Written by cabernet49

30 May 2011

Another Sucking Session

Well I don’t know if any of you who read my story in August last year under the title of “Sucking.” As I said , then ,I had quite a few responses, some who were , of course , the usual time wasters. All talk, no action.

A few days after my first experience, I contacted, by e-mail, one of the more genuine responses from a married guy. Aged 48 , nickname Odyssey, and with a photo showing a reasonably good figure of a man for his age. A few suggestive e-mails back and forward as an introduction and then on to texts at his suggestion. The texts became more and more sexual. Telling me what he was going to make me do to his cock with my tongue and mouth. I replied he could do whatever he wanted with it.

Then the invitation arrived from him. I was to visit him at his home on Sunday morning. His wife would be at church and I was to call at his house at 11o’clock. Sunday morning was good for me as I could tell my wife I was off to church. As it turned out , he lived only 15 minutes drive from my home. Sunday morning arrived, and I set off my heart thumping,my cock throbbing. I arrived at the end of his street, text him where I was and he told me to und to the back door and come in to his house. I was to lock the door once inside and remove my clothes except for my underwear. I followed his instructions. I removed my glasses and stood there for what seemed like ages.

Then he appeared at the doorway wearing nothing but a brilliant white towel wrapped around his body. He was much smaller in height than me, but the tone of his voice told me he was very dominant. No names were exchanged other than nicknames. He spoke first, saying something like “You know what you’re here for. Get on your knees.” I dropped to my knees as he stepped forward and took hold of my hair pulling my face into his groin. I could feel the outline of his cock on my face as he moved my face across the towel, slighty thrusting his cock into my face.

I moved my right hand upwards over the towel and began stroking the outline of his bulge. “No hands,” he spoke firmly.” You’re here to use your tongue and mouth only. That’s what you said in your ad and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.”

I nuzzled my face into his groin feeling the outline of his semi-hard cock . My open worked over his growing bulge. I took the edge of the towel between my teeth and tugged it loose , pulling the towel off his body and letting it fall to the floor. “Worship my cock, you little cock sucker”, he ordered. I looked and the thick cock before my eyes and moved closer to this beauty of a cock. My tongue and mouth went to work on his hairy balls , licking and sucking them into my mouth. Then I slowly licked the length of his stiffening shaft, up and down my tongue worked on him. His cock was now rock hard. “Now my hole ,” he ordered, turning his back to me and pulling the cheeks of his arse apart and leaning slightly forward he pushed his hole to my face. This was a first for me and while I was a bit apprehensive , I was too far gone with my lust. I licked around the puckered hole and then flicked the tip of my tongue towards the hole. It was sweet smelling , well cleaned and my tongue probed deeper and deeper. I could hear his groans of pleasure as he said “Yeah that’s it , that’s the way”.

He pulled away and turned round. The veins stood out on his cock and the head of his cock was soaking with pre-cum and still leaking. I stuck my tongue out and he placed the head of his cock on it making sure I got a good coating of his juice on my tongue. I again licked the shaft and then closed my lips over the red head of his cock, slowly inching my mouth down over his cock.

I only took a small length of cock in my mouth and before moving my lips back to the head of his cock. Then down again my mouth went, this time taking a bit more of his cock in. I kept on doing this until his whole cock was in my mouth , touching the back of my throat. The tears were streaming from my eyes as I gagged on this beautiful piece of man meat.

Then HE began fucking my mouth with a bit more urgency and force, holding my head in place. I could feel the pace quickening and then there it was. That feeling of his cock head swelling before the first squirts of cum shot from his cock. “You really a fucking cumslut,”he said”Don’t swallow it yet, I want to see the cum in your mouth”. He pulled his cock from me and forced my mouth open. My mouth was well filled with his juice as he looked at me. “Swallow” was all he said and I did as I savoured the taste. He squeezed the remaining cum from his cock onto my tongue . I swallowed again and then went to work cleaning his cock.

“Well done ,” he said as he patted my head.”I’ll definitely use that mouth again. Now get dressed and fuck off”. I thanked him for allowing me to suck him. He said nothing as he wrapped the towel around his waist.

As I dressed I felt for the first time the damp patch on my underpants , made by my own pre-cum, my own cock straining for release. But not today.

I drove to nearby car park and savoured the taste of cum in my mouth. Then on the way home I stopped off at the local shop to buy some mints to suck to make sure my wife wouldn’t smell the cum on my breath.

I really have to admit that I love the feeling of a cock in my mouth. I have visited Odyssey a few times since and the visits very much followed the pattern of the happenings above.