Written by Paulrcouple

24 Aug 2013

Been away in Lincoln for a few nights put an ad saying we were looking for a single guy for adult fun we do this every time we go away.

Sometimes we do ok sometimes we dont

This guy got in touch with us off this site sent us pics of him with a girl and a few very good cock pics Jane was impressed and said she wanted to meet him for a drink and take it from there.

We told him that we would get back in touch when we had checked into our hotel in Lincoln we had swapped numbers because this site is blocked in some hotels as we have found out..

We checked in told him it looked ok to fetch people back with you so we said we would meet him in the Royal William at 3-30 he said ok so we both had a shower and went to the pub it was a warm afternoon so sat outside got a text he was running late we said ok then another he had to call off somewhere and would be later still then heard nothing.

Got too 4.15 another waster and left.

Irang his number and asked why he had pissed us about he said he was there but had not received any text from us and he had text us.

He told us he was there in a blue shirt and a white collar yes he was there ok we could remember him sat there.

We said we had seen him and told him Jane was in a long brown dress and he could remember us we told him we was in a pub round the corner called the Lincolnshire Red he said he was on his way.

Our phone started to get the text messages from him it must have been the area where we was.

He came straight to us i asked him what he wanted went to the bar and got a round for us all.

Got talking and those of you that have played you can tell if it is going to be ok and this was.

Had a couple of drinks and a chat and every one of us was relaxed with each other so a taxi back to our hotel.

There was no messing with him he told us his name was Paul he started nibbling and kissing Janes ears she had her back to him he pulled her dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor she had nothing else on he carried on kissing her neck her head was back she was gyrating her bum into his groin.

Janes nipples were stood out her boobs looked great for a lady of her age many a young girl would love Janes body.

She had her hands behind her back trying to get to Pauls cock he undid his trousers and let them fall with his shorts Janes eyes widened as she got hold of Pauls cock o my God Jane said i had not seen it yet fucking hell it was a monster.

Janes had bigger but it was the girth of it.

Jane got on her knees and sucked the big end i wanked it in her mouth i could not get my finger and thumb to meet.

We both sucked it and kissed which we both like doing.

Jane went on the bed Paul went down on her shaved pussy and gave her a good few minutes of oral then he moved up the bed they were on there sides kissing which turns me on very much seeing their tongues in each others mouth.

They got in the scissor position where Paul was rubbing that monster of a cock on Janes pussy lips and her clit while she sucked me then she started to cum she stopped sucking me as she was gasping for breath.

After she had cum and got her breath back i kissed her and asked if she was ready for it she said yes but she had to be in charge she told Paul if she said stop he had to.

Jane got on top of Paul bent forward and rubbed his knob end up and down her pussy lips till it found the spot i opened it wide with both hands and Jane worked it all the way in it was not so much the length than the girth of it.

Then he started to fuck Jane not very hard just nice and steady Jane sat up straight turned and asked me to kiss her she was so hot covered in sweat she was getting fucked and loving it she started to bit my lip as she was starting to cum for a second time.

She just laid on top of Paul out of breath as he pumped away at her when she came round i asked Jane if we could spit roast her she loves that, She got on all fours Paul went behind Jane, Jane said same as before i will feed it in she started to back on to it and he got it all the way in she started to suck my cock but the fucking she was getting was intense and was biting more than sucking and was hurting me too much she had to stop it.

He fucked Jane very good the best for a long time he carried on fucking her for nearly an hour slowly then hard when we played it back on our lap top the noyes of the moans and the groans Jane was letting out all the hotel must have heard her.

I have watched Jane getfucked many times in the last 34 years but never once heard her say thats enough i have had enough.

Paul pulled out of Janes pussy went to her face where she sucked him he pulled it out and wanked into her face and boobs the fifst shot of cun hit Jane in the eye and it made her eye sore.

Its Saturday dinner time now and Janes pussy is still swollen and puffy watch the video but never seen it all the way through.

But i get a B J and a wank from Jane as i watch it.

So if any of you Guys want to watch your wife or girl get a fucking of her life get back to us Pauls says we can pass his name on.

He is a good guy nice and clean and Genuine