Written by Gina

25 Jun 2011

Hello All

This story happened a short time after my marriage broke down and I was feeling down and not at all feminine I felt as if no man would want a woman in her late forties. A couple for close girl friends urged me to get out and meet people mostly some men. After a couple of dates unsuccessful ones (I might add)a friend said how about hiring a male escort for the night which got me thinking why not I would be in control and could end it at anytime if I was not happy or I got board or cold feet so I booked one.

The day came I had booked it for a lunch date so it did not seem to strange with the payout I got from my divorce I thought I would treat myself and hired a limousine and driver for the day. I arrived at the restaurant and saw my date sitting at the bar with someone I walked up and spoke his name was Paul was about twenty four and his friend was Gary was not much older and who had just started doing the whole escort thing and was about to leave I said he needn’t on my account. During lunch these two were funny and attentive I was really enjoying myself after the main course there was a lull in the conversation I said what shall we talk about now Gary said how about sex I said ok how do you think I am in the sack to which Paul said if anything happens its got to be a private thing between us. Paul said he thought I liked surprises and something out of the ordinary I said yes I like those things I am going to the ladies so you to can think of a way to surprise me when I get back.

I came back and Paul and Gary were sitting looking like naughty school boys I sat down. I said well they said fancy a desert and handed a menu to me. While I was looking I felt something tickling on my knees I went to brush it off I came into contact with two hands they were swirling there fingers around slowly working upwards I looked down and it looked strange to see my hem being pushed up and exposing my stocking tops Paul’s hand reached my panties and played with my pussy closely followed by Gary’s hand both were now fingering my pussy . The waiter came over and asked us to order I said I would have some ice cream as I said that Both Paul and Gary inserted their fingers in my pussy I stuttered and talked gibberish the waiter must of thought something was wrong with me I managed to say on second thoughts just the bill and we made our way out to the car. Once in there I told the driver to take us on a scenic drive and closed the window between us and him. Paul was sitting beside me and Gary was sitting across .As if an unseen signal they both made a move towards me Paul started kissing my neck Gary removed my shoes and started rubbing my feet and running his hands up them getting higher after a few minutes of this I was sitting between two naked men I was dressed only in my stockings and panties and wanking them both off . Gary took a nipple in his mouth and swirled his tongue around Paul got between my thighs and lapped at my pussy like a starving man . That’s when I had my first orgasm lots of fingers being inserted and sucking went on for a while at one point Gary was laid on his back on the floor of the car I was riding him hard while Paul was riding my asshole and I was coming hard with each stroke . The trip lasted about an hour I dropped the two lads off back at the restaurant and went home had a shower and collapsed into bed I was tasting spunk for days I did feel sorry for my driver that day thou but he got a free show and I gave him a big tip lol . I am still single at the moment and have booked these two since

Lots of love