Written by Steve

5 Oct 2008

About a year ago whilst working at home I got chatting on a dating site with a young lady who lived about six or seven miles from me.

Her name was Angela, she was 37 (two years younger than me) and lived alone. Her previous relationship had been abusive and she was wary of men but loved sex and told me that when we chatted dirty she was very aroused and dripping wet between the legs.

We arranged to meet for a drink the following day at a pub local to her. She wasn't a looker but she was tidy and attractive enough. She was a bit overweight but had the most gorgeous pair of tits that I have seen in quite a while. Within fifteen minutes of us meeting I was hard and wanting to take her home for some pleasure. She felt the same way - so we did! We kissed in the car in the car park, and then drove back to her place.

She opened a bottle of wine, poured me a glass, and then we went to the living room. We started kissing again, within a few minutes I had her top off and was lovingly licking and kissing her big (36dd) breasts. I soon had her naked, although she was a BBW she was in good proportion and had a nice big shapely ass. She soon also had me naked - this was when the real fun began as this girl loved sucking cock! She couldn't get enough of my rock hard meat.

We soon moved upstairs where I licked her nipples and kissed her some more. She carried on sucking my cock whilst I gently felt between her legs. She was wet, dripping and soaking wet, so wet that I knew she wanted me to fuck her nice and hard. Before that I gently pushed a finger into her - she was also very tight. At the age of 37 she hadn't had kids and nobody had fucked her for well over a year. I gently pushed her onto her back, positioned myself between her thighs and gently entered her. She loved it - she lifted up her legs and wrapped them around my back as I thrusted deeply into her dripping cunt. I'd fuck her for ten to fifteen minutes at a time until she could stand no more. Then she would suck me before she got on top and we fucked again. This went on for two hours before first she and then I came explosively. I wanked myself off over her face, she lapped up every drop of my cum. Too precious and tasty to waste she said - which was a massive turn on for me.

We saw each other many times over a 6 to 8 week period before she met someone else who was also single. I am married so she was my bit on the side at the time. The other treated her badly, the sex was terrible, and she ended up very depressed. She has recovered now thank goodness. I will always remember her with fondness - she was a fantastic, dirty, enthusiastic BBW lover. Thanks Ange, it was great!