Written by And

20 Apr 2011

Spent years trying to persuade Linda, my lovely wife to indulge in a threesome. She’s five foot eight, long legs 34-24-34B, long auburn hair and always in the mood. She’s always refused, claiming I’d regret it or it’d give me an excuse to go shag other women. Or she’s not attractive enough, her tits are too small, her hair too long and she might catch something nasty. So I’ve spent the last twenty years of marriage shagging Linda imagining a dinner party with two male guests and her taking on all three of us after the meal. I’m lucky – she hasn’t changed in those twenty years, now 43 still lithe and lovely, still horny and juicy. All that’s changed is the colour of her hair now the auburn comes out of a bottle. We still have regular rampant sex and I still tell her that I’d love to see her with another bloke.

Last weekend we were out walking and talking and she persuaded me that we should have sex in a wood, “You know I’ve always fantasised about making love outside, preferably in a poppy field but these woods will do.” As we kissed and fumbled with clothing I panted back “And you know I’ve always wanted to see you shag another couple of blokes but one would do.” She laughed and just as I entered her, she gasped and holding my head, her lips next to my ear, “There’s only one bloke I’d shag – Andy.”

“Who’s Andy?”

“He ran the Business Studies Department at College.” (Linda taught at the College in Leeds).

“Why him?”

“He fancies me, he’s never been with anyone but Sandra, so he’s clean – and I like him.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“We worked together.”

“You’re only saying that because we’ve moved and you don’t see him anymore.”

“Probably…..” she moaned as we both came. I was imaging this bloke called Andy who I’d never met giving Linda a good seeing to in a school cupboard. What she was thinking, I’ll never know.

On Tuesday I needed to be in Leeds overnight on business. School holidays meant Linda would be home alone but she suggested she’d like to do some shopping and she’d come with me. We booked in at Queens and I dropped her off before lunch – she checked in and shopped whilst I saw a couple of clients. By five o’clock we were back in the hotel room where Linda gave me a fashion show and decided what to wear for the evening. We had a couple of beers in All Bar One where Linda was turning heads. She wore a black skirt suit with white silk blouse – and no bra which was so obvious when the jacket was unbuttoned – the blouse was almost transparent! By 8.00 pm we were in Anthony’s enjoying a wonderful meal and a nice bottle of wine. Wine always makes Linda horny, less self-conscious and really flirty. Beer and spirits she can drink till the cows come home but not wine or champagne.

Outside the restaurant Linda put her arms around me and gave me a big kiss, slurring slightly. Next door was Purple Door – a lap dancing bar. “Let’s go in for one” she said.

“Let’s not – we’ll head up town and have a beer before we go back to the hotel” I suggested.

A chap was walking up the stairs from basement level leaving the Bar when Linda shouted “I don’t believe it! Andy, how are you?”

“Linda?! What the hell are you doing here?”

She hugged him. Stepping back from the hug, she grabbed his groin, he looked shocked and pulled back, “What are you doing?!”

“Just checking. Thought you only had eyes for me” she giggled. Then she introduced me. Andy looked nervous.

“Look, I’ve some work to finish up back at the hotel Linda – why don’t you and Andy go for a drink and I’ll see you later” I said as I slipped her £100.

“Are you sure?” asked Andy, “Why not come with us?”

“You two catch up and I’ll see you back at the hotel for a night cap” I smiled, turned and was gone back to Queens.

I had no work to do and wouldn’t have stood a chance even if I had. My mind was on overdrive. I had a tight knot in the pit of my stomach. I felt sick. Jealous. Excited – what was she doing with him? Was he feeling her delicious little tits, were their tongues entwined? Was she just having a drink with him? Would she screw him and then come back to the hotel? Would she bring him back with her – I’d suggested a night cap! My cock was hard but I was panicking. How could I orchestrate my fantasy? Did I want to? Time passed so slowly.

The ‘phone rang just after midnight. Linda from the bar “I’m getting us a night cap and some coffee brought up to the room. What do you want?”

“A large whisky” I croaked.

“You alright?”

“Fine. How was your evening?” Was Andy with her? What had they been doing?

“I’ll tell you all about it in a minute” and she hung up. She was still tipsy but not sloshed – and I felt some disappointment as there was no suggestion Andy would be joining us.

I turned down the lights and quickly paid to view some porn which was showing on the TV. There was a click at the door as Linda put her card pass in to enter the room. “Dark in here” as she swaggered in, hips swinging more than usual, blouse unbuttoned down to her navel, jacket in hand. She put the main room light on, saw what was on TV, “You want to hear about my evening you randy man?”

“Of course I do!”

“We’ve been in the Lounge Bar on Greek Street – catching up on all our news.”

“And…?” I could see her hair was somewhat dishevelled and her lipstick vanished.

“We had a snog outside the hotel. Andy undid the buttons on my blouse and fondled my boobs. I checked and he was hard – he’s got a big one.”

I wanted her there and then. I stood and grabbed her and tried to kiss her but she pushed me back “Wait, the drinks haven’t arrived yet and we don’t want to start something we can’t stop”.

She smiled seductively as she went into the bathroom emerging with hair brushed and lippy re-applied just as there was a knock at the door. “Room Service”.

“You get it” she said. I opened the door and was shocked to see Andy stood there smiling with a tray of drinks.

“Come in” I beamed “Put the tray down there” I pointed at a small coffee table. There were two easy chairs sat opposite each other either side of the table. “Sit down you two” Linda took charge “And I’ll be Mother”. She bent forward to pour the coffee and her blouse fell open showing her magnificent boobs crowned off with pert puffy nipples. She passed me the cup and turned to pour Andy’s – now I could see what he had seen – her skirt had ridden up to show her stocking tops as she poured. He would now be seeing those magnificent twins as she leant toward him.

“Comfy?” she enquired. Neither of us responded. She sat on Andy’s knee, arm around his shoulder, his spare arm on her leg. “Tonight’s my lucky night” she said, “My two favourite men and I’m in the mood for two cocks. Yours is battling to get through two sets of cloths at the moment” looking at Andy. “I’ve told Andy you’re OK with this” she said looking at me. I didn’t trust my voice, so didn’t reply. She took Andy’s coffee and leaned over placing both cups on the table without leaving his lap. She turned to him and took his head in her hands and kissed him full on. I sat watching, cock stiff as steel, picturing her tongue intertwined with his. One of his hands was inside her blouse playing with her boob, the other holding her back. I saw his hand snake down her leg and disappear beneath her skirt. She swivelled a little on his lap as she came up for air, her legs opening as she did so – he saw his chance and must have reached her groin, “God you’re panties are soaking!” he said. I nearly came in my pants.

“Patience Andy” Linda said as she removed his hand from beneath her skirt. She stood and walked towards the dressing table un-tucking her blouse as she went. She slipped it off her shoulders with her back to us, shook her hair and turned around – her hair cover her boobs as she came back to us, “Move the table And” she said to me (just to confuse you both husband and friend are called Andrew – so “Andy” is the friend and “And” the husband). I did as I was bid and dutifully sat back down as Linda pointed for me to do so. “Andy stand up” she beckoned him. The resumed their kissing standing side ways on to me, his hands now all over her bare chest, her arms over his shoulders pulling him closer. No longer room between them. Linda turned so her back was now to me. His hands were all over her bottom, then he fumbled with the button on her skirt eventually releasing it he slid the zip down. Linda stepped away from him and the skirt slid round her ankles. She stepped out of it with one foot and flicked it back out of the way with the other. His hands were kneading her buttocks over her black silk panties, the colour of her tanned flesh in contrast to them and the black of her stockings. His thigh was between Linda’s and amidst the rustle of clothing I could hear the muted sound of a moan from Linda although her mouth was locked against his. She pulled back and undid his shirt – as he threw it off her nimble fingers were undoing belt, button and zip on his trousers. I was in such a state I felt as if I was enjoying the longest orgasm of my life. His trousers around his ankles, Linda dropped to her knees and ran her fingers up and down the length of Andy’s cock, cupping his balls with her other hand. She pressed her cheek against it, looking me in the eye, smiled seductively, “Wow” and looked up to Andy. Slowly she edged down his boxers until it sprang free. She took it in her hand and wanked him slowly whilst helping him get shot of his cloths with the other. She lifted it skyward and put her head between his legs and lapped at his balls then took him in her mouth. Slowly she bobbed her head further and further down his shaft. His prick was longer than mine but mine thicker. Getting into a rhythm she bobbed on – then gagged pulled her head back and spat at his meat before licking it off. After a few minutes of this, it was unbelievably horny to watch, spit mixed with cock juice forming threads between her hand, face and his meat and two veg. “If you don’t want me to come yet you’ll have to stop Linda” he said with jerky voice. Linda stood, “And and I’ve set a record of 9 orgasms for me in one night. With two of you at it I expect at least 10 tonight, so you can wait. My turn now – make sure I’m good and wet Andy.”

Andy was now on his knees, pulling Linda’s panties down, her beautiful white buttocks exposed and seeming all the more naughty in contrast to her tanned legs, then over the black stockings, twanging as the reluctantly parted from her wet crotch. I watched Andy’s face as Linda’s pussy was exposed – it’s a pretty little pussy, hairless, tight lipped with a good sealed look to it. Andy was clearly impressed. “Its’s glorious and smells wonderful” as he took a buttock in each hand and pulled that pussy towards his face. He moaned as he buried his face in her groin. Linda’s eyes were closed, her facial expressions telling me that she too was enjoying this. She backed up to the chair leading Andy on his knees, sat and shuffled forward putting a leg over each chair arm. She motioned me to take her a cig over and I was grateful for the chance to be close to see what he was doing – he had her lips spread with one hand and was licking her clit whilst thrusting two fingers in and out slowly with the other. Linda took the cig but never lit it. No sooner had I sat down than she’d crossed her legs around the back of Andy’s head, grabbed his head by the hair and was pulling his face roughly to wards her talking dirty, “Lick my cunt, stick your tongue up there you bastard” before whimpering a little and the crying to her good and shouting “Yes” as she reached her first orgasm of the night. Eyes closed and serene look on her face “I need a fag now And”. The one I’d taken over was now broken and tobacco sprinkled all over Andy’s head and on the carpet! “One down, nine to go” she smiled as she exhaled. She stood, stubbed out her cig and sat on the bottom of the bed. “And, get undressed and both of you come and join me” she instructed. Sitting either side of her, all three of us naked Andy and I took it in turns to kiss her, each of us having a breast to ourselves. Occasionally our hands touched as we vied for her pussy – she held a cock in each hand, wanking us both slowly.

She turned to me and told me to lay on the bed. She ran her hands up my legs and took hold of my throbbing cock and reached for it with her mouth. She knew not to keep at it for long, pre-cum was already drizzling our of me. On top of me, legs either side I was waiting for her to guide me inside. She was holding my head and bend down with her lips next to my ear, “Climb aboard Andy”. I could feel his legs either side of mine as he knelt behind my wife. She gasped in my ear as he poked her from behind. She pressed her pubic bone to mine squashing my dick across my belly in the process. Andy’s balls were slapping into mine as my wife moaned and whispered, her lips touching my ear, “How feel to have your wife royally screwed by an ex-work colleague?” I was loving it but uncomfortable, so it was with some relief Linda straightened up, looked at Andy over her shoulder , kissed him and informed him, “It’s And’s turn now”. He backed off and Linda took hold of me and guided me inside her wet cunt. After a few minutes it was all change again. Linda almost defended me as Andy rode her to orgasm. As he felt her pussy tighten and her screams of ecstasy begin, “where do you want me to come?” “Fill my belly” was my wife’s reply. Her head next to mine I was deafened by her throes of pleasure – I was only vaguely aware that Andy had shot his load as the movement slowed to a halt. The three of us laid still for some time before disentangling ourselves. We had a glass of water each but it wasn’t long before Linda was in the mood for more fun.

I was on my back on the bed with Linda mounting me. Sloppy seconds and it was such a turn on. “Can you feel Andy’s spunk dripping out of me?” again quietly in my ear. I could , my balls were cover and I could feel the coolness as it dried on me. “Andy, come here” she lifted herself as he knelt beside us on the bed and she took him in her mouth. “That’s hard enough. I’ve got a vacancy” pointing at her rear. Andy was back behind her – she stopped moving and grunted with pain as he pushed his cock into her bum hole. I could feel it, his cock slipping over mine as he gently inched his cock inside her. Linda and I lay still as Andy slowly build up momentum. It was heaven. Slowly we joined him, Linda thrusting he clit down on me, grinding away. I was on the brink of the biggest orgasm of my life. “This time? Andy asked. “Up my arse you idiot” Linda cried. I felt his cock spurt and that was it – I joined him. Linda screamed as her moment was prompted by the two cocks spurting inside her. Sweaty and exhausted we collapsed on the bed.

Linda was the first to recover. “Let’s try something”. She positioned me on the bottom edge of the bed, legs over the side. She sat on me facing away, cock in her pussy. She called Andy over “See if you can get in there as well”. He stood facing her as she supported herself with outstretched arms behind her on the bed. I felt his dick slide over mine. It was fun but after a few minutes we collapsed, nobody with sufficient energy to hold it all together. We moved about, Linda with her back to Andy on the bed, him pumping her pussy from behind. “My clit needs a tongue” my wife pointing at me. I went over and lay top to tail and got to work with a bird’s eye view of Andy’s cock parting my wife’s labia, the tops of her thighs glistening with a mix of spunk and pussy juice – the tops of her stockings had dried white crusty dribbles running down them. Linda soon came almost pulling a fist full of my hair out as she did so.

Another break. We were flagging – it was just gone 4 a.m. Linda wasn’t done yet. “Who wants to fuck me?” I’d got my second wind and Andy’s limp dick showed he was still recovering. In fairness he come once more than me. I climbed aboard missionary position and Linda set to bringing Andy’s prick back to life, expertly licking and sucking him to full size. The we swapped. “God, my clit is so sensitive now, I’ll come again soon” she informed us. Andy was encouraged and pumped harder and faster and soon the familiar screams of orgasm hit the room. No sooner had Linda stopped screaming than “Where this time?”

“Up here, two of you cover my face”. And boy, did we. Once again I was triggered by seeing Andy come, spurting on Linda’s face. It wasn’t a lot but the fact that he was coming on her was enough to set me off – Linda turned to face me, still holding Andy’s cock in her other hand, his spunk evident in her mouth, hair and on her cheek. I came and she licked the end of my prick, swishing it over her cheeks so that our spunk was mingled before she licked every last drop off both of us.

We’d finished. A whisky from a bottle Linda had brought with her, a cigarette and a conversation followed. “That was only five orgasms you two. I wanted ten!” she joked. “Better bring a couple of friends along next time Andy”. We agreed to meet again and invited Andy out to stay with us whenever he could manage to get time away from home. He promised he’d call soon. I can’t wait – and I think Linda has discovered a new fantasy. She calls it her horny fantasy – but the romantic fantasy remains making love in a poppy field. I might have to oblige her.