Written by Husband_helps

7 Jun 2014

This is a true account of how my wife of 30 years opened up a latent bi side that has often been talked about but never seen until last month.

For a number of years we have been into the spanking & punishment games, mainly between ourselves, though I do get punished as my alter ego (Tina). We had been through one of our punishment games, which ended up with her receiving quite a heavy session with the cane – 18 strokes, which left the usual deep red/blue lines. She cried at the time of course but always enjoys the after effects and the feel of the stripes over the next couple of days.

On this occasion we decided to go to the swimming pool about 3 days later, for a healthy swim session. Her costume allowed the fading marks on her lower cheeks to show. We became conscious that one woman seemed to be following us about, then we twigged that she was trying to look at my wifes bum. The wife decided to see if it really was the case, and repeatedly got in and out of the pool. The woman just stayed put and watched. Then Flo (my wife) did something very uncharacteristic, she pulled her swim costume up tight, so it cut into her cheeks, and showed much more of her bum, and got out again. The woman just gasped slightly as she watched. Some time later we finished our pool session and I was waiting for Flo to come out of the changing rooms. Eventually she did, some time longer than expected. When we got back to the car she told me that the woman chatted to her in the changing rooms. Myra asked my wife how she got her marks, did she enjoy showing them off, etc., Flo had told her that they were all done in fun, even if they did make her cry. Myra had asked my wife for a full look, and for some unexplained reason Flo had shown her – allowed a stranger to see her naked striped bottom. I was well turned on by this conversation, and prised every last detail out of her. Right at the end, as we got home she told me that she had Myras number, and that Myra had asked to see her punished.

We chatted this over for a couple of weeks, what if, controls, rules, should we….., then to my surprise (and delight) next time we went to the pool Myra was there too. The two women spoke to each other quite a bit, and at the end of the afternoon swim, when Flo came out of the changing rooms, Myra was with her. Flo introduced me, and told me that Myra was coming home with us for dinner.

Well despite the tension, Flo did cook dinner, wine flowed, and a couple of hours later we were all sat on the sofa, relaxed. Flo excused herself for a minute, and when she came back she was carrying our toy bag, paddle, strap, crop, cane, cuffs etc. she put the bag down and gently laid herself over my lap in the traditional Over The Knee position. She had decided that she was going to go through with this.

Presented like that I had no choice, dress was lifted up, knickers smoothed tight, and I started to spank her. I invited Myra to move round so she could get a better view. I spanked my wife firmly as she was used to, until she started to wriggle, then a naughty streak in me asked Myra to step forward and lower my wifes knickers. Mrya was visibly shaking as her hands went to the wifes knickers and pulled them off, all the way down. She held them tightly as I continued to spank my wife. The usual pauses, stroking of the bottom, trasing of the pussy continued, and eventually I had my wife over my knee, with her legs as far a part as they would go, fully on show to her new friend.

I noticed that Myra was subconsciously biting and chewing the knickers that were still in her hands.

Then the real punishment. I asked Myra, “Shall I cane her?”, and waited for a reply. Myra looked directly back at me “Yes please”, she answered. Flo stood up, removed her dress so she was naked, and was positioned kneeling on the sofa, legs slightly apart, head down.

It was one of her preferred positions for punishment. My cane was duly flexed, and swished through the air, and then laid to rest on her bottom.

Raised back and firmly brought down across her naked stretched bottom, a red line appeared. My wife made no move, Myra gasped. The next five were repeated, Flo was taking them well, Myra was getting more exited with each stroke. I changed sides, for the next 6. As I delivered no 7, Flo yelped slightly as I expected she would, Myra rubbed the fron of her skirt, obviously wanting to relieve some tension. By the time I had delivered stroke 10, Flo was yelping loudly each time, and Myra was blatantly rubbing herself through her dress. Strokes 11 & 12 were delivered low down, across the backs of her legs, she always screamed when I gave her those ones. Then it was finished. Flo stayed put – I gently rubbed her sore bottom. Myra looked at me longingly – I invited her to rub it too.

She didn’t need a second invitation. Her hands fairly flew to Flo’s bum, gently stroking her, tracing a finger along every line, she stroked her hair, asked Flo if it was nice, the the next unexpected response came – Flo said “feel what its done to me”, and tipped her hips back offering Myra her exposed pussy. Mrya reached forward and ran her finger along the edge of my wifes pussy – dripping wet, Flo started to mew gently, I’d never seen her lime this before, Mrya became more positive with her hands, fingers parting the lips, Flo was whimpering and pushing back on her. As Myra reached forward and stroked Flo’s clit, she came hard and sharp, and then cried as she collapsed in the sofa. Myra hugged her, I watched my lovely wife being hugged and kissed by a unknown woman who had just made her cum. After some recovery time, Flo said to Myra, your turn.

Myra said she was scared, so Flo offered to punish her. Myra went over Flo’s knee and was spanked, skirt up, knickers still on. Once over the initial shock, she started to accept it, and did not resist when Flo pulled her knickers down and off. After a short while Flo told her that she must feel the cane. Myra agreed. She was placed over the back of the sofa, laying on it, so not having to support herself. Flo, was in front of her, looking at her and holding her hands tightly. I applied a fairly gentle cane stroke, she leapt, and settled, then same again. The next two were a little harder. Myra yelped loudly, and would probably have got up if Flo wasn’t holding her. Then the last two – One across the backs of her legs, and the final one on her bottom hard enough to mark her for a couple of days – she really screamed at that one.

Then my straight wife kissed her, then moved around behind her and started to finger her, as Myra had done to her, then knelt down behind her and buried her face in Myra’ offered pussy. Myra came in a few seconds.

Again after that we had some rest, then it was time for bed – well you know how guys always end up with one girl either side, not this time. It was my wife in the middle, curled up cuddling her new girlfriend, and me with my cock buried in my wife from behind, at least fro a few minutes….

Myra has stayed a part of our life at the moment, and is learning to take more punishments, she’s just completed her third visit.

My wife, has become a definite girly lover, as well as still wanting me. Myra – shes a girls girl….. at the moment.

I’m still amazed that after 30 straight years my wife of 55, can so suddenly turn bi, she tells me shes always wanted to, just never dared before.