Written by PapaLB

3 Jun 2012

Before l took early retirement l often visited the local legion club and was on the domino team for a few years. Following retirement l went on a trip round Europe and had not been attending the club. My old man was in hospital with a man thing and l had spent the last few weeks driving to and fro visiting.

On the Thursday evening l felt the need for some company so l dressed myself up and took a taxi to the club. On arrival l saw a couple of old boys Mick and Alex who had been on the team playing in the corner. Getting a drink l joined them and said did they fancy a few hands. Sitting down we were playing 5s & 3s for modest stakes and l was holding my own while enjoying the banter and the drinks.

Though l am just this side of 60 l have kept it together and am proud of my 36d breasts and like to show a fair amount of cleavage. When Alex went to the Bar Mick remarked that he liked my tan and was it "All Over" l said maybe but l had a few white bits. He said it was unfair as l was putting him off playing with "that cleavage" on view and what would my husband think. l told him he was in the hospital and had his own worries. Anyway you don't have to keep trying to see my belly button which you seem to be looking for. Not that button l was looking down for he whispered as Alex returned with the drinks.

After a couple of hands l excused myself and went to the ladies. In there l got rid of some of the drinks l' d had and wiping myself felt my clitoris was hard and l could not resist rubbing and pinched it hard to ease the tingling. l touched up my make up and checked my cleavage dabbing a few drops of perfume between my breasts l noticed my nipples were raised. On rejoining the guys Alex was quick to jump up and went to get some more drinks. Mick remarked l' d been a bit long and he was coming to see if l was ok. Laughing l said l had to refresh my make up nodding at my breasts he said l see those buttons want pushing .

Looking him in the eye l said you want to push my buttons Mick ? He said l have had a hard on for you for ages and its more than buttons l want to push. Seeing Alex returning l said ok I'll play another couple of games and we will share a taxi and we will see how hard you are.!!!!!

After the hands l said well guys l'm off home now, thanks for the games and company but l have to ring a taxi. That's OK said Mick can we share what l said all of us ? No said Mick Alex lives the opposite way you don't mind do you ? No that's fine I'll phone and we will go halfies ok . Ten minutes later the taxi arrived and we said goodnight to Alex.

In the taxi Mick was rubbing my leg and l said wait not here. To show l meant it l brushed his hand away and moved away from him. l could see he was disappointed but l was not going to have a quick fumble in a taxi. Arriving home l let Mick pay while l opened the door and went through to the lounge drawing the curtains l heard the door close and turned to see Mick framed in the doorway.

Well here we are l said and l walked over to the large sofa undoing my dress zip and pulling it off l let him see my nipples were raised again . He came over and was pushing my bra down in a rush to get his hands on them .Give him his due he was hard sticking out like a dagger and as he was slobbering over my breasts l was struggling to release his cock from its confines. Giving that up l pushed him away and said for pity's sake get your kit off first. As he stripped off l removed my bra panties and keeping on my hold ups and heels asked him if he wanted to check my tan.

God he said your shaved!!! well yes l said don't want you getting hairs in your teeth do l ? You said you had a hard on for me so show me. I closed my hand round his cock and said give it to me now . He was quick to respond and as l squeezed his hardening cock he was fingering my moist cunt. As l felt his fingers separating my lips l opened my legs so he could feel my hard clitoris. There's a button for you to push l whispered hoarsely so push it, pull it, or suck it, either way l'm going to see how long it takes for you to get this cock in me.

That's easy he said l don't play games with bitches like you and saying that pushed me onto the sofa and kneeling between my legs he made his move. Taking his cock he teased it over my clitoris rubbing it with his hard member poking at it and l felt his pre cum mixing with my juices . Then he was in me no resistance straight up till his ball sac was against my rosebud. l closed my legs round his waist as he started his withdrawal pulling him back into me.

Hey your hot for it just the way l like it you like to get down to it this fanny feels like its needed a good workout. Good job those nipples showed me you were gagging for it or you could have healed up. Bucking against him l said shut up and fuck me its what we both want. As he settled into a steady slow thrusting his mouth found my nipple and as he licked it l came with a little moan . Feeling my now wet cunt contract round his cock he bit my nipple sending a wave of pleasure through me. My shudder told him l was more than enjoying this elicit sex.

Slowing his thrusts he said time you did something more active than getting all this pleasure with me on my knees!! Pulling out he pulled me to my feet and said lets get comfortable in your bed l want to give it to you doggy. I lead the way with Mick playfully slapping the cheeks of my ass and remarking on the cum glistening on my thighs. Standing by the bed he said go on kneel on the bed and I'll give you a treat . Kneeling my head on the pillows l reached under and stroked my clitoris stimulating myself for the pleasure to come.

A scream escaped my mouth as l felt his hard cock forced into my tight arse holding my hips he had without warning violated me like some porn star. I had tried anal sex before some years ago but the pain was to much so l stopped it. Then it my husband who was doing it and he complied with my wishes. This was different l was compromised l was with a man in my bed who had already given me a couple of mini climaxes. This was so sudden and now he was in me and starting to fuck me not only that he was riding me using my hair as a bridal the slaps on my arse cheeks seemed to add to his arousal.

l love a tight ass he said your fanny was nice but this is better l liked the way you screamed just relax a bit and you will enjoy it. Jesus Mick your going to split me open please stop l gasped. Not replying he continued his thrusting and he was getting deeper and deeper into me the pain subsided and instead my cunt began respond and l resumed rubbing my clitoris thinking l had to pleasure out the violation he had done to me.

He felt me responding and his thrusts became faster and he was abusing me calling me dirty names. l was a cock hungry bitch who was getting what l had been looking for, l was going to get all my holes filled tonight and l would beg him to do it to me again. Then with a moan he was filling me with his thick creamy spunk flooding my arse with his warm cum felt sick but l surprised myself by squirting over my flying fingers. Then he was out of me and his seed ran out of me he shook the last few drops of his sperm on my quivering bum.

l lay on my face as my body shook with the relief of release from hard cock violating me in that way. Feeling his hand between my legs he said l enjoyed that a lot so much in fact I'll do it again later. But first you can suck me hard while l eat you, then I'll really give it to you doggy style so you have something to look forward too in a little while............

I wondered what other shocks Mick had in store maybe I'll tell later !!!!!!