Written by FirstKnight

18 Nov 2012

as we wait for the others to arrive, Lady A and I continue to enjoy ourselves.

Lady A has never had a proper 3sum, and the thought makes her soo horny. I must admit it has been a while since i have had a 3sum and I am equally turned on and horny.

We continue to play and enjoy each other. Lady A gets down on all fours and clear what she wants, I slide behind her and in no time my hard shaven cock is sliding into her hot wet pussy. I gently grab her hair and pull it so she fucks back against my cock. She uses her hand to tease her clitty as i start to fuck her harder and deeper. All the time she is fucking back hard against me, both of us enjoying the pleasure. I release her hair and suck my thumb before slowly sliding it into her tight ass, she moan as she feels it enter her ass.

I ask does she like and she responses yes, i then ask would she like my cock in her ass and against she says yes, but do it gently. I ask if she has any lub, but she has nothing so i soak my fingers with her pussy juices and slide them into her to prepare her for my cock. It takes a few mins as my cock slowly slides into her tight ass, and we start to fuck slowly . very very slowly both enjoying that naughty pleasure.

As i am fucking her the phone goes, one of the other guys has arrived, unfortunately i have to go to the door to let him in. i open the door and go back to Lady A, Mr P enters the room to find Lady A sucking my cock. He quickly undresses says hello to me and offers his hard cock to lady A, she greedily sucks his cock, as i sit beside her and tweak her nipples, she reaches out her hand and strokes my cock while continuing to suck Mr P's cock.

Lady A turns round and offers her pussy to Mr P and starts to suck my cock as Mr P slides deep into her pussy, its soo horny watching her suck my cock and watching another guy fuck her from behind. Mr P fucks her for a few mins and then tells her he is about to cum. Lady A being the true lady she is, offered her tits and he spunk all over them. i was ready too, i had to slide my cock deep into her hot wet pussy and i fucked her until i was soo horny i couldn't help myself.

I took my cock out and condom off and again she offered her lovely tits and told me to give it to her, with that a spunked several large loads all over her lovely tits.

What an end to a pleasant afternoon, the only disappointment was that the other guy failed to make it.

But I'm extremely sure that Lady A and myself will be having further naughty and pleasant afternoons.

Lady A has her list of men so i cannot influence that, but if there are any couple or bi ladies who would like to join us please send me a mail