Written by Ladyboss

7 Nov 2009

I told in part 1 how l was enjoying the conference, well l'll continue the saga:-

The day passed quickly l took my time dressing for dinner just hold ups, backless little black dress, no bra or briefs (l hate pantie lines) and my best pair of fuck me heels. l rang Pete and he asked me round for a pre dinner drink. Arriving at his door l knocked and he opened it "Wow" he said you look good enough to eat l laughed later tiger you can eat your fill. Cocktail he said,? yes please then later l'll have both what he said, you know l replied cock, then tail later.

You bet he replied . l've mixed a "Blue lagoon" vodka blue carraco and soda here you go, we clicked glasses and drank the cocktail, nice l said licking my lips sweet like you he said. He poured me another and l drank it straight away he sipped a little of his and putting it down said lets eat before l eat you all up. Leaving his drink we left for dinner.

Chatting away during the meal l thought the sexy innuendos were turning me on my clit was hard and throbbing by the time the sweet arrived l felt high on the thought of Pete's cock waiting to impale me,l groped him under the table feeling he was certainly up for it. Lets go l said l'm right in the mood,he laughed and said OK babe lets Rock & Roll.In the lift we were alone so l was able to have a good feel of his hot cock .We practically ran to his room and opened the door falling into his arms he kissed me deeply at the same time lifting my dress and stroking my now damp pussy wow he said that's what l call ready for action.

He led me into the bedroom removing his clothes and pulling off my dress. Naked he lay on the bed his cock standing up invitingly climb aboard he said, l crawled up his body and eased his cock into my waiting pussy he reached for my tits which were so sensitive and stroking my nipples l gasped as l came ohh lover l said fuck me now hard. He smiled ride me baby he said get a grip on my dick with those cunt lips milk me.

l rode him in a frenzy of lust faster and faster. l pounded his pelvis like a pile driver coming hot juice over our pounding parts l put my hand down and frigged the clit in an effort to continue the sensation l was having. You are a greedy bitch he said yes, yes, l said give me more, fuck me harder l want it so much jesus dont stop. Aarrgh ohhh yes yes l was screaming pull my tits, bite my nipples, but dont stop. Fuck me forever stay hard you bastard l was still pounding him lost in a sea of lust, waves of cum streamed out of my clit, it burned and was so hard .

OHH NOOO I screamed as he came in a flood of spunk no no not yet please l need it l'm on fire you cannot stop now .He smiled dont worry baby he said you'll get more than enough soon! now in fact your going to get the fucking of your life we are going to take you to places you can only dream about and beyond!!! WE l said quizzically ?

Yes WE Pete replied, OK Lads lets party,!! coming out of the sitting room Jim & Dave naked and rampant appeared leering at my sweat and love juice covered body. l''ll have some of that said Jim laying there l was open and god forgive me excited & shocked at the same time... Jim just jumped strait in ohh he said sloppy seconds l like that move it bitch he said thrusting into me up to his hilt he was like a rabbit so fast in seconds he was grunting and suddenly spraying my cunt with his spunk OHH l said that was fast!.

He pulled out his semi hard cock and rolled off me. l reached down and played with my clit ohh that's better l said licking my lips. Looks like the bitches dose of Viagra in still working l should have taken mine earlier said Jim.I havent taken any l sneered at him I DON'T NEED IT !!! maybe not he replied but you had it anyway !! enjoyed your "Cocktail " did you ??

OHH no that's why my clit was so hard you bastard l screamed at Pete.He laughed well you wanted to party babe he said your really going to pull our train now come on Dave show her why your "Big" Dave....

Looking over to Dave l was shocked to see his huge member it was so big and thick with a bell end that seemed like a apple red and shining .Jesus God l cannot take that l gasped it will split me open No please anything but no l begged..... don't worry bitch he said your well lubricated l love it when there's a well spunked cunt waiting ok lads give her a hand ...

I was seezed by both of Pete & Jim and lifted off the bed Dave lay down his cock sticking up like a gate post . They manipulated me till my cunt lips felt the head of this gross tool prodding at the entrance slowly l was lowered inch by inch till l was impaled by this cock stretching me like never before he moved in and out my hands on his chest trying to stop being stabbed to his hilt. Pete reached down and stroked my clit here you are he said Dave there's more juice for it. OHH God arghhh mmmmm it felt so good the pain changed to such pleasure he bounced me onto his cock his hands on my waist go bitch go he said yes yes l said l rode his cock feeling my love juices flowing like a river making his entry easier and easier then he was right in me. l felt his pelvis & knew l was fully filled he was past my cirvex and it made me feel like l was just a big live cunt being pleasured ohh mmmm yes yes fuck me, your so deep your fucking my very soul,arrghhhh

.....then no no stop please stop no arrghhh.....a finger greasy with vasaline was forcing more vasaline into my arse Jims voice said wow dave l can feel you dick in here ..hurry up we want her arse for a bit .no l sceamed no no please no that no ..all of them laughed were going to fuck all you holes tonight and tomorrow your our fucking whore and you wont forget it...... Jims finger slid in & out of my arse like a little piston Dave thrusted harder & harder then with a grunt and groan he came l felt the hot squirts deep inside me and then he lifted my body off him and cast me aside like a rag doll still squirting his cum over my sweating body as l ozzed spunk & love juice from my still throbbing cunt .Oooh arghh mmmmm l moaned as l lay in a crumpled heap.....Look at the Bitch Jim said shes still high lets "clean her up " before round 2 yes said Dave good idea lets do it ...

What follows in Part 3 l'll tell later