Written by secure

21 Sep 2007

After chatting to a SH user for quite a while, I arranged to meet him and travel to a local dogging site. We'd spoken for many weeks but never met but when I picked him up, it was as if we knew each other really well. I'd been to the layby the previous night and after picking him up mentioned that although I'd not met anyone it was a bit erotic since I had my cock out on the way and even drove into the layby giving myself a slow wank.

"Like this" he said and reached over and undid my jeans. It was only seconds later that he was giving me a very good blow job. I think that a man is the best person to give another man a bj and this was proof. He was good, very good. As I pulled in and stopped, I was aching to cum and told him so. He continued until my toes curled and I shot all my load into his mouth. He withdrew and came up to give me the messiest kiss I've ever had...but very sexy.

He removed his cock from his trousers and I gave it a very short wank before he came over my hand.

We cleaned up and I drove him back to his street.

We've arranged to meet again in an empty house he knows off, (up for sale).

If you want to hear of that experience, let me know.