Written by PapaLB

18 Jun 2011

This story follows on from our encounter entitled "Happy New Year" my first experience of a Negro's cock at the New Year Celebrations, we could hardly wait for our next meeting with Cedric our new best friend . As we lived a fair distance apart we arranged an extended weekend at a country hotel near Guildford for what was termed round two.

My hubby Len and l had spent a good few hours talking about our "adventure" as we gratified each other saying what we both wanted from the encounter. I wanted that massive cock deep inside me l was hooked on that . Len was drooling at the thought of me being taken by Cedric and him, time after time, he had been so excited over it l said he was getting a bit obsessive but I was not complaining as whenever we talked about it he was soon up for it. I must say the power aspect of our planning the escapade was an aphrodisiac in itself.

We had adjoining rooms at the hotel and our suite had a super hot tub with room for 6 which was an exciting prospect as Cedric was big all over . We arrived first and by the time we returned to our room after lunch Cedric phoned Len to say he had arrived and was just on the way up to his room. At this point Len said "we have a surprise for you Cedric and me we thought as we were planning the long weekend we required a little extra for all round satisfaction". "I thought you had something planned the time you spent on the phone with Cedric" I replied " so are you telling me or is it to be a surprise". Len told me to wait and see but it was Cedric's idea and l would enjoy it but more so him as it was a first for him . I confess l was intrigued by the prospect of what they had arranged and was aroused at the various ideas which were going through my head.

I had bought a sexy Basque, matching thong, and some hold ups which l dressed in after showering and trimming my "landing strip". Len massaged baby oil into my thighs and my cunt making sure my clitoris was well oiled and l was feeling so aroused l swear l wanted to scream my desire to be penetrated to the world. When the door was tapped l was more than ready to give myself to them and a feeling of warmth in my sex showed l had come with the anticipation. As Len went to the door l threw on a black silk robe and faced the door.

Cedric came in his huge frame filled the door he was as big as l remembered and my eyes were locked on his groin, drawn to the source of my forthcoming pleasure. As Len closed the door l noticed there were two other people with him. A negro man about 45 and a quite large coffee coloured woman who l thought was about 35ish . Len said "here is your surprise Cedric said he would bring a friend for you and one for us" ."Us" l said "you mean you and him" ? . "No" he grinned "l mean all of us!, lets say Carmen is here for all of us we did not want you to get worn out to quickly". "Eddy is her man and she can take him, Cedric, me and you when you slow down". "But you will get it all first you wont fuck us out this time lover you can thank us later believe me".

Cedric smiled and turning to Ed he said "not a bad bitch is she ? I've seen the way she comes man and she's hot for Niger cock, you get first shot, stretch her for me, she knows what my tool is like and she has to be wet". Len said he thought l was more than ready and removed my robe before leading me into the bedroom . Running his hands over me Len asked Eddy to "show her what you have for her while l remove her panties" .

Standing behind me he rolled down my panties and fingered my wet fanny as l stepped out of them looking at Eddy's bulge. l was not disappointed , Eddy pulled off his polo and dropped the trousers to the ground l saw he was ready as he had come "commando". "l been thinking about you" he said ,"Ced tells me you are the best white bitch he has had and like cock hard and deep". "l am going to enjoy being first and will make sure you are greased up ready for Ced's tool" . Looking at Len he said "watch while l nail your bitch good and as my treat you can get your white meat cooked by my black bitch". Go on Carmen suck the mans cock while he watches make him come as l'm going to make her come."

He stepped towards me and pushed me back on the bed he was on me almost as my back hit the bed. His body different from Cedric's was hard and firm and his cock just glided into me as he pinned me to the bed. l let out a low moan as he thrust hard into me he was not as big or thick as l remember Cedric was but it felt so good l creamed as l felt his ball sack hit my G spot and saw he was smiling as he started to thrust in and out of my accepting cunt. "This is a smooth ride man" l heard Eddy say as he thrust at me in a controlled way. Who he was speaking to was lost on me as l arched my back trying to take his gliding cock to its maximum depth. Sighing with joy of being screwed to make me hot and wet for Cedric's pleasure l contracted my cunt walls round Eddy's hard meat.

As he sharply drew in his breath l knew l was pleasing him, and his powerful hands pulling my hips onto him made me come again and at that moment l heard Len cry out !! Looking over to the sound l saw that Carmen had him in her mouth and was takeing his spunk as he had face fucked her while watching me being pleasured. I thought that was a climax less for me!, as l had been wanting Cedric to have two lots of spunk to help him get his cock into me. It was then l realised what l had become, a white slave to black cocks, was this what it meant to be blacked. Looking back over to Cedric l could see him holding his massive cock and he nodded to me as if to say right get on with it l'm ready for you. God l was ready for him l was so wet and Eddy was not equal to Cedric in length or girth though he was like a piston driving into me.

Then Eddy grunted and with an extra hard thrust l felt the heat of his spunk filling me as his cock jerked and spit its load into me, l arched taking it all and washing him with my exploding juices. As he pulled out of me his cock still seemed hard, but our mixed juices ran out of me coating my thighs. Now l could feel the four pairs of eyes on my body as Cedric towered over me, the expectation of what was to come turned my thighs to jelly as l waited for his wishes. The wishes l knew were equal to my desires and the lusts of our watchers. Carmen was naked now between Len and Eddy watching us as their hands explored her using her to fuel the scene that was developing before them .

"Knees you sexy bitch" l heard Cedric growl " you know you want it that way try not to scream to much this time ". "Please Cedric slowly remember l want to last as long as l can later when I'm stretched l'm yours " . "Your mine now Bitch and all of us are going to use you for our pleasure till your dry and sore,then we are going to show you what its like to be fucked out you like the idea of that ?". "l have thought of little else since the New Year " l replied. As l knelt my head on my arms l spread my legs knowing that behind me Cedric could see my freshly fucked cunt. The trickle of semen mixed with my own juices running down my thigh was captured by his thick fingers. It helped his finger slip into me as he stirred my honey pot. Hearing me moan he slipped another finger in and "scissored" them in me. " Still a bit tight " he said "you ready for this ?".

As l felt the huge head pressing against my lips l could only gasp "yes" then its pressure opened me and l creamed as the thick purple head was in me and moving deeper stretching me as l was slowly penetrated. Then as he withdrew slightly my fanny farts seemed to add to his pleasure. So again he pushed forward and l came again this time sighing as his hands grasped my breasts using them to pull me further onto him. Yes ,yes l shrieked as my stretched cunt accepted more of his manhood take me harder l want it all. l meant it too, l did want it all , before l had not been able to take it all but now l wanted it more than anything.

With a powerful lunge l felt his hard stomach bump against my bum cheeks and my head was driven into my crossed arms. As l felt him jerk his cock deep in me l slid my hand down to my open thighs to feel his ball sack and found that there was still more cock to get in me. Ohh l moaned no, l wanted it all in me, "how am l going to get all of it in my cunt " . "You will you greedy bitch " gasped Cedric "we plan to give you that and more this time" . "In the meantime take what you get and just worry that you can last the course, now just enjoy this while it lasts .

The slow semi gentle movements were ended and in there place rapid withdrawal and re entry pounded me the wide trunk of his cock seemed to pull the skin of my inner walls back and forward milking them of their lubrication. As my buttocks were compressed and pushed my breasts were groped and squeezed my pleasure rose to new heights. The fucking l was getting was so good l found myself shouting and panting as each wave of pleasure washed over me. My watchers had now melted into a thrashing bundle of arms and legs .Taking pleasure from each other, who was doing what to who was unclear but Carmen had both of them sharing her breasts as she held on to their cocks .

Suddenly Cedric exploded in me and l felt the effect of the instant lubrication of his exploding sperm filling my cunt and flooding my womb. As he withdrew from me l felt it spray my back and buttocks. "You must have been saving that for me " l said "l hope there is some left for later ". "We have lots left for you and her " said Cedric nodding in the direction of Carmen and laughing that sexy laugh of his ......

lf you would like to hear how the rest of the weekend break went then let me know. That excludes the literary critics.!!!