Written by Mark

20 Aug 2018

August 18th 2018

It has been over two months since I last shared Sally. We dropped in on Steve, a recommendation made by our friend Lee the Sky engineer, back in June. Since then we have had the bombshell of a pregnancy and then an abortion, followed by much recovery time. During that period I have been busy vetting guys to see Sally once she was back up and running again.

The first guy I have  lined up is Jason. I have been chatting with him for some months and has been so complimentary about Sally and comes across as a normal, charming guy. Perfect to get Sally back on the saddle. Jason was so excited when I got him on Skype with Sally on Wednesday last week. He certainly charmed her and they chatted for nearly an hour about everything. He was sympathetic about the pregnancy and super keen to meet her in person. So Jason was booked in for Saturday evening, 18th Aug.

Jason arrived around 4ish to the house. He had driven up from Orpington in Kent and was staying the night with us. He asked if he could have a shower before getting started after a long drive. After her was refreshed and had a beer in his hand Sally and I showed him round the house I told him that he had the run of the place which included Sally. Sally blushed and Jason beamed a smile like a Cheshire cat. Sally had made a bed up for him in our spare bedroom where he dumped his bag and we headed down to the front room while Sally get ready or naked to be precise. Getting started is always the most awkward part so I told Jason to head up on his own and to introduce himself properly.

I quietly entered the room about 20 minutes later and Sally was naked face down on the bed while Jason was propped up in the seated position getting a blowjob. Neither noticed me at first so I took a couple of pictures of Sally doing what she does best. When Jason did notice me it made him jump which made Sally gag on his cock. Sally laughed more than us both. I was smiling from ear to ear. She had settled straight back into being shared and seemed to be enjoying herself, the excesses of the past month forgotten for the evening. I climbed onto the bed, lifted Sally into the doggy position and pushed my hard cock into her pussy. She got back to work on Jason's cock, sucking, licking, biting, wanking and repeating. All the time trying to keep her balance as I fucked her. We swapped once, twice, three times. I was impressed with his stamina and will power, but he was the first to cum and asked sheepishly if he could cum on her boobs. Sally lay on her back while he wanked over her and let go a nice cum mess over her left boob. He climbed off and while still on her back I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pushed my cock in her pussy again. I fucked her frenetically until I was ready and I withdrew and emptied my load over the other boob. As I climbed off Sally gently rubbed our cum into her chest covering both ample breasts.

We called it a night around 10.30 and let Sally sleep while we carried on drinking and watching the football highlights. I liked Jason a lot and we chatted at length about Sally's experiences and plans for the future.

I set the alarm for 8am and told Sally to go and wake up Jason. She wandered off bleary eyed and 10 minutes later I could her the familiar sounds of the bed creaking as he fucked her. Sally woke me around 10.30am with a coffee and she looked very bright and happy. Jason had headed off after fucking her for the best part of 2 hours. So while I drank my coffee I had her give me a blowjob. What a wonderful weekend.