Written by Rookie

8 Jan 2012

My husband had always wanted to try new experiences, the whole swing thing, but I was a little unsure about it, he wanted to meet couples or have someone join us, but I was really quite shy I guess by the whole concept.

After some discusion he asked if I'd like to meet another man by myself, this quite appealed, so having chatted to some people, singled this particular guy out and met up for a drink, we were both nervous, but at the end, swapped notes and said we'd like to meet up again.

With husbands consent while he was working, this sexy guy rang the door bell early one morning and came into our house.

We went through to the living room and sat down fairly close, having talked for a short time, I sai I seemed to have run out of things to say, to which he replied 'thats a shame' raised his hand up to my face, pulled me close and started to kiss me, soft but firm, my hand grabbing around his neck, and running down his back, and up under his shirt, he cupped my breast, squeezing gently, this felt so good, not having had a different touch in a few years, just the same one, it made me thirsty for more.

I waited for the moment his hand would glide down between my legs for that first touch, as I waited in antisapation, my hands were running over his cock twitching inside his trousers, I could feel him growing, I wonder how big he is? I kept thinking.

Oh my yes there goes his hand down and undoing my trousers, he slipped his hand down over my thong, with great hast I pulled his hand out and under my thong, his fingers getting their first feel of my now, soaking swollen pussy, I felt his cock twitch and grow trying to burst out......

He changed position falling to the floor, slid down my trousers and thong, throwing them aside plunged his tongue into my pussy, licking my clit and lips, then entering me as deep as his could, then consentrating on my clit licking it well, slide 2 fingers into my pussy, hitting my g spot so well, fuck it felt good, I pulled his head into me firmly, god I didn't want him to stop, then all of a sudden I came so hard I jerked and shuddered, he licked me softly til I calmed down.

Wow....looking across at him, right now for you, I worked my way down his body kissing him through his boxers and were so wet, I pulled them clear of his throbbing cock, omg he was a sexy size, lovely and thick.

I started by licking his balls, continuing all the way up his shaft before surrounding his head with my lips and plunging down as far as I could, flicking my tongue around his head that was oozing precum.

Looking up at him as I knelt on the floor, his reactions said it all, I think he liked, after a while of sucking and licking, we went through to the bedroom.

God I needed him inside me, laying back protected of course, he slide his thick cock into my now saturated pussy.

Oh god he felt so good, he gave a few short slow thrusts, then started to pound me, I couldn't believe I was being fucked on my bed and not by my husband, his cock felt amazing, my juices soaking him, he moaned with pleasure as I grabbed his arse pulling him into me hard with each thrust, then he sped up, pounding me so fast I could barely breath, then he came uncontrolably, his cock twiched hugely as he came inside me.

We layed and held each other, still caressing gently, it was such a horny experience, I got wet just writing about it.

Since then lots of fun, mfm, fmf to name a couple