Written by Naughtystaffs

12 Jan 2011

It’s really hard to arrange meets at the moment. Mrs. N’s daughter back with us and she treats the place like a hotel. Don’t them all. We never know when we are going to be able to grab a moment.

Anyway she was at work from 1 to 8 pm so we thought what the hell, let’s have a daytime meet. A lovely profile we’d noticed showed promise and they were looking for a meet too and so the time was arranged for 2 pm.

The couple we will just call J and his gorgeous new g/f D. After the usual niceties and chat, we soon realized things were going to get warmer soon. However a funny arrrrrrrrghhhhh moment happened when mrs N’son knocked on the door. Flipping hell, he never comes round on a Saturday. How on earth do we explain this get rid of him. Somehow or other we managed to show him out the door

Anyway back to the fun. We closed the curtains and decided to have a game of strip jack naked to get us all giggling and relaxed. Always a great ice breakbreaker and soon the girls were down to jiggling 36D and 36E boobs with us guys stripping off to our birthday suits as soon as we possibly could. Then it came to forfeits. The forfeits committee decided that D should have her panties sniffed by Mrs. N by way of punishment. J wasn’t happy with that quite quickly pulled D’s gusset aside to expose her exquisite pouty pussy and insistent clitoris. She was instantly in heaven lapping away at D’s fanny lips.

As the meet progressed the 2 girls lay back on the sofa side by side and started to kiss and move down to each other’s boobs, licking and teasing each other’s nipples. I think the most electric thing happened next of the whole meet. As D leant over to kiss and lick Mrs. N’s nipples I got down between D’s legs and hungrily licked at her pussy. J got between Mrs. N’s legs and did the same. I slowly rose up her body kissing and licking until our lips met in a passionate snog. J seamed to be mirroring my moves. Thing was at this stage my super hard dick was sooooooo close to D’s pussy. It was almost touching her satin lips. I did so want to slip it in and was waiting for her to whisper “fuck me” or something I could see J was in exactly the same position. Just one thrust forward and he would be in. I nearly leant over and pushed his arse down. However I hesitated and the moment disappeared. We very rarely bareback. We hadn’t discussed full swap and it would have been very awkward if we’d done something the girls didn’t like. At that moment I suggested we go upstairs and get more comfortable, hoping the opportunity to fuck would present itself again later.

We went upstairs and the meet continued. At one or two more points the subject of fucking arose but D mentioned that they were very very new to it and they would prefer soft swing on this occasion, go away , have a chat and then meet again and go further if both agree. It made me rather glad I hadn’t gone for it earlier as I suspect it would have gone very pear shaped but it was a moment of pure animal passion that had passed. What a meet.

Anyway happily we’ve had lots of texts and emails and they really enjoyed our company. We’ve said the same and we want to meet them again as soon as possible. Maybe next time our full passions will be unleashed. Once Mrs. N gets in the naughty zone she will go for anything.