Written by oilman

8 Feb 2007

I was in my office in Harrogate when my mobile beeped discreetly. " Free next Wednesday, usual Leeds hotel meet with Lorraine ?" Lorraine is a smart, sassy women just turned 50. Slim, good looking with a turn on sort of body and someone who has few inhibitions with regard to sex. We had all met before in a somewhat larger group, but this time it was just going to be the three of us.

I was there first, sitting in the bar feeling like a right spare whatsit. I 'phoned Lorraine and she had just arrived in the car park. I got her a drink , made the usual small talk - which was always easy with Lorraine - and hoped to Christ that Don wasn't going to be late.

Twenty minutes later the three of us were in an anonymous hotel room with Don and I helping Lorraine out of her easy to get out of clothes.

Some four minutes later!! Lorraine is lying on her back and my tongue is buried deep in her pussy whilst Don offers his 7" cock to her lips. Her pussy is warm, moist and hairy - hairy is something I really appreciate - as she sucks Don to hardness. One of us has got to get inside and make her cum. Don and I have played together before and we both know he's got more control than I.

We stick the BOSE player on and Don gets on his back his engorged cock just ready to sink deep inside her. Lorraine gently sinks down on his cock with a sigh and I get some lube on mine and test the tightness of that wonderful little brown hole. Gently , slowly I ease myself in feeling Don's cock filling her pussy and rubbing against mine just a fraction away. Thank God for my cock ring that stops me from exploding in Lorraine's arse. Gently supporting myself with one hand I reach between us and caress Lorraine's clitty. Moments later she sighs and floods my hand and Don's stomach with her juices. Neither of us are ready to come yet and we just continue to enjoy ourselves. Time for a breather and we separate, Don's cock glistening with Lorraine's juices. I do love sucking his cock and with it only inches away I reached forward and take it all in my mouth. Try as I might he never cums when I suck him, no matter how long but the taste is always good.

We're in no hurry, we rest, chat, drink some wine until Don produces his next great purchase from the local Ann Summers shop in Leeds. A strap on dildo for Lorraine, batteries no less and a real monster. Who's it for ? Bloody hell - me. With much giggling, we had real difficulty getting the batteries installed the right way around, Lorrine eventually looked like she had grown a cock that was capable of shagging an elephant. I nervously got onto my knees and made sure that the monster was dripping in lube before it went anywhere near my nearly virgin arsehole. Slowly and painfully she slid it in and then turned it on. Fucking hell! The inside of my arse grew warm with pleasure and suddenly the pain disappeared and pleasure took over. With Lorraine concentrating on my arse, Don took his time and slid his length all the way up Lorraine's greasy brown hole. All I could feel was Don thrusting harder and harder into Lorraine's ares whilst she clung onto my back. Lorraine's juices flowed down my legs until I could support the other two no longer.

We were going to have to finish this; Lorraine had cum at least four times, Don and I had swollen balls, raging hard ons and no relief.

" Right girl. It's your turn now " With that in mind Don lay on his back once again and fed his engorged cock in to Lorraine's already greasy brown hole. We'd never done this before, DP'ing someone's arse but the invitaion was there. Slowly I slid in beside Don making sure Lorraine was completely comfortable about everything. Christ. the feeling was wonderful. Not too tight but I could feel Don's cock caressing mine as we both slid deeper and deeper into Lorraine. I was getting the best of both worlds - Don's cock was beside mine inside Lorraine who we both thought was sex on legs and a very nice girl to boot.

Faster and faster we moved together, Lorraine's arse relaxing all the while and the build up started. That wonderful feeling of FUCKING HELL i'M COMING that overtakes you and blinds you to everything. Our juices poured into Lorraine and around our cocks; we both felt the warmth as we spurted nearly together.

Loved up and knackered we cuddled her between us and talked about when we might meet again.