S was about 6 inch and T about 7. With both of them going it made me scream for more. S didn't want to cum yet so we stopped fucking. At this point T brought out his strap on. I got him to bend over the sofa and open up his ass. Slowly i slid the toy in. I slowly started fucking him but i thought S looked left out so i made him suck T's cock untill i thought he was ready. It didn't take long. He began begging me to let him cum. Before i coukd say no he let go deep in S's mouth. This was a shock for all of us.

He needed to be punished. With that i pushed him onto the ground with his ass in the air. I reached for my whip and struck his ass until it was nice a pink. He began to beg for mercy. I stopped and let him rest. Suddenly i noticed i had love bites on my breasts. This usally wouldn't bother me but that day was different. I couldn't help but lose it. I forced both men onto the ground and whipped them until their bums were red. As my anger cooled i allowed them to play with eachother while i watched. That day ended with a bang wuth both nen covering me in cum.

Ready for day 2?