Written by Paulrcouple

14 Nov 2013

So i had my first visit with Paul to the cottage in the park like Paul had told me it was addictive and i wanted more we had just started swinging but in the toilet was something else it was mind blowing dirty and horny as it would get.

It was a couple of weeks later the next time we went in we had been in bed fucking and talking about every night since it had happened i said it was i one off but knew i wanted to do it again.

The advert in the contact mag had stopped working no one had been in touch for a few weeks we had said it was about time we had another cock when fucking one night i knew then that i always wanted more cock i used to say to Paul thats the last time dont want to do it again i love you no one else.

But new in my own mind i would not stop it as long as Paul wanted me to do it even now after all these years find a new cock so exciting.

We went to the pub had a few drinks then Paul brought me a larged vodka and cock it was mid week i knew what he had in mind we was going to walk home through the park we left we both knew which way we were going to walk with out saying i could feel my pussy getting damp i was as horny as hell Paul said give me a tick and would look to see if there was any body in.

He came to the door and told me to come it was the end of summer and it had started to get dark sooner.

Went in we went straight to the end cubicle and closed the door started to kiss and play with each other then we heard footsteps Paul sat on the toilet and i stood behind the door so i could not be seen through the hole in the door.

The guy coughed Paul coughed back finger came through the hole pull did the same then this guys cock came through the hole Paul wanked it then Pauls cock went through the hole Paul looked at me and smiled i knew he was getting sucked Paul pulled his out and the guys cock came back through Paul nodded to me i bent down and took it in my mouth i could feel him shoot his load right away he pulled out and left.

It was only a short time before we heard footsteps and someone came in he stood outside the toilet Paul looked through the hole told me to look through the hole this guy was rubbing his cock through his trousers Paul put his finger through the hole pulled them back and this guy pushed his cock through.

He was big the biggest one i had seen up to then i wanked it and sucked it he pulled it back through Paul smile and told me to bend over with my pussy to the hole i did and this guy fingered me,

Then stopped and moved away we thaught he had gone then he looked over the top of the cubicle wall just a quick look could not get a good look at him Then he said Paul open the door.

Paul said he knew who it was by his voice he told me it was ok we opened the door it was a guy i had seen many time around were we lived. Idid not know what to say he said lets go up to the shelter at the bowling green Paul said ok he set off and we followed Paul told me he was ok he had met him a few times in there and he had told me about his big cock often when we have been in bed.

He was an old man in his 40s i was about 24 we got married very young i could not believe what was going to happen was i going to let an old man fuck me it was only a short walk but could not stop thinking about that big cock much bigger than i had seen.

We got in the shelter just talked about nothing i hada good look at him he was not that bad a looking guy Paul kissed me and i kissed him back we was standing up i had my back to the wall i felt a hand go up my skirt then another they both were fingering me Paul got my hand and put it on this guys cock it felt massive there was not the width of the door this time when i got hold of it.

I got on my knees and sucked Paul then turned and sucked the other cock i struggled to get it in my mouth.

Stopped sucking him and stood up he kissed me it felt good Paul was down there likcking my pussy i could not believe what i was doing with this old guy he was old to me at the time. Paul stood up this guy got me against the wall started to run his big cockend on my pussy lips found the hole and started to push it in i could feel him stretch me like i had never be stretched before.

I Ended up with my legs round him while he was stood up we never stopped kissing i was getting the best fuck of my life i could feel him shoot his cum inside me never felt it that hard before he held me for a short while then my legs let go of him i could hardly stand my legs were like jelly he said could night and walked off.

Paul said lets go home and finish it of at home Paul told me that he was called Tom and they had met a few times in there as we were doing the short walk home i could feel his cum running down my legs.

Once in the house we went straight upstairs Paul got me to tell him what it felt like when he was fucking me told as he knew i had never had any thing like it before Paul asked me would i have him again yes i said but in bed which i did a few times then he just disappeared of the seen.

Like i said it was like a drug going into the park toilets we should never have done it in our area on our doorstep but we went in often over the next few years before we moved away we put our phone number on the doors for people to give us a ring but thats another story