Written by The Sub

6 Jul 2015

I knock on the door and it is answered by a beautiful tall woman with flowing black hair in a summery dress who promptly indicates for me to enter. In the hallway I turn round to face her when I'm politely asked to remove all my clothes and leave them in a pile on the chair. While I'm busy disrobing I don't notice as she ties back her hair tight only looking at her as her summer dress slips to the floor revealing her tight black leather underwear. Fastening a collar to my neck she looks me in the eyes, "We only have 30 minutes so obey my commands immediately! Do you understand?" I whimper a "Yes" but my arousal is already more than obvious.

I'm lead into the next room where I am pushed onto a large bed and told to lay back, from no where several leather straps are produced and I'm quickly tied, spread eagle, to the bed. Leaning over me while pulling a blindfold over my eyes she whispers in my ear "lets hope you don't regret saying you have no limitations".

I feel her stroking all over my body, teasing every part of me, before she grabs a firm hold of my hard cock. Sucking it deep into her mouth as she's continuing to stroke my chest, moving down my legs and finally back up to my balls, she notices my hips move ever so slightly as she grazes my ass, a move that she instantly takes as an invitation to slide a quickly moistened finger into my ass. My body now acting on impulse, thrusting into her mouth as she swallows my cock and pushing back hard onto her hand as she slides her finger inside me.

She feels my cock starting to pulse and stops whats she's doing. Moving back up my body "A bit excited are we? You're not going to cum until I want you to!", with this she straddles my face and orders me to lick her pussy "push your tongue in further, I want you to taste how wet humiliating you is making me!". She slides her pussy all over my face, covering it in her juices, until with a change of heart she lifts slightly and while spreading her ass checks I can feel her push her ass hole onto my nose. If you leave here smelling anything its going to be my ass not my pussy!

She gets off once more and back to my ear she whispers "I'm going to allow you to cum now, but would you like my finger back inside you while you cum? Think about it carefully now!" I answer almost immediately "I would like your fingers inside me mistress!". Before I realise what I've said it's too late, "fingers huh? plural? well there's no going back now greedy boy! I hope my greedy boy is hungry for this!".

With that she slides her pussy down my body until she's back between my legs. Sliding one then another finger into my ass as she sucks hard on my cock I can feel that I'm about to cum already. Feeling this she shoves both fingers hard into my ass and takes my cock deep into her mouth. I've not cum for a few days now so I cum hard into her mouth, spurt after spurt of salty cum. Once I stop cumming she comes back up my body "I really meant it when I said I hope you're hungry" at which she places a gentle finger on my chin and opens my mouth. With no hesitation her tongue is lapped against mine, swiftly followed by a slow trickle of my own cum. She kisses me like this for what seems to be ages, feeding me more and more of my own cum until we can barely taste it any longer. "We're not quite finished yet!" she softly whispers "There's one more taste I want you to have before you go" at which she slides her pussy back over my face and starts peeing into my open mouth".

Eventually I'm untied and shown back into the corridor "your clothes are there, you best get dressed quickly or you'll be late for work!".