Written by j3nnifer

25 Apr 2010

My husband knew his work friend fancied me so as a harmless dare he arranged for both me and his friend Damien to have a drink after work at a local pub in hammersmith. It was 10:40 the pub was buzzing with honry adults flirting and touching each other but it wasn't long before it dawned on me that we were at a swinger bar. "You ok Jennifer, want another drink?"

"Na I better go it's late."

Damien grabbed my hand and said, "Come on no more games lets do this. F**k right now!'

Between my legs started to get warm so I began parting them which wasn't the best idea, Damien's hand was alreadly in my panties as he started to finger me and talk nasty.

It was a nice feeling but I was guilty of cheating on my husband. After all this was only meant to see how far Damien would go...not for me to respond. 'I know this is a set up this test wasn't for me....It was for you.'

For what seemed like a long minute we just stared at each other then went to the toilets which had one woman and three guys alreadly f**king by the wash basin. I saw a strange guy in a hoody with his back to us watching the woman being taken from behind. He stood there just watching. Anyway Damien had pulled out his cock and force into my mouth with violent jolt which reminded me of my husband. I closed my eyes and played with myself and connected on to another pair of hands inside my wet pussy. I wasn't allowed to see who was behind as Damien made sure his cock was sweeping around in my mouth.

'Lets do this she always wanted this kind of f**k'.

That voice sounded too familar but before I saw his face Damien was entering my ass hard and holding my hair back. The F**k was hard and deep which drove me crazy I wanted more and boy I did as I was made to enter another room by the toilet where there was a snooker table and a dim light. My legs were spread wide open and my husband stood infront and ordered Damien to f**k me. After my husband and his friend Damie were both inside me talking dirty and telling me to act like i didn't want it hard but we all knew the truth.....