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Emily has arranged a holiday for us. We were met by a minibus at the airport. The driver stopped half an hour from the airport. She switched the engine off and turned around.

"Passports, STD results and COVID certificates please."

We handed our documents forward, I wondered why we had stopped to look at passports. She inspected the documents quickly.

"Penny, you have been before."

"Twice, yes."

The driver continued. "You all read the conditions?"

Everyone said yes, I hesitated.

"Jane, have you read the conditions?"

I looked at Emily.

"This is a surprise holiday." Emily answered.

"I see. Jane, the only men who come here have their jewels cut off. This is a women only holiday resort. We ask our guests to prove they are not men."

"You have our passports." I answered wondering if she thought castration was funny.

"We ask for other proof." The driver continued. "I need to see each pussy before we go on."

I must have blushed.

"So there are no more surprises. We are going to a naturist hotel for female swingers. Is there a problem?"

"None at all."

"Good, please lift your skirts and pull your knickers aside."...."Thank you"

"When did you take them off." I asked Emily.

"In the toilet."

I kissed her and felt her pussy.

"You will do, but wait till we get there." The driver said turning back to drive.

"What did she mean about men?" I whispered to Penny.

"Men can come if they have had the full operation."

"Are there any?"

"Not that I know."

"OK thank you."

"I can't believe this place." I was looking out of the window. The hotel was a horseshoe enclosing a small sandy beach miles from anywhere. Below us were perhaps 60 women of all all ages and sizes. All naked or swimsuits.

"The swimming customs are staff. Sometimes they play after work." Emily kissed me. "Jane, play with anyone you like, this holiday is for you."

"I wish you had told me"

"Would you have come?"

"Off course. I will enjoy them." I waved my hand at the women and felt Emily's pussy. "We will enjoy them."

"We will, but later." Emily touched me.

We made it to the bed.

The first night was oil night. I was going to watch, but one of the swimsuits took me by the hand and blindfolded me.

"Brad enjoyed his blindfold." Emily encouraged me. "I will do it as well."

I was guided into the oil area and laid down, my hand was placed on someone. Warm oil was poured over my hand. I moved my hand and it slipped over the body. I did not know who it was. Another hand was placed on me and warm oil poured over me. I explored the body, and hands explored mine. There was no friction, just sensation. I found erect nipples. I felt a hand slide over my buttocks. I began to hear moans and the sound of pleasure. I opened my legs.

"I don't know who that is but keep doing it." I asked.

A voice instructed. "No talking, just enjoy the sensation."

I found a pussy and started to play. There were sounds of enjoyment. I felt a hand on my tits and one on my pussy. Frictionless hands continued to move over me. I had no idea who's hand touched me or who I was touching.

Slowly there was less activity, then there was only one other. Our bodies were in full contact. I had already come twice, now I was kissing and fingering just one woman. I pulled my blindfold off. The woman was gorgeous, her hands never stopped moving. We were the center of attention. The oil made her black skin glisten in the light. I continued to rub my hands over her body and pulled her blindfold off. I kissed her and rubbed her clit. She returned the favour,  we both came. 

"What are you doing tonight?" She asked.

"You, I hope."

"I do hope so."

"Do you mind Emily being with us?

"Your wife? Would I be here if I minded that kind of thing?"

"My partner."

I looked for Emily who had her arm around a woman. 

That night was a foursome.

Written by Jane

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