Written by Turbosex

27 Mar 2008

Well I think you enjoyed my story about my brief ‘fling’ with my sister in law when we all went on holiday in 1992.

Following on from the story I wrote on this site on Saturday 9th where my earlier story explained how we had fantastic sex in the apartment on the 3rd day of the Holiday because my wife was ill, well things between Hilary and myself was a bit ‘strained’ and my wife improved for a couple of days but the she still couldn’t face food.

On the Friday of the first week, I remember it vividly as my wife told Hilary and myself to go out for a meal and not to let her illness spoil our Holiday so on the Friday evening I just showered and changed and my wife stayed back at the apartment reading a book whilst Hilary and I went out for a meal my wife never has suspected what was going on and Hilary even said as we walked out the door ‘would it be ok for us to be late because she wanted to try and pull a bloke’!!

Hilary looked stunning there is something about bare legs and summer dresses when you have been sunning yourself for a week.

So as we left the apartment I had this tingle of excitement but also was a bit nervous but we got to the restaurant and ordered the meal I do remember a lot of the waiters eyeing Hilary up and some single guys whispering as we walked in.

Hilary was dressed in white stiletto type shoes and a light blue summer dress which I watched every swish as we walked down the road - not sure about you guys but I am a black belt when it comes to imagining what a women is wearing underneath I remember as she crossed the road I could see right through the thin material right up to her crutch area.


We sat at the bar before we were showed to our table and as we sat at the stools at the bar I was eyeing Hilary’s beautiful body and her LEGS her legs just went on and on and on and I remember at one stage she stroked teasingly up and down one of her legs with and said she should have put more after sun on.

I was starting to buckle under Hilary’s power she was my sister in law and I was tinged with quilt but during the meal I gazed into her eyes and also her cleavage, which was obviously braless, but underneath I was gagging to fuck her again.

We finished the meal and I said ‘What pub or club do you want to go to’ and she replied ‘Nope I’m not into that tonight I want to walk along the seafront’ my heart started to ‘up a beat’.

I remember we walked down some steps towards the ever-increasing sound of the sea and I was making small talk about the meal Hilary was walking in front and then stopped waited till I was facing her and smiled and said quietly ‘I want you to fuck me again tonight’.

I smiled and at the same time my cock twitched in my shorts, Hilary then leaned forward till our lips touched and was started to kiss like we had just met her tongue was fantastic and reached deep in my mouth, I already had both my hands behind her back where I was pulling her towards me I carefully dropped my hands until they rested on the cheeks of her peach like ass and squeezed both cheeks and pulled them towards my cock, instantly she moaned and then whispered in my ear ‘I have no knickers on’ …

We kissed passionately for over five minutes and our hands were working all over each of our bodies and then we broke off and I asked ‘Where can we fuck tonight?’ Hilary just laughed and said ‘here…. On the beach’ and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

We walked over to an area where there were sun beds and it was partially lit and very quiet … I remember her telling me to sit on the middle of one of the beds and Hilary sat the other side and both of us were brimming with pure sexual tension and passion and also giggling like kids but really just wanting to rip each other clothes of and just fucking there and then she then slipped down and knelt down between the sun beds and looked up at me and said ‘get your cock out I want to suck it’ I quickly looked around and there were a few people walking down by the sea and as I was looking around she had already started to unzip my shorts and her right hand was already working it way inside my boxers and within seconds my cock sprung out from my shorts and she had it in her manicured hands and was working her hand up and down she carefully smothered her mouth in my semi erect cock and it slowly and carefully expanded in her mouth it was So naughty and so fucking dirty as it grew she moaned more and more until it had filled her mouth completely and carefully and skilfully she was working on the tip with her tongue..

I leant back on the bed a bit and was more concerned that someone may see us but then before I could even argue she looked up and me and winked and slowly and lovingly took the tip of my cock in her mouth and flicked the top with her tongue and then she took the head and sucked it and flicked it until the senses were driving me crazy she kept doing this and was moving her ass up and down and moaning like she was being fucked herself she was loving it and so was I she also had one of her hands up the inside of my shorts and was cupping and squeezing my balls which was also driving my crazy.

I looked down at Hilary and her hair was long and straight I could she her head going up and down and could feel the sensation BUT I couldn’t see her mouth working on my cock so I grabbed her hair in my hands and sort of made it into a pony tail and squeezed it tight so I could watch every thrust with her mouth and the more I moved her head onto my cock the more she love it I was now using her mouth to fuck me and she was loving every minute of it I was starting to lose control and let go of her hair and then started to move my hands down towards her breast that were simply stunning … both my hands slipped through the soft material until both my hands were cupped on both her breast and she let out a huge sigh.

I wanted to see her ass even in the moonlight and pulled her dress up until I could see her ass where she was knelt … Oh my god it was so peachy so sexy and I was watching it move up and down as she was enjoying and loving each thrust of her mouth on my cock.

I was now working on both her tits playing with her nipples and squeezing her breasts as hard as I could do without being to rough then suddenly within seconds she had somehow dropped the top half of her dress off and it was now laying around her waist and her tits were released and her nipples were stood out and resting against my knees… god I was wondering If this was really happening and Hilary just looked up after she had taken my cock in her mouth again and said ‘Good aren’t I’ and then slapped my cock up against her face like she was about to explode.

She then shifted herself up slightly until her tits were touching my cock this was SO dirty and she smacked my cock against her tits and her nipples and played around with my bell end and smacked them against her now very erect nipples I leaned over and said that if this carried on I may shot all over her face, Hilary only laughed and said ‘Go on then’ but before I had a chance she had now shifted up slightly so that my cock was now enveloped in-between her tits and she was moving up and down giving my the most exquisite tit wank my mind and body was going to explode…… AND THEN SHE STOPPED

She hitched her dress back over her tits and slowly stood up I actually thought we had been seen but I remember that she was stood under the umbrella and looked down at me with my cock throbbing and said ‘Lift my skirt up and lick my cunt NOW’.

I slowly and carefully pushed her dress up and up until it was resting on her hips so that her legs and ass and cunt was now exposed and as I looked up she was holding on to the umbrella pole with her eyes shut her hips and ass were moving about like she was in a trance and carefully and slowly I opened my mouth and my tongue flicked out across her now very moist cunt she flinched when I touched it the first time and then my tongue got faster and faster and probed more and more into her moist mound until she was gripping on the umbrella pole for all that it was worth and on a couple of occasions she forced her cunt and body into my face and I grabbed her ass and slapped it and quietly as I could.

I was working skilfully on her moist cunt and as I looked up she had one of her fingers in her mouth and was biting it to prevent the noises she obviously wanted to make. I then carefully gripped one of my hands on her left cheek and careful and slowly moved one of my fingers towards her ass and started to play around with the area just above her cunt area and this was now starting to drive Hilary to absolute distraction and she was starting to moan and groan and I guessed that she was near to climax.

She looked down at me her eyes were ‘gone’ and she could hardly stand and she said quietly ‘I want your cock in my cunt’ and slowly she slipped down the umbrella pole and carefully and skilfully embedded her now very wet cunt straight onto my throbbing cock she had her back to me and my legs were hanging over the sun bed for about 4 or 5 minutes we just went tottaly mad and she bounced up and down on my cock I was gripping her ass as she slid down on my cock and then pulling her ass up until my cock was slipping out of her cunt again….


Hilary sat on my cock for a matter of minutes and then slipped off and stood up she looked at me and said ‘We have got two weeks to have naughty sex as much as we can but when we get back to England it MUST stop’

I gazed back at her and was starting to fall in love…!!!!

I will post the next instalment next week where we swam out to an old boat and fucked whilst my wife sat on the beach.