Written by Mark

2 Jun 2018

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April 28th - Ian

Ian is now well established in our lifestyle. We all get on really well and have a laugh in and out of the bedroom. Ian was staying overnight and arrived on Saturday evening although we spent the evening doing a bar crawl and getting drunk. Ian did get a blow job before we crashed though.

We walked in the door and Ian took Sally's hand and guided her into our front room. He pushed her down onto her knees got out his cock out, which was throbbing, and pushed it into her mouth. He throat fucked her until she was gasping for air and had mascara running down her face. He then held her head tightly with his cock in her mouth as he shot his load into her throat encouraging her strongly to swallow every drop of his cum which she did obediently.

I woke just after 9am to find Sally underneath Ian in our spare room. Neither saw me come in and so I closed the door and left him to use her. They finally emerged about an hour later, Sally looking a little sheepish. I smiled and winked at the both and asked if he had cum in her pussy.

"Don't worry mate she has had my cum in her mouth and pussy since I got here" he smiled.

We had a lazy morning heading out for some breakfast and then back around 1pm for Sally to get naked again, this time to entertain us both.

The afternoon was a mix of fucking Sally and watching TV. The FA Cup semi final was on and Ian is a big Chelsea fan. So we watched as Sally buzzed around naked in front of us. Ian, of course, had her on her knees during the 15 minute half time break cuming in her mouth just after the second half started. She then worked on me as I enjoyed the game and her mouth at the same time.

We headed out for dinner around 6pm and then back before 9 and once again I left Sally and Ian to fuck while I watched. When Ian was with us in March we had got Sally drunk and then properly used and abused her. We were both much calmer this time and instead took in turns in fucking her on her back, doggy and her straddling us in turn while the other recovered. It was full on and she got little rest throughout the evening. We crashed around midnight and Ian again stayed with a plan that we would head off with us to work around 7.30am. I was rudely woken with the sound of moaning and found Sally next to me being fucked once again by Ian. It was 6am. Nice alarm call though Sally!!!


We had an amazing couple of weeks at the end of April. I still can not believe how far Sally has come in just a year. In April she was fucked by 5 different men in the space of a few weeks. Something I thought would never happen this time last year. Sally seems completely committed to this way of life and appears to treat these experiences as normal behaviour. Long may that continue.

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