Written by irishflirt2004

14 May 2007

This happened a few months ago but I still get a hard cock thinking about it. I was working from home and browsing the ads, I came across a couple (lets call them D & T) looking for a guy because the wife had been naughty. After a few frantic emails and a phonecall they were on there way to my house.

I don’t know about the couple but my heart was pounding and the adrenaline was pumping as I tried to keep my hands off my hard cock whilst I showered. About two hours after our initial contact on SH, my doorbell rang and as I opened the door my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

She (T) was dressed in black, looked about 40, had a naughty twinkle in her eyes and I could not keep my eyes off her pert ass as I followed her down to my home office. PS Her hubby was following me – sorry D but I did not really see you until we got downstairs lol!.

We wasted no time and after a few minutes D was sitting on the arm of a sofa as T stood in the middle of the room as I stripped her. Before long she was in her sexy black underwear and my cock was bulging to get out. Next I stripped for her and I just could not keep my hands off her sexy ass and firm tits. All along T sat watching us – I am not sure what he was thinking but I was so turned on.

Soon T was laid out on the floor with my head between her thighs tasting her sweet pussy. She was so wet and my face was covered as I buried my lips and tongue into her. She was so horny and I could feel my precum pumping out on the carpet as I writhed on the floor tasting her and licking her sweet clit. After she came, I got her on my knees as I walked around her, naked and hard.

I was not sure what the boundaries were, especially with D watching. I begand to wipe my glistening cock across her face and hair. All along she looked up at me making me even hornier and harder. I could not hold back any longer and just began wanking my cock hard and fast until I cam all over your pert tits. I began to rub my cum into her soft skin as I wondered what would happen next.

Finally D spoke up – I had forgotten he was there as all my attention had been on T. He got me to sit on the sofa and put T on her hand and knees with her head between my thighs. D was obviously turned on and kneeled behind T before pumping her hard and fast until he filled her pussy.

With that D & T were gone, like it was a dream.

We have kept in touch and I hope we meet again because there are lots I want to try – I want to see how submissive D really is and next time we will put on an even better show for T ;-)