Written by absynth2002

11 Mar 2014

I had a strange but very horny meet a few weeks ago.

A couple from this site SH were advertising for a guy to meet them at their place during a weekday.

I replied to their ad as I normally do not work on Monday's or Tuesday's, lucky me some might say.

The couple did not live together but he would be there at her house when the meet would take place.

She replied on his behalf with her and his requests. He wanted to watch her rim me and she wanted me to fuck her ass. I agreed and they day was arranged. It was supposed to be on Monday at 1.00 O'clock although this was bought forward to 12 as he was already there.

I showered and shaved especially shaving all hair from my cock and balls and sitting in front of a mirror shavedmy ass too, I made a good job of this it felt very smooth every where.

I drove to the address and called her, she gave instructions on how to get in as it was flats. I made my way to the flat door and knocked. A few moments later the door opened and I saw her. She was wearing a nightie and smiled at me, a very pretty smile as I walked in. She was about 5'5" and had a lovely round figure. She led me into the lounge where her partner was sitting in front of a computer screen, she said "he is busy working" we said hi to each other he seemed a nice guy quite large with a happy face.

I sat next to her on the sofa he looked over as we started kissing, such a gorgeous mouth to kiss with such sexy eyes. She asked me to take all my clothes off, which I did and sat down again, we were kissing and she had her small hand around my cock, I was now very hard and precum was leaking from the tip. Her partner would look over every now and then and smile.

She slipped her nightie off we were now both naked, I just had to kiss and suck her tits whilst my fingers made there way into her wet cunt. She now wanted to suck me and moved her face to my cock and enveloped it with her soft lips, he looked again. After about 5 mins she said we will go to the bedroom, he said I will be in soon.

We went into the bedroom naked together he stayed on his computer. On the bed kissing, sucking licking but nothing more it was so very sexy she was wet, I was dripping precum.

After a further 5 mins he appeared at the door naked. As I said before he was a large guy but had quite a small cock but even so it was a small hard cock.

She looked at him as he sat at the foot of the bed looking at the wet cock and cunt.

He then nodded to her and she said to me " I want you to fuck my ass" also she said " I want you to fuck it until I say stop".

She moved to the side edge of the bed onto her knees, I got off the bed and stood behind her looking at her ass, she pulled her cheeks apart, as she did this she kept spitting onto her fingers and rubbing it into and around her ass hole, she said " do the same with your cock", I was dripping precum so didn't need much spit.

I pushed into her it felt warm I slowly moved in and out getting deeper with each push, when it felt right I started fucking her, her ass cheeks started quivering it looked and felt so horny knowing I was making her quivver. He was sitting and watching.

After about 20 or so thrusts she said " stop now he wants me to rim you".

I obeyed her and stopped and pulled my cock from her hot ass hole.

I got back onto the bed, she said "lay face down" also "draw your knees up" so I was face down on the bed with my ass in the air, she said "pull your ass cheeks apart".

I could barely see but he moved closer as she pushed a wet finger into my ass hole, it felt so good and then I felt her tongue there I moaned quite loudly, her hand was holding my cock, which was dripping.

I then felt him get closer he lifted my left leg and slipped under neath me, he was face up looking at my cock and her pushing her tongue into me. She then guided my cock into his mouth, I didn't know how long I would last, what with my cock being sucked by him and my ass hole with her tongue pushing in and out of it.

He was wanking his small hard cock but did not move close enough for me to suck it (I would have done). I could feel my cock pulsing with cum about to shoot from it, I know he could feel it too and when I came his lips were closed around it, when it subsided he got out from under me and spat the fresh cum from my cock onto my ass where she was still licking my ass hole. He was now wanking furiosly, he had positioned himself so when he did cum it would squirt onto my ass. He moaned and she did to and I did as he came onto my ass.

She had already devoured most of my cum which he had spat there and now proceeded to eat his too.

It all ended in what seemed 2 more minutes we were up getting dressed shaking hands and kissing good bye.

I never heard from them again, but if they do return, I want more