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3 Jan 2019

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April 2017

I had become very good friends with Brian over the past year or so. He is the first person I have properly befriended through an online chat room. We had got chatting after I had sought advice on the best way to persuade your wife to be shared. We had chatted for hours then met for coffee, then a beer and then beer evenings. Brian was instrumental in my goal of persuading Sally to make the leap into this new lifestyle so it was only fitting that he be the first to share Sally.

To set the scene I have been married to Sally for just under 4 years and have always been open with her that I wanted to share her with other men. Sally is an amazing woman, 5ft 6", size 12, natural hour glass figure, amazing natural 34F boobs. In normal day to day life Sally is an outgoing woman with a strong character. Surprisingly though Sally is passive and submissive in the bedroom. Combined with her amazingly high sex drive I soon realised her potential. 

It had taken me years to get her to finally agree to try the experience and that was through sheer persistence and patience with Sally. I had suggested a no stings introduction with Brian over Skype. I explained how I had met him and that we had become good friends, which she knew and that helped to reassure her.

It was awkward at first, but as they chatted more they seemed to get on well and Brian was super relaxed and charming throughout. By the end of the conversation they were evening enjoying light sexual banter and she seemed genuinely flattered by his compliments.

As we discussed later, however, she was not so keen on meeting up properly with Brian as she put it "he was just some guy that had got in touch over the internet." So this was the challenge, the idea that she would fuck a complete stranger had to be overcome.

I had kept up the pressure for days afterwards and assured her that I would keep her safe and that it would be exciting and sexy. I also kept telling her that it would make me really happy to meet up with this guy. It was what I wanted. I organised 2 more Skype sessions with Brian and each time she grew in confidence and seemed to really like Brian. Eventually I suggested we have him over to meet him and then see how it goes... no pressure and no strings. I was persistent and unrelenting and eventually she agreed and so I made the arrangements and planned out every eventuality. 

Sally was bouncing around the house before he arrived and I did worry her nerves would get the better of her. I tried my best to reassure her and helped out with a glass of wine or two and she did manage to calm down. I suggested to her that when he arrived we just have a drink and a chat and then see where the evening took us.

I asked Sally to answer the door when Brian knocked and she managed to hide her nerves and seemed genuinely pleased to see him. They kissed and she escorted him into the kitchen. Brian was nervous also, but he turned on the charm and with a beer in hand we started to chat and relax. Brian continued his sexual banter and compliments about Sally and I could tell that Sally was responding how I had hoped.

Eventually I made the bold suggestion that we head upstairs. It was an agonising few moments, but Sally agreed and we went upstairs and into our bedroom. It needed me to direct the action to begin with, but they both responded to my supervision. Brian was keen not to tread on my toes and I was keen to keep Sally calm and engaged. Brian had got undressed and climbed onto our bed sitting up and propping his back against the pillows and headboard. He had a hard-on that could poke your eye out. Sally was smiling and deftly removed her jeans and vest top, bra and knickers and posed briefly to an open mouthed Brian and then climbed on the bed and settled between his legs. She looked anxiously toward me and I am sure the voices in her head where saying "what the fuck are you doing???" I just nodded and beamed a smile of approval at her.

It was a bit awkward to start with, but with Sally busy with his cock in her mouth we all started to have a good time. As I watched, mesmerised, I realised the gravitas of the moment. This is my wife engaging in a sex act on our bed with a guy that she barely knew and had only chatted to a few times online. The possibilities were clearly boundless for Sally, this was my wildest fantasy coming true.

She stayed in the same position for quite a while and Brian was clearly enjoying my wife giving him a blowjob. I watched her suck him as keenly as she sucks me. I was amazed to see her even sucking his balls, something she had only done to me a few times. She never moved when he eventually shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed as gracefully as her gag reflex would allow and carried on sucking to make sure his balls were empty. She did this without asking and I think she got a bit carried away and clean forgot she was sucking off a complete stranger.

Brian was with us for over 2 hours and with my direction she allowed him to fuck her in different positions, on her back, on her hands and knees and straddling him. I watched amazed, smiling like a Cheshire cat for most of the time. Brian shot his load twice more, over her boobs and even asked to cum inside which she surprisingly agreed to.

When it was time to go Brian just kept shaking his head at me, shaking my hand and even gave Sally a lovely kiss which made her blush. Sally looked at me when the door closed with a beaming smile.

By the next morning, that smile did turn into a degree of guilt and remorse about what she had done. I was very careful to pay her lots of attention, compliments and gave her reassurances that I had an amazing evening. It was going to take time for her to get her head around the idea of being shared, but this was a milestone moment and I am sure only the beginning of the journey for Sally.

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