Written by Paulrcouple

15 Feb 2011

Hi its Paul and Jane with another true story please don't pull my grammar to bits keep your negative comments to your self and just don't read it .

As a lot of you will know we just love sex as we get older we want more.

this story started last Thursday night we got an email from a young lad off SH who wanted to meet an older woman for fun he had seen our profile and pics and got in touch.

So i arranged to meet him in a pub in Bolton town center at tea time just for a chat and a quick drink and to tell him why we have got to be so secretive those of you that have met us know why we run a very busy pub. He turned up at the time we said he got a drink and moved away from the bar i watched him for a couple of minuets he was very nervous so i went and spoke to him.

I told him who we are and that we are genuine i could see he was not right sure about things so i got some photos of Jane out with a other guy and Jane with a girl i said are you interested think so he said so i gave Jane a ring spoke to her and gave John the phone they chatted for a bit a few laughs from him he gave me the phone back and Jane said his he good looking yes i said she said sort it out but not for to night.

We had a couple of drinks and a chat he told me he liked older women but never had a chance with one now you have i said we swapped phone numbers and went our separate ways.

I Got back and told Jane he was nice and would get back in touch.

This is were the fun we went out for a meal on valentines night i had been in touch with John and told i was taking Jane out would he like to come and if every thing was ok go back to our place we we have closed he said yes so i told him i will not say a word to Jane until you turn up at the restaurant i got the booking altered to a table for three .

We was standing at the bar when John came in he came straight over to us he got him self a drink then asked Jane could i bye you a drink Jane just looked i said o did i forget to tell you i have got you a present her face was a picture this is John from Thursday night.The waiter came and took us to our table i got to the chair on one side Jane got in the middle. Got another bottle of wine ordered our meals got talking.

John got up and went to the toilet what do you think yes with a smile he his very nice and polite get forward then i said he came back sat down Jane's hand straight on to his thigh he looked at me i said do you want to come back please he said

I asked for the bill he insisted he would paye.

I said i would get a taxi home and you two get to know each other in a bar and i will ring when all the staff and customers have gone.

Got home questions asked where's Jane nosy bastards said she was talking with another landlady i had come back so they all could go gave Jane a ring when the last taxi came.

Waited for 20 minutes be fore they got here

as soon as they came IN could see Jane had been groped you can tell her skirt her top they started kissing there tongs deep in each others mouth she went down on her knees pulled his zip down got his cock out it was long not very fat but long she got two hands round it and there was still a good two inch for Jane too suck.

We all went up stairs got stripped off she got me on my back on the bed and sucked me she was bent over and he was right behind he had both hands on her bum checks one push he was in she was moving away from him because of the length of it she said it was hurting deep in side her.

I got her to lie on the bed i liked her pussy it was so wet he had cum so quick he was knelt on the bed getting his cocked sucked it was right in front of me it was long we have seen hundreds but none so long. Jane got John to lie on his back she asked me to rim her bum hole yes i want it there it wont stretch me wide she sat a stride him in charge and started to sit on it see took about six inches and started to ride it i started to suck her bu lit like nipples i was playing with her clit and fingering her pussy he gave a moan he came deep in her bum.

Got Jane on her back at the edge of the bed and fucked her i did not last long.

When i had cum John had got dressed he said he had to go called a taxi Jane went back into the pub with him to Waiter his lift she winked at me i know what that means she took him to corner in the pub were he got her on a table and he fucked hell out of her i was watching on cctv the way she was laid she could take it all.

I have watched Jane get fucked there loads of times with out the guy knowing.

Jane came back to bed i got down in between her legs to lick that pussy clean. she said that's the second time i have cleaned up after him she said the first time was when i went down on her Jane said when they were in the pub she went to the toilet when she came out he pulled her into the gents and fucked her in the cubicle a knee tremble when i rang they had just finished that got me another hard on and fucked her again this time it lasted longer.

Jane said John was not the best shag she as had his cock was probably the longest but it did not have the girth but she will fuck him again