Written by jackie & Me

12 Nov 2007

We have been married for 45 years, both retired and in our late 60's. 46 years ago it wasn't only Jackie's statuesque beauty that attracted me. She was the most intelligent, hard working woman I had ever met. She keeps in trim voluptuous shape by going to the gym about 4 days per week.

I'm a typical oversexed guy that urges the wife to experiment and fully enjoy her life and sexuality. While making love to my wife, the thought of being in another woman stiffens my erection and seems to yield a more intense and longer orgasm. What really gets me extra large, stiff and increases semen volume is the thought of watching another man's penis invading my wife while I'm mounting his wife!

I told her I had been turned on to the thought of swinging for at least 7 years before admitting my fantasy to her. The fantasy has helped me do her three times in a roll. Even though she has benefited from the fantasy, she couldn’t see herself sexually with others with me watching or participating.

We planned a vacation in Las Vegas. I planted the seed in her head that since we don't know anyone in Vegas we could be sinful. After years of my begging and pleading for swapping, she smiled and said you never know.

The first couple of nights in Vegas were great. We did a lot of touristy things and just had a great time. During romantic dinners I kept whispering that Friday night would be the night and she would just smile and not really argue (like she usually did).

Friday comes and we have a great dinner and some good strong wine. At 9pm and I lean over and whisper as I lick her ear that it is time to go to the swing club. She says she would but that I would never be able to handle it so we are better off leaving this as a fantasy and not make it a reality. Now, I feel like this is a challenge and I tell her I can handle it. To prove it, I lift her up, hug her, kiss her, place her hand over my bulge and off we go.

We take a taxi to the Red Cock swing club. We both have a great buzz on and that so much easier. We give the doorman information and pay before we are allowed inside. A nice looking host couple show us around. The club is very cool with subdued colored lighting, padded furniture, thick red carpeting, high gothic ceiling, arched entrances and many long drapes. There are probably around 30 to 40 couples. It was definitely a pleasant surprise when we see that most of the couples are well dressed, attractive and mostly younger; baby boomers.

We go to the bar and within a minute or two a sexy couple start talking to us and put us at ease. They were a shapely, auburn haired lady named Emma and her curly haired proper English gentlemen named John. Emma keeps in shape as an equestrienne. Looking at my wife is starting to give John erotic ideas! The wife is definitely turned on and I am hoping that sex may happen.....

We are chatting away when the band starts playing a song that my wife loves. When she says this, John takes her hand and pulls her out on the small dance floor and they start dancing. While they are dancing I scoot my chair closer to Emma's and lick my lips indicating I'd like to lick her. Under the table, I start rubbing her leg slowly moving my hand up under her dress towards her love box. She places one hand over mine and starts rubbing my leg with her other hand. I unzip my pants to give her access to my love snake. Then Jackie and John return to the table. As the last song ended John pulled Jackie closer and kissed her....quickly but amazingly sexy. You can almost see Jackie is a different woman.... Blushing and breathing deeply, she whispers in my ear that she could feel his penis hardening against her thigh as they were dancing.

Jackie walked us away from them and asked if I am sure this is what I want. I tell her it is. I know she loves me and this is just an experience and we should just let ourselves go. She kisses me again and said that she will let herself go, if I want her too. I said, “go for it baby!” There is no second life to try experiences missed in the first. Unless you are a Buddhist.

By then John and Emma were talking with another couple. Since Jackie was not as buzzed as when we first arrived, I needed to act fast. I took her hand and we walked toward the back to where the bathrooms and showers are on one side and lockers on the other. We took off our clothes and put them in a locker. She put on a silk robe and I threw a towel over my shoulder and went naked. I kissed her and she was so hot.... We went to one of the empty play rooms and on one of the large beds we started to kiss. I had her robe off in seconds…. I chewed her nipples like a starving baby. Then I licked her labia to wetness.

From the bed, I lifted her onto one of those heavy wood frame padded gynecological exam tables and continued to nibble on her clitoris. When she was wet and ready, I entered her with full force; she kicked her heels upon my shoulders for maximum penetration. Nothing beats the comfort and familiarity of married sex. We were alone, when in walked John and Emma. They laughed and said that they couldn't believe "the rookies" were in here first. They were naked except Emma had on a pair of thigh high nylons and CFM pumps. Looking at Emma's exquisite perky breasts splay forth before me, made my mouth water and my penis twitch inside Jackie. John’s penis was growing at the sight of naked Jackie. We laughed and they asked if they could join us and we agreed. I pulled out and was going down on my wife, when I looked up and saw the most amazing scene.

My wife was jerking on John's penis as Emma was massaging Jackie's toes. It was amazing and my head was spinning as Jackie jerked on my and on John’s penises. John's fingers slowly worked their way up Jackie's body and soon his fingers were teasing my wife‘s erogenous zones. I backed up to watch. It was unbelievable what was happening before my eyes, yet I was aroused by it. I French kissed Emma, caressed her lower lips, and licked her teats as she hugged me tight. With lust in her eyes, Jackie began kissing John's shaved balls, then kissed up his hard penis to the glans where she placed her lips around it and took its entire width into her mouth. Emma whispered in my ear, "look at her sucking him.. ohhh she's loving that cock."

Emma asked me what we wanted to do. I looked over at Jackie and told both Emma and John that it has been a fantasy of mine to swing and see Jackie mounted by another big gentlemen. Jackie looked me straight in the eye and gave an approving smile of concurrence. I asked John if he could do the honors.... Jackie was a bit embarrassed laying there, so exposed and so vulnerable; a beautiful naked morsel for John. She was nervous but flushed with arousal. John smiled as I said "Go ahead, make love to her." Jackie knew exactly what I meant for John to do to her. He was about to enter her most intimate area - to fill her virgin pussy. A place that until then had been my private pleasure chamber.

Jackie had a passing look of fear and exciting anticipation in her eyes but she did not hesitate. She raised her head and looked at John's penis, the swollen glans of which was pointing at her pussy. She wondered how such a big penis would ever fit into her vagina. I gave John the high five. Jackie was prepared to give her body completely to John. To ease her feeling of anticipation I hugged and kissed her.

John sucked Jackie’s erect nipples then he crouched down between her legs, licking her pussy. He wanted the taste of her and to prepare her for his entrance. She moaned and humped his face, trying to get more of that wonderful tongue. He could feel her heat as he slid his hands up and over her gorgeous body. He tweaked her nipples. He flicked his tongue at her stiffened clitoris, and when he had the hood teased back, he sucked her clitoris between his lips. He heard the long, quivering groan as Jackie rocked and bucked into his talented mouth. She was intoxicated with the anticipated sexual pleasure of his entrance. She wanted him deep in her. He toyed with her, determined that she was going to enjoy it as much as possible. Emma said that "he loved eating pussy...and women have said that his skills are unparalleled." When his tongue flicked harder, Jackie's muscles tensed and he felt the release of juice on his mouth and over his chin. That made him extra stiff. His rigid tool hungered to be in her! Jackie begged to be entered! She said, “Do me NOW!”

She looked up at John, with a mix of excitement and anxiety, watching the mushroom head of his giant penis make its descent toward her wet, pulsing vagina. She squeezed my hand with anticipation and moaned when he placed the knob of his huge rigid member at her labia, rubbing it up and down to get it wet. I hugged her to let her know that I loved her deeply as she was about to accept intimate, deep penetration from and being seeded by another man. With lust in our eyes, we watched with anticipation as John's penis glans opened her pussy lips. He said "You wanted to see another gent make love to your wife." "Well, watch this." He held her by her hips and slowly pushed forward, inching in with a succession of slow pumps, each thrust taking him slightly deeper into my wife.... I will never forget the look of lust and submission on her face as he entered her. With a long moan Jackie squealed, arching her back to accept the initial penetration and using her legs to draw the rest of him in as soon as possible! As her heels were pounding his back she was begging him to fill her. She was out of her mind with want and would settle for nothing less then a good hard fucking.

Stretched to the max. "So big!" She said, “honey, look, he is filling me GOOOOD.” “He is sooo huge.” Her eyes opened wide as she gasped. It was very arousing watching her being penetrated by such a big rigid penis. In total silence, John sought his position atop her in missionary position and after a bit more fidgeting about he slid his tool all the way inside her gates to heaven as she let out another moan of fulfilled appreciation. He was balls deep in her jerking body.

Watching him fuck her made my penis so rigid it hurt! Emma could hardly get her hands around it. Emma, a little jealous, told me I was paying too much attention to Jackie. As she was jerking me, I French kissed Emma and while fingering her, told her she will soon get so much attention that my penis would be deep in her tunnel of love.

Jealousy, lust, excitement,..... all the emotions were flooding through me as I watched my wife take her first strange penis. My fantasy was being realized. Another man was pleasuring my wife. And she was just loving it. I was too intensely wrapped up in her pleasure to halt the action. That moment will stay in my memory forever as possibly the horniest thing I have taken part in.

As John pounded her harder and harder she whimpered, “Oh…fuck, yes…that feels soooo good…!” Deliberately expressing her pleasure for me to see, Jackie looked directly into my eyes with pure lust as John repeatedly plunged his hard, glistening erection into her receptive vagina. She gasped, "Watch his tool fill me baby. Watch him fill your wife!!!"

I was overtaken with lust as I stood there watching her being sexually pleased by another man! I knew that John was getting the pleasure of his life. His heart was working overtime to pump blood to his penis, expanding it to the fullest. Jackie was getting royally serviced by John's massive tool. Emma was watching with lust in her eyes and she said, "give her all you've got, honey." She was stroking my rock hard penis as I hugged her closely. As I licked her ear I told her I would soon be in her.

Meeting every thrust Jackie moved faster, griping John's penis, tightening her pussy around it, increasing the friction. Her rhythmic squeezing sucked him in with a vacuum grip! His penis felt every bit of her insides. He really pounded her with his donkey dick. His sensitive glans flooded his brain with endorphins as it rubbed against her pulsating, contracting vaginal walls. Having experienced the pleasure of being in Jackie thousands of times, I knew how good it felt.

Jackie grabbed my balls pulling me to her mouth then started sucking my penis as she was building up to an orgasm. It felt like Jackie was trying to swallow my penis. Every few strokes John would push down hard and rock his hips in a circle, crushing Jackie's clitoris with his pelvic bone. He looked down in fascination seeing his rigid penis stroking in and out of her loving, pulsing pussy. Her pussy juices made his penis glisten. He wanted to put as much seed in her as possible.

He locked eyes with her for a minute and then pushed hard into her and started short, deep fast strokes She told him to “keep doing that, Oh God!, it feels Sooo Good!!!”. She closed her eyes briefly whenever the pleasure got too intense. Her heart was racing, her mind was reeling while her pussy spasmodically gripped his penis like an iron ring. She felt heavenly, being mounted on his love tool. She was bucking him back as hard as he was pounding into her...... He started going faster with slightly longer strokes. She was gasping for breath. She opened her eyes and looked at him and told him “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop pleeeeeease; breed me!” She said “YES!” three times, then she came. It was beautiful watching her orgasm. She cried out. “I’m coming, don’t stop, FUCK me, FUCK me hard and deep! seed me!” she screamed as a powerful orgasm overtook her. I had never seen her have an orgasm from this view, and the beauty of it took my breath away.

John was still pounding as fast as he could. As her second orgasm hit her it triggered him toward the start of his. Suddenly he slammed his cock deep into her and stopped. He arched his back and looked up toward the ceiling, his eyes shut. His body jerked spasmodically. Then I saw his dick appear dripping wet. The sound changed right then too, obvious wet fucking. He had seeded her. I almost lost it right here. Emma was helping with my unsteady balance by tightly squeezing my penis.

Jackie's pussy could feel the bulging pulse in John's throbbing penis’s veins as his glans swelled to twice normal size, preparing to seal his semen inside her. John wanted his whole body to follow his penis into her. As he ejaculated she whimpered, "Fill me with your hot semen!" John pumped until his balls were pumped dry. The hot semen hitting the back of her vagina caused my wife to have another most intense orgasm. I could tell by her screams and the way she ground her pussy mound against him...trying to suck all of him into her pussy!

Jackie's contracting tight pussy muscles wouldn’t release him. John’s flared cock head (glans) was so swollen it expanded her vagina. John loved the feeling of being trapped in and sucked dry by my wife. Her vaginal contractions were milking his dick, forcing him to spurt out every drop he had in his huge balls. Gasping for breath, they enjoyed the after effects of tremendous orgasms with its twitches and jerks. This angel had sent him to heaven. He was too happy and exhausted to move. They just laid there in sort of a totally fulfilled daze.

After several minutes John pulled out and Jackie calmed down and said "his semen was like gasoline on the fire inside me.” I asked her if it was as good as it looked. She gave me a big hug and kiss and said that it was better than she could ever had imagined. “It felt so satisfyingly good!” she said in the afterglow of her orgasm. My wife said she has never been so hot knowing I was watching her take another man's penis deep into her while she sucked my love tool.

Jackie asked me to hurry and make love to Emma, giving her all I've got, so she could watch my rigid pole thrusting in and out of Emma's most private love tunnel. She wanted to see all my muscles working to penetrate and pleasure Emma.

Emma was "hot to trot" and didn't want to bother with foreplay. She wanted me deep in her ASAP. As I laid on my back Jackie held my huge, purpled veined Hercules stiff rod upright, while Emma stood over me and slowly lowered herself. Both girls guided my tool into Emma’s pussy. Initially too big but with her wiggling and weight, my penis popped in. Her pussy was on fire! My swollen glans stretched her pussy walls so much that they initially hurt with pain that turned to pleasure. She was fully impaled by and locked onto my penis. I could not begin to describe the intense pleasure we were getting. My whole body wanted to follow my penis into her. We enjoyed the pleasure without moving for several minutes. My heart was beating so hard and fast that I could hear the blood rushing in my ears and feel the pressure waves in my penis.

Equestrienne Emma said she’d try riding me as a cowgirl at a rodeo. She told John to watch as my horse cock penetrated and filled her! I rose up with this Goddess still impaled on my penis and put my arms around her butt to prevent her from sliding off. Then I stood with knees bent and walked round with her impaled on my penis while sucking her teats. She bounced matching every thrusting step. Maybe, I should have galloped? My penis has never felt so big squeezed into her tight, gripping vagina.

I was so big and so hooked into her that she did not slide off when I removed my hands from her butt. I was bucking like a Bronco and she was a wanton woman enjoying riding my pleasure stick. She had her legs wrapped around my hips; her CFM heels locked over my butt and her arms around my neck, holding her breast tight to my chest. She engulfed me, riding for total pleasure! Our bodies moving in tandem in a wild sexual frenzy. “Do me harder, harder,“ she hissed mashing her clit against my pubic bone and jabbing her heels into my buttocks. I pressed so hard and grew so big her vaginal walls cried with the expansion. My penis had robbed all the blood from, and taken over for my brain.

She was posting on me as I walked around the room bouncing her on my penis. Her clit was being mashed into my pubic bone when she bottomed out. After several minutes I felt her approaching orgasm. Her pussy was having rhythmic contractions, squeezing and milking my penis. Jackie was fondling my balls and stroking John. My flared, swollen glans was ecstatic with the feel of rubbing Emma's gripping vaginal walls. All my essence was in my penis glans, inside her pussy! . I couldn't hold back any longer and I felt my penis swell, jerk and shoot stream after stream of hot semen deep into her. Flooded with endorphins, our minds began to short circuit. Every muscle in our bodies stiffened, and I closed my eyes enjoying the sensational feelings of a powerful orgasm. This sent her over the edge as she tried to suck all of me into her pulsing pussy and my tongue into her throat. I held her close for what was one of the strongest, longest orgasms I have ever seen a woman have, feeling her tighten again and again on my penis exploding inside her, until she was just trembling from the sensation. It was too much…. Our orgasms merged as one

Afterward, as we laid down my penis stayed erect with its spent glans too swollen to slide out of her. Her vagina kept contracting, milking my penis to draw my semen up into her womb; she locked me in! I wanted to be permanently joined in copulation with this woman.

After showering, Jackie and I thank John and Emma and caught a taxi back to the hotel. I looked at Jackie and she looked sad and confused and maybe even a little scared that I would flip out. But I just told her that I loved her more now because she was able to do something for me that most women can't and in the process had a wild exciting time as well. In bed, I kissed her deeply with warmth and sensuality. We collapsed together, spent, completely drained of energy. We laid there naked, with a hint of the smell of sex in the air and quietly drifted off to sleep in each others arms. In the morning we made soft, slow, tender married love.

The next day Jackie told me how much she enjoyed the freedom of last night. She enjoyed seeing me work over Emma. I liked watching her whole body orgasm with another man. She wanted to do it again. Had I awoken a sex monster? My penis twitched at the idea. We shared an adventure that few couples dare. That made our love for each other even stronger.