Written by Mark

4 May 2018

April 18th - Brian

We now have three confirmed regulars that have met Sally on more than one occasion -

Brian - First guy to share Sally and fucked her again in January

Lee - Sky TV guy who shared Sally again in February

Ian - My pal who was with us only last month for an awesome evening

All three and my other friend Grant have all been texting and emailing me to organise another meeting with Sally as soon as possible. I have always organised these meetings and led at every stage. However, I wondered if Sally had been sufficiently induced into this lifestyle that should would book these guys in herself without any guidance from me. So I showed her the emails from all four of the guys, well actually 5 as my other friend Paul always wanted to meet up with us again, and told her to organise whatever she wanted. Sally has a part of her personality that she does not like to disappoint people or let them down. She also had a soft spot for Lee and had really good experiences with both Brian and Ian so I had hoped this would help her decision making during this test of her commitment.

To my surprise, amazement and delight Sally organised meetings with 4 of the 5 guys. Not only had she booked them willingly she also booked them all in over a two weeks. At best I had hoped that she would book in 1 or 2 over the next 4 to 6 weeks, but this was an unexpected bonus. The timings as below.

Wednesday 18th - Brian

Saturday 21st - Lee

Monday 23rd - Paul

Saturday 28th - Ian

I was not surprised that she had missed off Grant. I would have to think of another way to get him back again!

Wednesday 18th April - Brian

Brian had come out of his shell when we last saw him in January. He is kinky guy with a dominant side and like Chris was into spanking and loved the idea of using another man’s wife. He was another guy that was amazed she was my wife and I think that made him abuse her even more. Unfortunately, no spanking this time as Sally was still carrying the marks from Chris and so she asked he not do that this time. He agreed and instead focused on using her mouth, pussy and arse.

Brian had asked if Sally would dress up in a role play outfit for him. He did not mind what she wore, maybe something different he suggested, but he would allow her to choose. So we went shopping and found an awesome Wizard of Oz Dorothy outfit. I am happy to say he was delighted. We sat together on the sofa and watched as Sally modelled the slutty gingham dress for us and over the knee white stockings and red shoes. She strutted her stuff in front of us and I could tell Brian was gagging to have another go on her.

She started on her knees in front of him on the sofa. Unzipped his fly and wrestled his raging cock from his jeans and settle down to suck and slurp on him. Brian also loved the idea of me watching and taking pictures. So I snapped away as my wife sucked my mates cock.

We then headed up to our bedroom to continue the show. She got onto the bed so he had a better angle to fuck her mouth and also admire the sexy role-play outfit and her fuckable arse as he did so.

Sally then straddled him on our bed working her magic on him teasing him as she unhooked her boobs from her outfit. She rode him like a bucking bronco. With her riding him energetically, her boobs bouncing in his face he did not last that long, shooting his load inside her pussy.

Brian did not leave the house till gone 2am and he had fucked my wife on and off all evening with my help. We chatted on the doorstep while Sally slept and he, like me, was amazed how far she had come since that nervous meeting back last April. He asked if I minded being verbal with her and I told him better of asking that, he could enjoy her how he wanted. He smiled and just said "I did!"

Brian also mentioned that he had a friend that would be interested in meeting Sally and agreed to send him our way.